The X-Files Australian Conne-X-ion News Stand

This page is a collection of news stories, not from Australian sources but still of interest to X-Files fans. Some of the older stories have previously been linked from my Information Kiosk page or mixed in with Australian stories.

There are numerous others floating around that I'll eventually add links for.

Bayou City Body Snatchers
Article from Houston Press on secret government experiments ... that includes Operation Paper Clip and Dr. Hubertus Strughold.

Fox, Carter file for an "X" sequel
Article on a posisble second X-Files movie from Excite.

Ta Leoni: Tough Enough to Take on a T-Rex

One Of A Kind
Frank Spotnitz article from (UK magazine) Dreamwatch #81, June 2001.

The Running Man
Robert Patrick article from (UK magazine) FHM, May 2001.

Fast Chat Tea Leoni
Article from Newsday, 4 February 2001.

The Ambience Is Out There
Article on Mark Snow, from Fandomain. 6 January 2001.

Lone Gunmen Go Solo
Article from Hartford Courant. December 29, 2000.

Mulder Is Out There
From November 2, 2000

The 'Lone Gunman' Warm Up For New Series
From October 31, 2000

Doggett and Scully?
Article from The Palm Beach Post. October 1, 2000.

Why Gillian Is Staying Put
Gillian Anderson article from the London Evening Standard. Also published in the Scottish Sunday Herald October 1, 2000.

Pop Quiz with Robert Patrick
Story from US People magazine, cover date September 25, 2000

Fear The Future
Frank Spotnitz interview September 2000.

New Conspiracies II
Starlog cover date October 2000

Linda Shima-Tsuno
Harassment lawsuit, September 2000

Keep In Touch Mulder July 2000

Online Fans of `X-Files' Know It's the Clothes That Make the Show
New York Times, November 1999

Girl Boss
Gillian Anderson foreword to the book of the same name, June 1999

David Duchovny isn't really a television star. He just plays one on TV
Esquire May 1999

What About Gillian? (Anderson!)
Lyrics to song

Celebrity Death Match
Transcript of The X-Files vs Men In Black match

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