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This page is a collection of articles relating to The X-Files Movie and it's release on video in Australia on February 17, 1999. I have stacks of older articles relating to the movie which I will post when I get the time to type them up.

Sunday Telegraph 14 February 1999
TV Guide: OnVideo
The X-Files Movie (Fox)

Special agents Mulder and Scully are being investigated once again, but they know there is something different about the upshot of a bombing. The movie is bigger and more complex than the television show, but preserves the style nevertheless. The plot flips from Antarctica to a dusty field in Texas where some boys discover something they shouldn't. And yes, there's more. Even for non-fans this is passable entertainment, and for fans - well, this does go all the way even if Scully and Mulder don't.

Paul LePetit

Daily Telegraph 11 February 1999
7 Days Video Reviews
X-citement in the extreme
X-Files: The Movie (M)
Director: Rob Bowman
Stars: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson
20th Century Fox

It was inevitable that the highly popular TV series would spawn a movie, and with the same acting and directing team in place, and a big budget to provide impressive sets and stunts, excitement is guaranteed.

The X-Files have been closed and Mulder and Scully find themselves on anti-terrorist duties as a bomb blows apart a Dallas building. The building contained a secret laboratory in which five 1 human specimens had been preserved for years. 2

Sure that building had been cleared, Mulder smells a rat, and gradually he and Scully find evidence of a government cover-up on a massive scale. A 30,000-year-old 3 alien virus has mutated and is threatening to wipe out mankind, and the covert agency will go to any lengths to prevent the public finding out.

Mulder and Scully are helped by whistle-blower Dr Alvin Kurtweil (Martin Landau), who writes books about conspiracies and secret plans for a new world order.

When they finally track down the laboratory experimenting with the virus on insects, they are chased by helicopters through a cornfield.

Scully is captured after being bitten by a bee containing the virus and it's up to Mulder to find her in a giant complex constructed under the Arctic 4 snow and administer the one and only vial of vaccine in existence to save her.

John Spence

1 Try Four. Three fireman and Stevie
2 What movie did this guy watch?
3 Actually 35,000 years old
4 Try the Antarctic
We won't mention the Kurtzweil spelling mistake or the fact that bees sting and not bite.!

Civic Home Entertainment Magazine February 1999
Top Videos for February magazine
Note: The information below appears identically in both magazines. The only difference in the two magazines is the competition page.

Fast Forward To...
For avid fans of the popular television series, X-Files, the movie has at long last come to video. With some typical Scully and Mulder action, some of those unanswered questions can now be put to rest.

New Releases: Sci-Fi
The X-Files Movie
How do you top five years of a TV series like The X-Files? If you're series producer Chris Carter, there's only one direction to take the TV show that's had millions world-wide trusting no one - to the big screen of course. And The X-Files Movie certainly starts with a Hollywood blockbuster bang: when a bomb destroys a US Federal government building, it doesn't take FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) long to find evidence of a conspiracy which could mean he end of life on earth

TV series regulars and newcomers such as the mysterious Kurtzweil (Martin Landau) help or hinder Scully and Mulder as they struggle to uncover the startling truth that the TV show has been building up for the last five years. On top of this, we're treated to more of the "will they/won't they?" sexual tension we've come to expect from our favorite alien-busting duo as their relationship is tested to the limit.

Mixing big-budget action with the TV series' trademark dark and brooding atmosphere, The X-Files Movie provides answers to many of the series' long-running questions, while also posing a few that hint at a new direction for Mulder and Scully. It's a worthy expansion of the series and a greta place for newcomers to start.

Available February 17
Rated M15+
Director Rob Bowman
Stars Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and Martin Landau
Duration 116 mins

Not that The X-Files would ever be less than completely realistic, but according to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, it's impossible to grow corn in Tunisia.

The sinister FEMA organisation mentioned in the film really does exist - only it's real purpose is far more innocent than the movie would have you believe. It co-ordinates flood rescues and comes up with disaster management plans.

In real life, actor William B Davis, who plays the Cigarette Smoking Man, doesn't smoke. For the purpose of the movie he smokes herbal cigarettes.

X-Xtra Facts
Scully's mobile phone number in the film is 555 1013 - which is a combination of Chris Carter's birthday (October 13) and the name of his production company.

Fox's first name is the same as Carter's childhood friend, while Mulder is Carter's mother's maiden name. Scully's name is the same as US sports commentator Vin Scully.

