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lonegunmenThis page contains news on The Lone Gunmenspinoff series that made it's debut in the US on March 4, 2001. Most articles are a rehash of publicity material released by Fox.

Added Saturday, March 17, 2001
I've added a Lone Gunmen story that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday to my Australian Media page.

Added Saturday, March 3, 2001
After years of playing second fiddle to Agents Mulder and Scully on the hit FOX series THE X-FILES, the hugely popular trio of computer-hacking conspiracy geeks popularly known as The Lone Gunmen are finally heading out on their own in THE LONE GUNMEN, premiering Sunday, March 4 on FOX.

Never ones to stray far from the center of corporate and government intrigue, the threesome of Byers (Bruce Harwood), Frohike (Tom Braidwood) and Langly (Dean Haglund) play like a misguided Mission Impossible team, embarking on a series of comic adventures that simultaneously highlight their genius and ineptitude. While their newfound independence inspires them to investigate even the most shadowy of conspiracies, their social skills remain stagnant, which only makes their lives more difficult when they learn their chief competitor in the "information business" is the brilliant and beautiful Yves Adele Harlow (Zuleikha Robinson). Perpetually short of funds to publish The Lone Gunmen newspaper, Byers, Frohike and Langly begrudgingly take on Jimmy Bond (Stephen Snedden) as an unlikely benefactor who bankrolls their missions and joins them in their investigations to uncover the truth.

Cast: Tom Braidwood as Frohike; Dean Haglund as Langly; Bruce Harwood as Byers; Stephen Snedden as Jimmy Bond; Zuleikha Robinson as Yves Adele Harlow

Guest Cast: George Coe as Bert Byers; Wally Dalton as Ray Helm; Steve Makaj as N.D. Man; Brenda James as Publicist; Mark Gibbon as First Guard; John Innes as Reverend; James Hutson as Bearded Man; Tony Morelli as Assassin; Dee Jay Jackson as Demo Man; Jim Fyfe as Kimmy The Geek; David Kaye as Pilot; Chris Gora as Co-Pilot; Garvin Cross as Navigator; James Hutson as Yves Adele Male Beard

Added Saturday, January 13, 2001
You can read an article from The Hartford Courant by clicking here.

Added Friday, November 10, 2000
You can read an article from by clicking here.

Added Friday, October 27, 2000
From USA Today:

'Gunmen' geeks get a pretty break
"People don't know what to expect." An understatement from Frank Spotnitz, executive producer of Fox's The Lone Gunmen, the X-Files spinoff that starts production in Vancouver Oct. 23 and will premiere between January and March . Until now, little was known about the show, except that it's about three computer nerds Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund who have popped up on The X-Files since 1993. That veil of mystery, says Spotnitz, is the work of Gunmen co-creator and X-Files top gun Chris Carter. "This is going to be a comedy with action, more like Mission: Impossible with three geeks," he says. Because the lead actors are not conventionally handsome, the producers added some pretty people Zuleikha Robinson as their gorgeous rival and Stephen Snedden, who'll play their good-looking jock pal Jimmy, starting in the second episode. Spotnitz likes the contrast. "Why cast more people who look like the Lone Gunmen?"
Typed by Alfornos

Added Monday, August 14, 2000
'Lone Gunmen' will search for laughs
But exactly when will this 'X-Files' spinoff premiere?

By Scott Pierce
Deseret News television critic

PASADENA, Calif. — What if "The X-Files" were a comedy? Well, it might look something like the upcoming spinoff series "The Lone Gunmen," which features three recurring characters from the ongoing Fox series.

It will be, according to "X-Files" creator/executive producer Chris Carter, "kind of like 'Mission: Impossible' on laughing gas."

"I think it's a companion piece, but it, tonally, is going to be more like the lighter-hearted 'X-Files,' " Carter said. "It's going to be a show that's more comedic than it is dramatic. These guys are wonderful together. These three sort of nerds — techies.

Dean Haglund, Tom Braidwood and Bruce Harwood will return to the roles they've occasionally played on "The X-Files." And they'll still be funny, mischievous and, well, sort of weird.

