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Episode 5X20

First screened in Australia: 15 July, 1998
Released on Video in Australia: File 12 The End
First screened in the USA: 17 May, 1998

Title: The End

diana fowley near death: shippers' delight

Credits: Director: RW Goodwin
Writer: Chris Carter
Starring: Guest Stars:
An attempted assassination draws Mulder and Scully into an investigation that strikes at the heart of the X-Files, bringing an important person from Mulder's past into direct conflict with Scully.
Australian Media Review:
The Tension makes for a grand finale.

With the blockbuster movie looming, Wednesday night is the moment of truth for The X-Files series.

It's the season finale and Channel 10 can be confident this one will really rate.

Those of you who only dabble in the series will be relieved to know you don't have to watch the final episode to understand the movie.

But the finale is excellent viewing in its own right (and this is a pretty big call coming from someone who isn't an X-Files fan).

Titled The End, the episode is based on the attempted murder of a 12-year-old chess whiz whom Mulder suspects has psychic powers.

Naturally Scully's a bit dubious about all this- but she wouldn't mind the boy, Gibson, revealing just who the woman is that plays on Mulder's mind.

Of course, there are plenty of viewers who wouldn't mind knowing if that sexual tension between the two is ever going to be realised.

The Cigarette Smoking Man makes a comeback and it's his job to abduct the boy and deliver him to certain parties who know the secret of his powers.

We won't give away the ending, but the Cigarette Smoking Man does reveal he is the father of a certain FBI agent!

It also looks like Mulder and Scully are facing possible reassignment and not even a hug from Scully can console the despondent Mulder.

Those who usually cannot handle the surreal and graphic confrontation of The X-Files or who find it too scary, will be relieved to know that the finale is slick and palatable.

The concept itself is captivating. Imagine the impact of being able to read people's thoughts-scary isn't it?

While the finale has set up the series for another year beautifully, there is no doubt it will also bring the punters to the box office in droves.

It seems Scully was right, the truth is out there. It's in the dollar.

By Selina Steele, Sunday Mail TV Scene, July 12 1998
Transcribed by Lucy.

My Rating: 10/10

Why does everyone hate Diana Fowley? She's an interesting character (Mulder's old chickadee and possibly his former wife if you consider Mulders wedding ring in flashback episodes "Unusual Suspects" and "Travelers".) who really gets some sparks flying with Scully. It's one of the funniest episodes ever - some of the comments by Gibson to Mulder are a crack-up. An interesting point -- Gibson (with his psyhic ability) doesn't given Diana any time to avoid being shot, despite him knowing the bullet is coming. This episode has them all -- Cancer Man back from the dead (well, we all knew he was still alive but it was good to see him anyway), Spender, Fowley, Gibson, The Lone Gunmen, Krycek, The Well Manicured Man...

The burning of Mulder and Scully's office is a neat way of saying farewell to Vancouver as the show shifts to a Los Angeles production.

Notable Quotable:
Mulder: "Wow, you know youíre going places in the Bureau when the Assistant Director tidies up your office for you. Whatís up?"

Gibson: "I donít mind it here. They get all the good TV shows. Where I live, in the Philippines all we get is Baywatch."
Mulder: "Whatís wrong with Baywatch?"
Gibson: (after a good stare at Mulder) "Youíve got a dirty mind."

Gibson: "I know whatís on your mind. I know youíre thinking about one of the girls you brought."
Mulder: "Oh?" (Scully's eyebrow shoots up, Diana gives a half smile)
Gibson: "One of themís thinking about you."
Diana: "Which one?"
Gibson: (after he studies Mulder's face) "He doesnít want me to say."

Mulder: (to Spender) "Youíre insulting me when you should be taking notes."

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
Mimi Rogers (Diana Fowley), formerly married to Tom Cruise, apeared with David Duchovny in a disturbing movie called "The Rapture". She's also appeared in movies such as "Lost In Space", "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery", "The Doors", "The Mirror has Two Faces" and the excellent "Someone To Watch Over Me". She's guest starred on TV shows such as "Dream On", "Larry Sanders Show" and "Hill Street Blues" and stars in "The Geena Davis Show".

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