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Episode Guide: Season 1

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1X79  Pilot
1X01  Deep Throat
1X02  Squeeze
1X03  Conduit
1X04  The Jersey Devil
1X05  Shadows
1X06  Ghost In The Machine
1X07  Ice
1X08  Space
1X09  Fallen Angel
1X10  Eve
1X11  Fire
1X12  Beyond The Sea
1X13  Genderbender
1X14  Lazarus
1X15  Young At Heart
1X16  E.B.E.
1X17  Miracle Man
1X18  Shapes
1X19  Darkness Fallsnew
1X20  Toomsnew
1X21  Born Againnew
1X22  Rolandnew
1X23  The Erlenmeyer Flasknew

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beyond the sea