"It is a light touch and approach, and I think that we're doing some things we would never have done on 'The X-Files," and that's an exciting thing."

When, exactly, we're going to see "The Lone Gunmen" is a matter of some debate right now. Fox would have liked to have had it on the air this fall, but Carter demurred.

"I felt that it would be too difficult for us to do 'The X-Files' the way we're doing it and launch another show for the fall. It was just too much work. I've done that," said Carter, whose last two series — "Millennium" and "Harsh Realm" — didn't exactly fare real well in the ratings. " It's a tremendous amount of work, and everything and everybody suffers. And I just wanted to do 'The X-Files' right, and I wanted to do 'The Lone Gunmen' right."

He's not really full of a lot of details about the new show. We do know that the three Lone Gunmen will all be back. A female character will be introduced in the pilot; a male character who's "kind of a Sam Malone sort of character" will arrive in the second episode.

"It is going to end up being a kind of ensemble cast but with these three characters at the very core and center of it," Carter said.

If you want to know more, tune in to "The X-Files" when it returns in November.

"The Lone Gunmen are definitely going to be back on 'The X-Files' because they're going to be in the first episode, which I have just written," Carter said. "And they're in the second episode as well. So they will still be part of 'The X-Files.' "

(Whether "X-Files" stars return the favor is more problematic. "I don't know yet what the crossover possibilities are. It'll be contractual, and our abilities are going to be hampered or helped by people's willingness to go to Vancouver, which is where that show will be shot," Carter said.)

And the producer is certainly not shy about pumping up expectations for the new show.

"I think it's going to be funny. I think it's going to be smart. It'll be touching. It'll be winning in every way," he said.

(Well, we'll see.)

As to when the 13 episodes of "The Lone Gunmen" that Fox has ordered will begin airing, there seems to be some dispute about that.

"I'm told that it's going to take 'The X-Files' time slot in the spring," Carter said. "I'm very excited about that."

But he appeared to be doing some public lobbying for that time slot. Fox had tentatively slated the show to debut in January on Thursday nights, and network execs are now saying only that it has not yet been locked into the schedule.

"I don't know exactly what night it'll be on, but I hope there is a change — that it will be that 'X-Files' time slot, certainly for the premiere," Carter said.
(Well, we'll see.)

Added Tuesday, June 06, 2000
From The Official X-Files Web Site:

Spinning off from "THE X-FILES," the Lone Gunmen get their own series on the FOX network. Created by Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan and John Shiban, the new show will air in the beginning of 2001. Dean Haglund, Bruce Harwood and Tom Braidwood play the three paranoid conspiracy theorists that form the editorial staff of a government watchdog newspaper.

lone gunmen with new memberAdded Thursday, June 1, 2000
An article on my Season 8 news page contains information on The Lone Gunmen series.

Left is a publicity shot from the new series released by Fox. Click for a full size image.

Added Tuesday, May 23, 2000
"X-Files" Back...with Duchovny

[snip... refer Season 8 for full story]

As part of the deal, Carter also will have the anticipated X-Files spinoff, The Lone Gunmen, ready for Fox's midseason schedule next year.


Episode 1LGM79 "Pilot"
Directed by: ROB BOWMAN
Filming Locations: NEW YORK CITY, NY and VANCOUVER, BC
Shooting from: March 20 - April 7

Production Management: KATHY GIROY-SEREDA
Special Effects: MAT BECK
Production Co-ordinator: CLARK CANDY
Camera operator: MARK HRYMA
Director of Photography: ROBERT MCLACHLAN
Director of Photography [aerial unit]: DAVID INSLEY

Added Saturday, March 4, 2000
Series Fact Sheet:

Story from The Province by Dana Gee
Smoking guns

The men behind The Lone Gunmen, that trippy trio from The X-Files, are getting their own Fox pilot. TV writer Dana Gee gets the straight goods from the Vancouver actors -- along with a few new conspiracy theories Dana Gee.

Look out Hollywood, the Lone Gunmen are taking aim at prime time TV.

Those wacky, paranoid geeks that help Mulder and Scully crack conspiracies are spinning off into their own show.

It was confirmed recently that The X-Files' guy-in-charge-of-everything, Chris Carter, will produce a pilot based on the Gunmen.

