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The X-Files (The Official Sites)

The Official X-Files Web Site
The Official Site, which was redesigned at the end of season 7 in the US and has been updated frequently since then, includes a good episode guide with photos and videos, research and trivia, merchandising information, cast/character bios etc plus specials such as interviews and other multimedia items. Be wary of spoilers if you're not from North America though.

Fox Interactive
The X-Files Unrestricted Access

Fox Interactive
The X-Files Game

The Lone Gunmen
Official site of the spinoff series.

The Lone Gunmen
Download the "official" LGM wallpaper!

The X-Files (My favourite sites)

Rohan's X-Files Realm
Loads of X-Files information, scripts and much more.

Cinescape - The Ultimate X-Files Information Complex
Daniel Wood's X-Files site has yet another new home, now located at Cinescape. The Ultimate X-Files Information Complex contains news, episode guides, rumours, downloads etc. This site is maintained by Daniel Woods, an Australian.

GEOS X-Files Episode Guide
Contains an episode synopsis with links to reviews, video clips and much more. You can vote for each episode if you're that way inclined.

Haven For The FBI's Most Unwanted
Haven has all the latest rumours, spoilers, graphics, movie info, articles, fan-fiction, multimedia, message board, games, a list of "isms" and a shipper page.

The Science Behind The X-Files
Excellent background information and links to further research for various X-Files episodes.

The Official Gillian Anderson Web Site
All the latest news about Gillian.

White Noise: The Music Of The X-Files
Beautiful site containing information on Mark Snow and songs that have appeared on The X-Files.

X-Philes for Mulder
Website that is based on David Duchovny's important contribution to The X-Files.

The X-Files (Australian sites)  australian flag
Sadly, many of the Australian sites listed below have been closed or haven't been updated in many, many months.

The X-Files Merchandise Web Site
Australian site that is probably the most comprehensive site around for X-Files merchandise.

Gillian Anderson Gnosticism
Gillian Anderson page with all-Australian content, plus episode guide, images and more.

RNI stands for Roswell Neglected Incorporated. Australian site that was neglected for many months. It used to include gossip, news, game info, a movie page and episode guide but is now concentrating on the episode guide which is excellent.

O'Scullyvan's X-Files Site
Site contains an episode guide, movie page, pictures, multimedia and a "what's new" news page -- but Australian fans beware, it contains spoilers.

Encore: The Ultimate Mark Snow Site
Nice looking Australian site with loads of Mark Snow news.

The Sixth Extinction
Australian episode guide.

11:21 - Mark's Unofficial X-Files Analysis
Australian episode review site.

Kevin's X-Files Page
Australian site that includes an episode guide, cast bios, quotes, trivia and more.

The X-Files Vault

Australian site. NOOBEES is an acronym for National Oz Organisation Belonging to EXtrememly EXuberant 'Shippers.

X-pect The Unexpected
Australian site maintained by Cath.

The X-Files
Australian site maintained by Steph.

The Bleeping UFO'S Guide To The X-Files
Australian site maintained by The Bleeping UFO, one of the Ten MB X-Philes. See their website below.

The Bunghoneyians
Have you ever believed in truth, justice, creamed asparagus, and the Australian way? No, then check out this site and discover The Bunghoneyians, a group of Aussie X-phies.

Melbourne Scully Marathon
Sydney Scully Marathon
Check both sites for details of the Scully Marathons, where you can watch some great Scully-centric X-Files episodes and raise money for the Neurofibromatosis Association.

The X-Files: Outside The Mainstream/Scully's Case Files
Excellent fanfic from Australian Cathy Goodwin.

Vyper's X-Files Fanfic
More Australian fanfic.

Fanfic site maintained by an Australian.

Medusa's Lair
Australian site that contains fanfic and song filks.

The Acacia Archive
Subtitled "The Friendly X-Files Fan Fiction Archive". Another Australian fanfic site.

XTU member profiles, an Australian newsgroup.

Ten MB X-Philes
Site created by Australian X-Philes who post to the Channel Ten X-Files Messageboards.

Fi's X-Files Page
An Australian site which includes images, video, fanfic and isms linked to audio files. Two thumbs up for a nice site. Not updated since November 2000.

The Asylum
Australian site contains a news page plus art, collages, images, movie page and episode guide. Not updated since January 2000.

