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Jeff Gulka has quickly become a favourite child-actor of many people. Most first saw him in The X Files as Gibson Praise, the psychic boy who has a special link with aliens. Jeff is a talented actor with an amazingly expressive face and wise eyes, and his voice is innocent, bordering on heartbreaking at just the right time. His guest appearance on Stargate SG-1 is further testament to his ability.
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Jeff Gulka has been a real find as Gibson. Not only is the kid a good actor, but he's a very interesting character to play with. His 'talent' is especially fun when we see it slice through the little white lies to the heart of the matter."
Autumn Tysko in a review of The X-Files

Apart from his X-Files appearances, Jeff Gulka has appeared in episodes of "Stargate SG-1" and "Secret Agent Man" as well as the TV movie "Sole Survivor" and the feature "Air Bud: Golden Reciever".

Gibson Praise
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Gibson Praise is a young boy with alien DNA who can read minds. Captured by the Syndicate in The End and used to find the alien in The Beginning. He returned in the season 8 opener as Scully and Doggett use him in their search for an abdicted Mulder.

Gibson Praise appears in:
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