That's great news for the three Vancouver-area actors who portray Byers, Frohike and Langly: respectively, Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund.

As is the norm with anything to do with The X-Files the lid is on pretty tight. What we do know is if The X-Files does not return for an eighth season -- don't hold your breath -- the show will air in September. If Fox can work out new contracts with Carter and star David Duchovny, an eight season will likely hit the air and the Lone Gunmen pilot will show up as a mid-season replacement sometime in January.

We tracked down the trippy trio and got them to dish on the show and life as the wildly popular conspiracy guys.


Q. Where's the pilot going to be shot?
A. In Vancouver, since we were all starting to look too sexy with our buff bodies and tans that we were getting in L.A.

Q. You're not afraid of rain these days, are you?
A. Only acid rain and what happened to that? I thought David Suzuki said the Gulf Islands were supposed to be dead now unless we took drastic actions! Did we take them?

Q. What do you think the show should be called?
A. Hmmmmmm. How about, I Told You If You Make that Face it Will Stay That Way?

Q. What will your own show mean to your popularity?
A. The show will mean, when entering a large event, I will no longer be asked, "Are you with the band?"

Q. Will we see you walking next to Bruce Willis or John Travolta down a red carpet at a movie premiere anytime soon?
A. Yeah, that's right. I am starring in a picture with John Travolta and Bruce Willis called That Long Haired Guy Killed the General's Daughter and He Can See Dead People.

Q. What's in your new contract?
A. Well, I fought hard, it was quite a battle with Business Affairs, but I worked it so I only have to mention my last name at the security gate to get in.

Q. How would you describe your personal style?
A. Biker from Mensa.

Q. What are some traits you and Langly share?
A. Unkempt hair. Unclean linen.

Q. Will you do nudity?
A. Only if nudity will respect me in the morning.

Q. What is the weirdest thing someone has written about you in say an Internet chat room?
A. You want weird? YOU WANT WEIRD? Oh, baby, you don't know the meaning of weird until you have seen the things I have seen. Thus, I can't really judge what the weirdest means anymore.

Q. If you could start one rumour about yourself what would it be?
A. That I am that deep voice you hear when you dial the wrong number.

Q. What rumour would you start about the other two Gunmen?
A. They are the women's voices that say 'Telus' and 'Next stop, Metrotown.'

Q. What's your favourite conspiracy theory?
A. That Monica Lewinsky was a CIA operative on a mission to distract the public from the fact that the government was completely useless.

Q. If the moon walk was staged, how do you explain pictures and film footage of the astronauts experiencing weightlessness?
A. They turned the camera upside down. Try it at home.

Q. Is it true that, in the pilot, there will be a strong female role, a theorist who stimulates your intellects as well as your . . .?
A. As my what? Could you finish the question please. I am bad with double entendre. I can barely handle single entendre.

Q. Any idea on who will play that role?
A. I think I will. It's a chance to expand my acting range to play a woman who I lust after.

Q. Who else would you like to play that role?
A. I think we should rotate the entire cast of 90210 through the part. They've got the time.

Q. Finish this sentence: If I were Chris Carter the first thing I would do is . . .
A. Go surfing!


Q. Shooting The X-Files in L.A. hasn't made you afraid of the rain, has it?
A. I'm born and bred in the rain. I'm a water baby.

Q. What's the show going to be called?
A. Don't know but I think The Lone Gunman would be good. Our name is originally singular whose mythology derives from the lone gunman referred to in the Kennedy assassination.

Q. What did you do to celebrate when you found out the show was a go?
A. I called my wife at home, sat on the balcony of the hotel in L.A., watched the sun set and went to bed at 10 p.m.

Q. What's the difference between Hollywood you and Vancouver you?
A. About a 2 1/2 hour plane ride.

Q. Will we see you walking next to Bruce Willis or John Travolta down a red carpet at a movie premiere?
A. I don't think so. Maybe we'll be hired to clean the carpet if we're lucky.

