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June 2000

Who Weekly, June 13, 2000

So, who's the next Mr. X

Who will fill the rather large gumshoes left by David Duchovny after his final season on The X-Files?

Last month after a frenzy of speculation it was announced that the spooky seven-year-old X-Files would return for another season with or without David Duchovy (Mulder). Then, less than two days later Duchovny, who was rumoured to be jumping ship, agreed to return for 11 episodes - about half of a full season - for a reported $US20 million.

"Every day I thought it could fall apart at any minute," says executive produced Frank Spotnitz about the negotiations.

So who will fill the Mulder void and become the new offsider for Scully (Gillian Anderson)? Will Mulder flits in and out of the show? (Left, some contenders)

"Certainly Scully's character has evolved to this point now where she's a believer of sorts," says the show's creator, Chris Carter. "I think that the partner would probably be a skeptic. And more likely than not it will be a man."

The producers will also bull up the roles of supporting characters such as Skinner and Krycek (but not the Lone Gunmen, who will be starring in their own series).

"We've got a lot of great players on the bench," says Spotnitz. "It makes sense to use those assets more heavily than we have in the past."

But will the show have a future without Duchovny and possibly Anderson, who has also hinted that there's life beyond alien chasing?

"If we plan it carefull there could be [more seasons]", says Carter. "But I'm not telling you that there will be." Which is why, he adds, choosing a new partner for Scully is "very important for not just this year but perhaps the future. I still think there are lots of stories to tell. If the characters worked, I could say yes to another season."
Transcribed by Monica.

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