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"Agua Mala"

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Episode 6ABX14

Title: Agua Mala

First screened in Australia: May 12, 1999
First screened in the USA: February 21, 1999

don't look so worried scully, you're a doctor, remember?

Credits: Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: David Amann
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
Stranded In Florida by a hurricane, Mulder and Scully seek safety in an old apartment building - but the agents find themselves in even more danger when they learn something else has come in from the rain with them.

My Rating: 5/10

This actually starts out as quite a promising episode but it deteriorates into something else all together ... another Arthur Dales episode and another waste. The teaser is interesting (and makes sense by the end of the episode) but the whole "sea monster" idea just doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid. The gelatinous mess reminded me of The Host episode at one stage then The Abyss mixed in with that other bad Creature movie from Peter Benchley.

OK, I'll admit the episode wasn't a total disaster like "Teso Dos Bichos" for example, just that the ending seemed rushed and, as I said above, the monster wasn't as good as it should have been. If they had left it a litle more unexplained I would have been much happier. Scully delivering the baby was hilarious and the hurricane effects were fine. Arthur Dales, whom some see as how Mulder will be in later life, is just a loser - his portrayal later in season six in "The Unnatural" (albeit played by a different actor) is much better - and I for one can't get too concerned about him.

Notable Quotable:
Mulder: (about Scully) Yes, but she's... she's not the type that's easily persuaded.

Arthur Dales: It's a good thing I have a reputation. Otherwise, how could it be impugned?

Scully: How the hell did the cat get in the washing machine?
Mulder: Maybe he was taking a dip... After he finished boarding up the windows.

Mulder: The good thing about zero visibility, Scully? Can't get any worse.

Scully: I don't need my mettle tested.

Mulder: (Goes into the bathroom and looks in the slimy toilet. He pulls out a man's watch.) I've heard of passing the time... Ouch.

Angela: My bladder is pressing against your unborn child, Walter. He's going to have a head like a tortilla.

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
Nichole Perrine's (Sara) only other roles (as at June 1999) were two 1999 movies - "Kolobos" and "Rockin' Good Times".

Diana Maria Riva (Angela) is a star of the TV show "Common Law".

The Pain Factor:
Mulder almost dies when he's attacked by the "sea monster", receiving severe lacerations around the neck.

The episode title "Agua Mala" is Spanish for "Bad Water" (or is that "bad episode"?). Written as one word, "aguamala", it means jellyfish.

This episode is set in Naples, Florida. In the episode "Bad Blood" a Naples tourist - Paul Lombardo - is the victim of a vampire attack.