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Episode Guide: Season 6

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6X01  The Beginning
6X02  Drive
6X03  Triangle
6X04  Dreamland
6X05  Dreamland II
6X08  How The Ghosts Stole Christmas
6X06  Terms Of Endearment
6X07  Rain King
6X10  S.R. 819
6X09  Tithonhus
6X11  Two Fathers
6X12  One Son
6X14  Agua Mala
6X15  Monday
6X13  Arcadia
6X16  Alpha
6X17  Trevor
6X18  Milagro
6X20  The Unnatural
6X19  Three Of A Kind
6X21  Field Trip
6X22  Biogenesis

The Beginning
Three Of A Kind
The Unnatural