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Pop Quiz with Robert Patrick
[color photo of RP w/caption: X marks his new spot: "I'm ready for the fans' scrutiny," says Patrick, who joins the X-Files cast this season]

Robert Patrick, best-known as the evil guy who morphed into liquid metal in Terminator 2, will be joining FOX's The X-Files this fall as Agent John Doggett. David Duchovny's replacement, you say? Well, yes, in a way. Duchovny will appear in 11 episodes. Patrick, 41, is in every one of the season's 20 new adventures. He is marrried to actress Barbara Patrick and has two children. Scoop caught up with him to learn how it feels to replace one of television's most mysterious leading men.

So who is John Doggett?
He's an ex-Marine and an ex-New York City police detective who got commendations and has been in the FBI for a while. He's on the fast track there. [But when it comes to paranormal activity], he's a total knee-jerk skeptic.

Do you believe in the paranormal?
I believe there is advanced technology that our government is lying to us about and keeping secret from us. But I don't really believe that there is alien life coming down here. I do believe there is life in the universe, but I don't buy that they're visiting us right now.

So you're saying we're not ready for a visit from the aliens?
I'm not saying that!

Will there be any romance between Doggett and Scully?
I think sparks are already flying! I don't know if they will write anything like that, but Gillian [Anderson, who plays Agent Dana Scully] and I have great chemistry so far. I enjoy working with her.

It seems that you're going to like this job.
It's cool to have a steady TV gig with good writing and a cool character I really like.

Before landing this role, were you an X-Files fan?
Definitely. It's a very interesting show. I like all the conspiracy and the covertness. Sometimes I can't figure it out: What's this? Who's that? What's going on? I'm lost! All I know is that Mulder has been abducted, and I'm confused. I'm like the rest of the fans. But my answers are coming soon.
Transcribed by alfornos.

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