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This site is spoiler free -- Australians can read it without knowing any of the news / rumours / spoilers about season 9 that screens here from July 2002.

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The X-Files Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 on DVD
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The X-Files Seasons 1 and 2 Collectors Box (VHS)
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The X-Files DeadAlive and Existence
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Nothing Important Happened Today
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The X-Files episodes screening week days during May and June.



The X-Files Official Magazine, relaunched. Issue 1

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This web site was created: October 11, 1998 and is steadily being improved (I hope!)

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There are thousands of X-Files sites on the Web and here's another one....

This site is written from an Australian fan's perspective and is meant to be a source of Australian X-Files information first and foremost. For that reason, there's mainly just text, so hopefully pages will load fairly fast. My site doesn't include fancy javascripts, flash animations or loads of photos, movie clips, sounds, transcripts, rumours, spoilers etc which can be found on excellent sites elsewhere. If you're interested in those items, check my links page to see what I consider to be the best sites around. My "Information Kiosk" page is updated whenever I have news - at least a few times a week and from what I've seen elsewhere, it is the most frequently updated source of Australian X-Files news.

What this X-Files site does have is:

litle gold bullet  X-Files Information Kioskupdated button
This page features the latest Australian-specific X-Files news, ranging from media alerts to merchandise releases. Also, rather than having a seperate "What's New" page, any significant updates to this site will be posted here.

litle gold bullet  Episode Guide
An episode guide with my personal ratings of each show and much more. So far I've got all of seasons 1, 5, 6, 7 and 8 up.
I'm adding missing episodes whenever I get spare time, which isn't very often I'm afraid.

litle gold bullet  Australian Merchandise
Please check
Paper Clip: The Australian X-Files Merchandise and News Resource, my former collaboration with Medellia that is now maintained by Thomas, for all the latest information on what merchandise - including videos, books, games, CDs etc - is available in Australia. There's also a trading page to buy, sell or swap merchandise with other X-Files fans.

litle gold bullet  Australian Media
An expanding section showing how The X-Files is reported in the Australian media. Includes transcripts of newspaper and magazine articles, feature stories, the infamous Australian Rolling Stone cover and visits to Australia by Gillian Anderson and David Duchonvy.

little gold bullet  The X-Files Movie
The X-Files Movie page ... Fight The Future.

litle gold bullet  X-Files Polling Booth
I've closed my Polling Booth until further notice. I just don't have the time to regularly update the content.

litle gold bullet  
Links to my favourite X-Files web sites and other Australian sites. If you want to swap links let me know.

litle gold bullet  Webrings
The Webrings I am a member of have been moved to a separate page so things will load a little quicker. Includes a couple of awards links as well.

litle gold bullet  The Casting Couch
   litle gold bullet  David Duchovny    Gillian Anderson
Includes my Gillian Anderson Mini-Gallery ... containing my favourite dozen Gillian Anderson photographs.

   litle gold bullet  Robert Patrick
   litle gold bullet  William B Davis
   litle gold bullet  Mitch Pileggi
   litle gold bullet  Nicholas Lea
   litle gold bullet  ... and many others (in production)

litle gold bullet  The Crew
Information on the Producers [Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan and John Shiban] and Effects and Sound with more to come.
Information on Writers and Directors to be added.

litle gold bullet  The Lone Gunmen
Includes episode guide of The Lone Gunmen spinoff series that is currently screening in Australia.
   litle gold bullet  Unusual Suspects
Articles on the LGM spinoff series.

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