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chris owens While Chris Owens played both a Young Cigarette-Smoking Man and the Great Mutato (Post-Modern Prometheus) on The X-Files, he is best known as Agent Jeffrey Spender. The Toronto-born actor also appeared in the feature films Disturbing Behavior and Cocktail, as well as the television movies Their Second Chance and Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story. His television credits include Millennium, The Net and Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal.

Although he hails from a musical family (his father was a radio broadcaster, his mother is a jazz singer, and his step-father was a musician), Chris studied drama at the University of Toronto and at the Herbert Berghof Studio in New York. He earned a Dora Award for his role in the John Patrick Shanley play Reconciliation. Chris' sister Shelly played Tessa Sears in the Season 1 episode Conduit.

Jeffrey Spender
jeffrey spender Agent Jeffrey Spender is first introduced to Mulder and Scully as the son of Cassandra Spender, a multiple abductee. Although Spender is reluctant to allow his mother's crazy UFO stories to interfere with his career at the FBI, he doesn't realize that his father, the Cigarette-Smoking Man (aka C.G.B. Spender), has already charted his path.

The disappearance of his mother does not convince Spender of the possibility of alien life, and he refutes the theories proposed by the agents on the X-Files. After Mulder and Scully are reassigned, Spender is placed on the X-Files with orders to carry out the CSM's dirty work. He learns that his father is responsible for subjecting Cassandra to tests, and the agent begins to plot against him. When Spender attempts to protect his mother, he only puts her into more jeopardy. Full of remorse, he pleads on behalf of placing Mulder and Scully back on the X-Files.

The Cigarette-Smoking Man tells Spender of his disappointment; he had hoped the young agent would honor him "like Bill Mulder's son." But before Spender can respond, the CSM shoots him.

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