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Sun-Herald, May 30, 1999

X-Filer finds truth at an AA meeting
Beautiful X-Files star Gillian Anderson keeps a very important date every Sunday morning - attending Alocoholics Anonymous meetings in Hollywood with dozens of others who are battling their addiction to booze.

"Gillian comes to AA about once a week, sometimes with her daughter, four-year-old Piper," an eyewitness said. "She's always dressed casually and she doesn't seem to care if anyone notices her. She often sits or stands outside on the steps.

"She always has this sad, dejected look on her face."

The red-haired acor, who makes the hour-long drive from her north Malibu-area home in her Lexus or Porsche sports car, is joined by other celebrities at he regular Sunday sessions.

"Gillian always arrives a few minutes late and she never goes out to participate in he coffee or cigarette breaks," the eyewitness told the US Star magazine.

At the end of the session, Anderson and other members hold hands and say a prayer before leaving. The she often joins fellow AA members for lunch at Orzo, a posh west Hollywood restaurant.

Anderson, 31, has admitted that she began drinking as a student at Chicago's De Paul University. "I loved alcohol," she said. "I actually loved alcohol too much. Drinking made me feel much stronger, more confident and sexier."

The Sunday Telegraph TV Guide liftout May 30, 1999

Inside David Duchovny's mystical mind.
transcript not available.

The Sunday Telegraph May 30, 1999

Stellar Bodies: David Duchovny
Quote "I have an athletic body because I work out, so being naked is fine."

The 37-year-old New Yorker who plays UFO-obsessed FBI agent Fox Mulder in the hit series The X-Files has a Scottish mum and a Russian dad. Duchovny is Russian for "of the ghost' or "haunted. Spooky.

The 185 cm, 79 kg hung has to dye his eye because one of them is blind. He injured his right eye in a basketball accident as a youth.

"I have a dilated pupil. I dye my eyes with drugs so the viewing public don't get scared of me," Duchovny says.

"While my body is still young and relatively nice, I don't mind stripping off for the cameras. I have an athletic body because I work out, so being naked is fine."

"I swim nearly every day in a huge pool, and I can now swim freestyle a mile in less than 30 minutes. Afterwards, I go for a short, brisk walk with my dog, Blue."

Duchovny practises a form of yoga known as Ashtanga. It's a more physical form of exercise, but he says he feels much better afterwards.

"I'm into healthy food and eat mostly at health food restaurants. I love salads, fruit, vegetables and grilled fish," Among Duchovny's other favourites are braised rabbit and tiramisu.

Love life
Duchovny has been voted the sexiest man on TV and has thousands of admires on the Internet, where a fan club of computer groupies has christened themselves the David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade.

Duchovny says he lost his virginity at 14 and has loved woman ever since. After flings with a series of beauties, he has finally settled down and married stunning Tea Leoni, star of the TV show The Naked Truth.

The pair, who met at the Golden Globe awards three years ago, has just become the proud parents of a daughter.

Transcribed by Lucy.

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