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The evolution of David!
david duchovnyDon’t expect to see ex-X Files star David Duchovny taking on another sci-fi role anytime soon! The actor, currently in Australia to promote his new movie Evolution, told reporters at today’s press conference (June 14) that although he wouldn’t rule out doing sci-fi, ‘I have no real interest working in science fiction … I had no affinity for it when I took the X Files job.’

However, don’t despair if you are upset over David’s departure from the award-winning show – the actor states that he loves Mulder, and would certainly be interested in acting in another X Files movie, if the opportunity arises!

In his latest movie, the comedy Evolution, David plays Ira, one of a group of misfits whose mission is to save the world after a meteor carrying alien life forms crashes to Earth.

So did director Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) cast David in Evolution because of his familiarity with aliens? ‘It was such a weird coincidence, because Ivan doesn’t watch the X Files’, David chuckled, ‘the fact that there are aliens in this movie is just a pain in the ass!’

david duchovny in evolutionAccording to Ivan, he was thinking of David’s work in the comedy Beethoven, which Ivan produced: ‘I remembered David as being this handsome guy with a wonderfully wry sense of humour and wit … I had every confidence in his ability to play broad comedy.’

So what’s next for the David? Having spent the best part of the last eight years working on The X Files (‘I realised I spent more time acting than being’), David is looking forward to pursuing areas of work other than acting. David, who has an MA in English literature, wants to develop his writing career, including scriptwriting and poetry. He’s also looking to spend some time behind the camera, producing and directing. Just don’t expect to see him hanging around with any more aliens!

The X Files is on Channel Ten at 8.30pm on Thursday nights.

Evolution opens on July 12.

TV Week, 14 June 2001

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