Q. What is one trait you share with Frohike?
A. Bad taste in clothes.

Q. What's one trait you don't share?
A. I'm better looking than my character.

Q. Will you do nudity?
A. Pity the poor viewing audience . . .

Q. What's the weirdest thing someone has said about you or Frohike in, say, an Internet chat room?
A. Don't follow the chat rooms much. But a young female fan at one of the conventions wondered if I wore boxers or briefs.

Q. If you could start one rumour about yourself what would it be?
A. That I can act . . .

Q. What rumour would you start about other Gunmen?
A. That they think I can act . . .

Q. What's your favourite conspiracy theory?
A. Gas prices . . .


Q. When you heard about the pilot, did you do anything wild and crazy to celebrate?
A. No. A pilot is a pilot --which is good -- but not a series. I take it one step at a time.

Q. Are you now considered A-list party material?
A. Nope.

Q. Will we see you walking next to Bruce Willis or John Travolta down a red carpet at a movie premiere anytime soon?
A. Nope.

Q. What will be in your new contract? A bigger trailer, champagne? What do you get now?
A. Sorry, private information.

Q. How would you describe your personal style?
A. Well, I don't wear suits (like Byers) if I can help it. I prefer relaxed and pretty unstylish clothes.

Q. What's one trait you share with your on screen persona?
A. Bookishness.

Q. What is one thing you and your character don't share?
A. Extreme paranoia.

Q. Will you do nudity?
A. Why would anyone want me to?

Q. What would surprise an X-Files fan to find out about you?
A. X-Files fans are hard to surprise!

Q. If you could start one rumour about yourself what would it be?
A. That I was taller and better looking.

Q. What rumour would you start about your other two Gunmen cohorts?
A. That they said I was taller and better looking.

Q. Who is funnier, Jerry Lewis or Jim Carrey?
A. Robin Williams.

Q. What's your favourite conspiracy theory?
A. That the JFK assassination was a suicide.

Q. If the moon walk was staged, how do you explain pictures and film footage of the astronauts experiencing weightlessness?
A. Invisible strings.

Q. How do you explain crop circles and Ricky Martin?
A. They both describe concentric circles.

Added Saturday, February 12, 2000
The following two articles are from The Vancouver Sun newspaper in Vancouver BC.

X-Files creator brings Lone Gunmen home

The man who created The X-Files is coming back to Vancouver.

Chris Carter, creator and executive producer of the long-running series about paranormal investigations, confirmed Tuesday that a spinoff series based on X-Files' recurring characters the Lone Gunmen -- a trio of conspiracy theorists played by Vancouver actors Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund and Bruce Harwood -- will be based here. The pilot episode of the series, tentatively titled Lone Gunmen, will be produced by Carter and will be filmed in Vancouver in March. If the series wins a time slot on the Fox network's fall schedule, shooting of series episodes will start in late July.

The X-Files was based in Vancouver for five years, from 1993 to 1998. Carter also produced his series Millennium in Vancouver from 1997 to 1998, as well as the short-lived Harsh Realm, which was cancelled last November.

In a phone interview from his Los Angeles office, Carter said he is looking forward to renewing acquaintances with many of The X-Files' original Vancouver crew. Braidwood, who plays the Lone Gunman character Frohike, was an X-Files first assistant director for five seasons.

"We've had seven years of these guys," Carter said of the Lone Gunmen, "so it isn't like you have to invent a lot. They have been very successful characters. We've liked writing for them. So this is a natural progression."

Carter added that The X-Files is in a "holding pattern" pending a decision about its future. It has been widely rumoured the show may be its final year. Fox Entertainment Group chair Sandy Grushow has said the final decision rests with Carter.

"I don't really have a plan A, B or C," Carter said. "I'm just flying by the seat of my pants here. But I would say a decision is imminent."

Transcribed by: reade

Trio on The X-Files to get own spinoff show
Light drama with laughs to star Vancouver actors who play Lone Gunmen.

This might be the final season for The X-Files, but the show's "Lone Gunmen," a trio of paranoid conspiracy theorists played by three Vancouver actors, will live to ride another day.

Twentieth Century Fox Television has approved a pilot for a spinoff series on the cult characters, confirms Steven Melnick, the L.A.-based director of communications for the company.