A hospital scene featuring David Duchovny's naked backside was cut from the final version. For posterity a photo was given to Carter, to which he said, "It's not something I'd put on my wall."

Civic competition
Win Prizes
Mulder and Scully are drawn into a dangerous conspiracy surpassing anything they've ever encountered. Join them in the pursuit of truth as they risk their lives to hunt down a deadly virus possibly extraterrestrial in origin.

To win one of 30 x-traordinary X-Files prize packs containing Making of The X Files Movie book, X-Files T-shirt and Scully figurine, simply tell us in 25 words or less what kind of insect attacks Scully in the movie and why you wouldn't want it to happen to you!

To find the answer, rent The X-Files Movie on video or visit the Civic Video website on

entry form

Competition closes: 17/3/99
Available to rent 17 February

Top Video competition
Rent and Win an autographed script of The X Files Movie

Rent The X Files Movie for your chance to win one of 2 exclusive The X-Files Movie scripts, personally signed by the creator of The X-Files - Chris Carter plus win heaps of other great The X-Files Movie prizes!

With only 50 signed scripts available world-wide, each of the two lucky winners will be the envy of every X-Files fan in Australia, if not the world!

To be one of the lucky winners all you need to do is rent the action thriller The X-Files Movie, answer a simple question below and in 25 words or less write your own review of The X-Files Movie. Question: In the film The X-Files Movie, in what city did the terrorist bombing occur?

entry form

Competition starts February 17 and close March 17.
I think the question should be: How many times can they mention the title The X-Files Movie?!!

Woman's Day, February 8, 1999

Pick of the Day: Best Video
The X-Files Movie, 20th Century Fox
Based on the award winning TV series, The X Files Movie follows FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) as they embark on yet another paranormal adventure. This time the intrepid pair is drawn into a web of intrigue while investigating the bombing of a Dallas office building and the secrets buried inside. Thanks to Mulder and Scully, you can be assured that "the truth is out there".
Available only to rent February 17.

Ezy Entertainment February 99

New Videos
The X-Files Movie, sci-fi (M15+)
Fans of the cult TV series won't be disappointed by Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully's (Gillian Anderson) ascension to the Big Screen. The intrepid twosome are hotfooting it through Texas in pursuit of a mysterious mutant virus. You guessed, this is no ordinary bug but a very spooky blast from the past, an ancient nemesis threatening to engulf all humanity. The action kicks off with the bombing of an office building in Dallas and ends up in a secret installation in the frozen wastes of Antarctica as S&M slug it out with the forces of intergalactic evil. Martin Landau also stars as the enigmatic Dr Alvin Kurtzweil. Available at Video Ezy February 17.

Blockbuster Member's Magazine, Issue 28, February 1999, January 25, 1999

Hot New Releases
The X-Files Movie
The transition between TV series and motion picture has no doubt given creator, Chris Carter, the opportunity to tell his story to a broader audience. His key objective being that you can understand the movie even having missed the TV series. But don't kid yourself, whether you're an X Files fan or not, this movie will impress.

The X Files series has won acclaim from fans around the world. After several successful seasons and numerous awards, including the prestigious Golden Globe Award for Best Drama, it was inevitable a film based on the series would be made. And what a superb job they have done.

The film explores the realm of a global conspiracy as the US government attempts to cover-up their involvement in the existence of extra-terrestrials. Whether for professional ambition or personal intrigue, FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate the highly classified occurrences known as "The X Files". As they investigate, we ourselves ponder the thought that maybe there are secrets hidden by our Government and perhaps the truth is out there.

X-Files: The Movie is a pure winner and if you're not an X Files fan before you see it, you sure will be afterwards.
Daniel Hoppo

Genre: Science-Fiction/Action
Released: 17 February
Rating: M15+
Stars: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

The magazine also includes a great competition where you just ring a phone number and answer the question "In which city does the spectacular explosion of an office building occur?" (easy, huh?), leaving you name, address, phone number and membership details. (See the magazine for full details and if you're not a Blockbuster member, join soon - the competition runs from February 17 to March 17). First prize is a Toshiba Notebook valued at $3,000 and a copy of the video valued at $110; there are 10 runner-up prize packs consisting of an autographed photo of Gillian Anderson (value $100) plus a movie soundtrack CD (value $29.95 or
$9.95 in Sanity!), Making of the X-Files Movie book (value $30) and the set of five season 1 videos (value $19.95 ea.); plus 30 consolation prizes of the movie soundtrack CD.

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