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nicholas lea

Nic Lea once considered becoming a professional soccer player, so it's not surprising that he didn't take up acting until he was twenty-five. Before that, he sold clothes and was the lead singer for a band called Beau Monde. When he did turn to the stage, the Canadian native studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Charles Conrad Studios, and the Gastown Actor's Studio.

In a May, 2000 poll in the newspaper USA Today, readers chose Nic as the actor to break out into the action genre. His role as Krycek in The X-Files certainly fits that bill, as does his role in the mountain-climbing feature film The Vertical Limit and his starring role in the John Woo syndicated series Once a Thief.

Born in New Westminster, British Columbia, Nic is known for his recurring role on the ABC series The Commish, as well as roles on Highlander, Sliders, The Outer Limits and Lonesome Dove. His feature film credits include Lunch With Charles, The Tool Shed, Star 80, From Pig to Oblivion and American Boyfriends.

His real name is Nicholas Christopher Schroeder.

Alex Krycek
alex rat boy krycek

Handsome, charming, and well-spoken, the perfidious Agent Alex Krycek worms his way into the confidence of Fox Mulder in "Sleepless" (2X04), where he plays the role of a worshipful junior FBI agent. But his true allegiance emerges when he warns the Cigarette-Smoking Man that separating Mulder and Scully has not unhinged their partnership.

The darker side of the double agent (whom Internet fans have dubbed "Ratboy" for his faithlessness) appears even more clearly in the dual episodes "Duane Barry" (2X05) and "Ascension" (2X06), where he is instrumental in the abduction of Agent Scully and the silencing of Duane Barry. His treachery exposed, Krycek disappears from the Bureau, only to become a greater threat underground. In "Anasazi" (2X25), he murders Mulder's father.

Krycek's freelance status allows him to become the CSM's chief henchman, but his boss turns on him and sends him to a Tunisian prison. CSM eventually has him released for more dirty work, but Krycek gets his revenge. Although Mulder never loses his suspicion of the traitor, he is helped by Krycek in "Requiem" (7X22). The real question is, can Krycek be trusted or is he merely working on his own behalf?

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