Noromo Values
Celebrating a platonic relationship betwene M & S.Not updated since December 1999.

The Desk For Dana Fund
The Desk for Dana Fund is a club for those who truly believe that it's about time that Scully got her own desk/nameplate/chair/etc. It's about more than a piece of furniture - it's about recognising that Scully is just as important to the X-Files as Mulder. No longer updated.

Medellia's Realm
Once excellent Australian news site. No longer updated.

I Want To Believe
Australian site that gave details of episodes to screen each week on either channel 10 or Foxtel. Hasn't been updated since the end of season 5.

The eXtremis X-files
Excellent looking website with loads of content as well ... and created by an Australian!! As from early January 2001 this site is no longer being updated.

The Alph
The Alph is short for The X-Files Alphabet and contains a listing of all things X. This site is no longer updated and was to be closed for good on January 30, 2001 but was still there in early June. Look now before it disappears for good!

The Australian X-Files Video Information Site. Site now closed.

TAXPA: The Aussie X-Philes Association
As the name suggest, an Association for Australian X-philes!! Pity the messageboard is no longer supported by many fans. Site now closed.

Dimension X
Another Australian site and contains a comprehensive amount of X-Files material, including collages, wallpaper, multimedia and interactive sections and episode guide. Nice site. Site now closed.

Spooky Ange's X-Files Site
An Australian site containing news plus pages on David, Gillian, the Movie and fan-fic. Not updated since February 2000 and closed for good in April 2001.

The X-Files (other sites)

Robert Patrick
The Official Robert Patrick site.

Dean Haglund
Dean Haglund's Official Web Site. Often contains information on future Lone Gunmen episodes.

The Complete X-Files
A French site that contains masses of articles, downloads, sounds, pictures, videos and Mulder and Scully pages.

Tiny Dancer
This used to be my *favourite* X-Files site but hasn't been updated for a couple of seasons. Contains a great episode guide, especially for the first six seasons, with extensive notes and links, all the scripts plus heaps of sounds and videos.

X-Files Sound Archive

Mark Snow
Mark Snow's Official Site

All Things Chris Carter

The X-Files Underground
A huge collection of X-Files news, lots of movie info and much more. Site won't be updated from season 9.

The Many Roles Of Robert Patrick

The X-Files Movie

Fight The Future Official Site

The X-Files Fight The Future

The X-Files Game:

The X-Files Game

The X-Files Merchandise:

The X-Files Merchandise Web Site
Australian site

Another Universe

The X-Files Australian Mailing Lists:



The X-Files News Groups:

Guest Stars and Miscellaneous:

Tea Leoni Web Ring
Links to various sites dedicated to Tea Leoni, David Duchovny's talented wife and guest-star in the Hollywood AD episode.

Chris Owens
Chris Owens page on celeb-web. He's played three roles on The X-Files; a young Cancer Man, Mutato and Jeff Spender.

The Mimi Rogers Worship Page
X-Files fans despise Diana Fowley while others worship the actress who plays that role, Mimi Rogers!

Paul McCrane
Actor/singer/songwriter Paul McCrane has appeared in such movies as "Fame" and "Hotel New Hampshire" and on TV in "ER" and as Leonard Betts in "The X-Files".

Official Bruce Campbell Website
Official site of Bruce Campbell who played Wayne Weinsider in the episode Terms Of Endearment

Jim Rose
Official website of Jim Rose, entertainer extraordinaire, and star of the Humbug episode.

The Krista Allen Homepage
Krista Allen played Jade Blue Afterglow/Maitreya in the First Person Shooter episode.

Doug Hutchinson Online
The official site of Doug Hutchinson, better known as Eugene Victor Tooms.

Official Seth Green Homepage
Seth Green appeared in episode 1 of The X-Files "Deep Throat" and went on to star in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

Wayward Fluffy Publications
Artist Cathy Faye Rudolph's site includes a number of portraits of Mulder and Scully.

The Crime Library
Everything you need to know about the lives and crimes of serial killers, gangsters, outlaws, assassins and terrorists plus articles on FBI profiling, victimology and the techniques and technology used to catch criminals.

Genre Sites:

GEOS Home Page
An excellent site for lots of genre shows, not just The X-Files.

Science Fiction Directory

Sci-Fi Connections

Want Take Have
Australian site

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