Chris Carter, the creator and executive producer of The X-Files, will produce the pilot from a script he is writing with Frank Spotnitz, John Shiban and Vince Gilligan, Melnick says. Contracts are still being negotiated with the principal actors and writers.

The Lone Gunmen -- played by Vancouver actors Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund and Bruce Harwood -- originally appeared in the episode that aired on Feb. 18, 1994. The episode, about a truck that breaks down in Tennessee while carrying a mysterious cargo, introduced the Gunmen as an extreme government watchdog group.

Carter subsequently made the trio recurring characters and they have become a favourite of The X-Files' small but noisy group of online fans.

The future of The X-Files itself remains cloudy. Lead actor David Duchovny is in the final year of his contract and has expressed his desire to pursue other projects. As well, Duchovny has filed suit against the studio over syndication revenue he believes is owed him.

While Emmy Award-winning actress Gillian Anderson is contractually obligated to an eighth season of the popular series, she has also expressed a desire to pursue other roles. But both performers have said they would be willing to reprise their X-Files roles in feature films.

At last month's semi-annual gathering of the Television Critics Association in Pasadena, Calif., Fox Television chair Sandy Grushow said a decision whether to continue the series, with or without Duchovny, will be left to Carter. Grushow predicted the show's future as being no better than "50-50."

Carter has been preoccupied with writing scripts and supervising production for The X-Files' seventh season and has not made any longterm commitments about the show's future. Pilots for the fall television season are usually produced in April and network schedules announced in May.

Beginning with the episode "The Unusual Suspects," which aired Nov. 16, 1997, the Lone Gunmen have carried the entire episodes of The X-Files when Duchovny and Anderson were unavailable for duty.

The new series, which does not yet have a name, is intended to be light drama with elements of comedy, according to Fox's X-Files Web site. The series will also reportedly feature a young woman who is a competing conspiracy theorist and potential romantic interest.

It's possible the pilot and subsequent series will be based in Vancouver. In addition to the fact that the three actors who play its central characters are based here, Carter has stated on several occasions his desire to return a series to Vancouver. Carter was travelling Monday and unavailable for comment.

By spinning off The X-Files into a second series and resurrecting the central cast in the occasional feature film, Fox is hoping to repeat the precedent established by Paramount Pictures in 1993 when that studio spun its successful Star Trek: The Next Generation series into a trio of successful feature films and the series Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.



More truth is out there, so Fox has approved an X-Files spin-off based on the popular Lone Gunmen characters. Variety reports that the new show will probably feature the same actors who play the paranoid characters who recur on The X-Files. This proposed show doesn't affect The X-Files's future; a decision on the show's future is expected in a few weeks.

Transcribed by Mutato


From Dean Haglund Himself.

Have you heard the one about the Lone Gunmen Spin-off?

I'm sure that many of you now have read about the Television Critics Association's (Hence known as the TCA) afternoon session with the heads of Fox television where they announced that Chris Carter was planning a spin-off of the Lone Gunmen.

Funny, that's how I heard about it too. The three of us dutifully attended the TCA, (This is where TV critics gather at the Ritz in Pasadena and then they are treated royally in the hopes that they will speak favorably of the new TV shows that are coming out soon.) a merry time where many interviews are set up and there are all sorts of splashy presentations that each network puts on to impress these writers. They all try to outdo each other in clamoring for attention. Part of the bargain for these writers - Many who genuinely like watching TV - is that they get to go to a party every night with many TV stars and there will be free food and liquor for everyone! What's even better for them (if anything can be) is that the actors get good and drunk and then at the end of the night, the reporters can get those quotes that makes for juicy reading and gets people fired?

Anyway, we are at this thing and we have to work later that night so we have to leave early but, basically, everyone crowds around the three of us and asked us about the spin off. Now there has been a half joking rumor about this for the longest time so it was with reflex action that we all spoke to the press telling them that there was nothing to it. Then they said that the President of FOX just said so.

Then, before we could ask more, Luke Perry gave me a hug, Mo Collins from Mad TV yucked it up with us and Phil Lamarr joined the hilarity. Afterwards we went to set to work on the episode that Chris was directing and told him about all the confusion. He laughed and continued working till 10 a.m. the next morning.

