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This section includes examples of how The X-Files and it's stars are reported in the Australian media (quite often out-of-date and inaccurate). It currently contains various newspaper and magazine articles and collectible magazine covers.
If any Australian fan knows of other articles relating to The X-Files that aren't included here, please let me know by sending me an e-mail. I'll give you credit for the info.

This page was getting way too big so I've split it up over four seperate pages which you can access by clicking on the links below:

Newspapers and Magazines
Articles on The X-Files and stars from Australian newspapers and magazines. There used to be seperate pages for newspapers and magazines but as of March 1999 I've combined them.

Brief articles on the X-Files and stars from Australian magazines, prior to March 1999. When I get the time I'll combine these articles with the newspaper articles for each month.

Large Articles and Collectible Covers
Larger feature articles on the X-Files and stars and some collectible magazine covers

The X-Files Movie
A new page to coincide with the release of the movie on video in Australia. The page contains Reviews and Promotional material.

Gillian Anderson in Australia: Sunday Telegraph, June 30 1996
Transcript of Midday appearance, June 25 1996
House Of Mirth:
Australian Media Reviews (various reviews)
Sydney Morning Herald feature story, June 9, 2001

Articles and reviews from Who Weekly and Greater Union
9 to 5 Evolutionary Duchovny, July 2001
The Daily Telegraph, Don't bring up the X, July 12, 2001
New Interactive, Evolution, June 14, 2001
Courier Mail, Lovin' the alien, July 12, 2001
The Age, two stories: Mulder, the unlikeable (July 12, 2001) and The evolution of gross, July 8, 2001 Review
TV Week The Evolution Of David!
The Sun-Herald Frighteningly unfunny
Urban Cinefile 3 reviews
The Adelaide Advertiser, Duchovny's Theory Of Evolution, July 12, 2001
The Sunday Tasmanian, Alien Busters

The X-Files Australian Conne-X-ion News Stand
A collection of non-Australian X-Files articles.