From Cait

Added Wednesday, February 9, 2000
Gunning for a show of their own

By Jim Cheng - USA TODAY, February 7, 2000

The Lone Gunmen are taking aim at their own series.

Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files, will produce a pilot for a spinoff based on the wacky conspiracy theorists on his Fox series. It has been conceived as a drama with comic elements.

The trio of Byers, Frohike and Langly (Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund) has provided assistance to agents Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), and the three have carried the occasional story line in Fox's hit paranormal series, now in its seventh season.

Though details about the proposed spinoff are murky, the show is said to include a female theorist who serves as both competition and a lust object for the geeky Gunmen.

The new series is the fourth to be created by Carter. In addition to The X-Files, Millennium ran from 1996 to 1999; this season's Harsh Realm was canceled after only a few weeks.

The Lone Gunmen characters were created by former X-Files producers Glen Morgan and James Wong, who have moved on to produce NBC's The Others, which made its debut Saturday.

Meanwhile, the fate of the original series is up in the air. Contract negotiations with Fox, Carter and Duchovny are expected to end in the next few weeks. Duchovny's contract ends this season; Anderson is under contract through next season.

Transcribed by Linda

LGM, a spin-off series from The X-Files creator Chris Carter will be filmed soon in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) where Carter produced nine episodes of "Harsh Realm", three years of "Millennium" and five years of "The X-Files", LGM stars Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund and Bruce Harwood.

Episodes: 3LGM79 ("Pilot"), 3LGM01 ("Bad Karma"), 3LGM02 ("Untitled")

Writers: Vince Gilligan/John Shiban/Chris Carter/Frank Spotnitz

Concept: Lone Gunmen spin-off series

Composer: Mark Snow

With a three-part storyarc the X-Files writers will spin off the Lone Gunmen into their own series. Episode 1 "Bad Karma" (translates to 'bad deed') is partially set in Egypt.

Morgan & Wong may perform a good deed by joining the writing staff.

From Elwood

Added Saturday, February 5, 2000
From E! On-line

Friday February 04 03:56 PM EST

Fox Planning "X-Files" Spinoff

It's the revenge of the nerds, X-Files-style.

Fox, home of the Gillian Anderson- and David Duchovny-led supernatural drama, has green-lighted a spinoff based on the show's beloved, dorky Lone Gunmen.

The network is banking on the proven appeal of Byers, Frohike and Langley, the Mulder-worhsipping Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists played by Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund, to bring it a much-needed ratings boost.

The trio have often carried entire episodes of the X-Files when Duchovny and Anderson were MIA, and episodes where Mulder and Scully enlist their services always garner strong ratings.

Also on board is X-Files creator Chris Carter, who's signed on to produce the pilot for next fall. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show is being planned as a light drama with plenty of comedy- "think Mission Impossible for computer geeks."

Details are not yet available from the network on specifics, but the Reporter also says the show will also feature a competing theorist in the form of a gorgeous young woman whom the trio of geeks lust after.

The plugged-in X-Philes, who incidentally have elevated the Gunmen to cult status with several Web pages, are thrilled.

"Woo-Hoo!" writes one on the newsgroup.

"I will be quite happy to watch the show," says another.

Fox, meanwhile, has yet to decide the fate of Carter's original brainchild. On Tuesday, Sandy Grunshow, chairman of Fox Television Entertainment Group, said the X-Files chances of survival next season are "50-50."

The prognosis is not good, however. Duchovny's contract is up this season and he is suing the network over a recent syndication deal. Anderson is contractually bound to return next season but has also voiced her desire to retire from the show. Although both have said they'd do more X-File movies.

Fox targeting ``Gunmen´´ pilot
Variety - Fox Broadcasting Co. has greenlit a drama pilot for an X-Files spinoff based on The Lone Gunmen characters seen from time to time on the series.

The new show will likely feature the actors who play the paranoid characters now seen on The X-Files, though no deal has been completed. X-Files creator Chris Carter is on board to produce the pilot for next season.

The Gunmen deal is unrelated to talks regarding another season of X-Files. An outcome on those negotiations is expected in the next few weeks.
Josef Adalian