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Sunday Telegraph, November 7, 1999

Stellar Bodies-Gillian Anderson

Quote 'I'm not into gyms and workouts. I prefer water sports to keep me in shape'

X-Files beauty Gillian Anderson, 31, has just announced she's quitting the series after playing agent Dana Scully in the sci-fi drama for seven years. Co-star David Duchovny has already said he's leaving at the end of the current 24-episode run. She was an unknown before the spooky show. Judged the world's most successful TV series. Once voted the world's sexiest woman-hard to believe that once, while being educated in England, she was a punk with a Mohican and a ring through her nose.

Fans may be surprised to learn that 157cm Gillian has a beauty mark on her upper lip, which is covered up for the show, and that her natural hair colour is ash blonde. As for her body, she doesn't rate it much and professes to have little interest in her looks. "I don't look in the mirror very much," she says. She almost didn't get the part of Agent Scully- because she wasn't shapely enough.

She's not into gyms or special exercises, but much prefers water sports to keep in shape. She swims a lot, water-skis and has just taken up sailing. When she was pregnant with Piper, she put on 23 kg. "But I lost it quickly through the sheer effort involved in going back to work immediately afterwards and caring for a new-born," she says.

"I was overweight as a child and now I watch what I eat very carefully. If I have to have something between meals, then it's likely to be pineapple and chunks of Italian bread- without the butter." A typical day would start with muesli, a chicken or fish lunch and more chicken for dinner. She has a weakness for chocolate and doesn't drink alcohol.

Love life
Parted in 1996 from her X-Files art director husband Clyde Klotz, father of daughter Piper. She dated British born actor Adrian Hughes, only to drop him when he was accused of several sexual assaults. She was also linked with film executive randy Stone. Everyone thought actor Rod Rowland would be husband number two but a series of rows put paid to that relationship.

Transcribed by Lucy.

Daily Telegraph, November 3 1999

X-Files Boss On Toast

Mitch Pileggi may have missed Halloween flying to Sydney because of a spooky experience with the international dateline.

But the actor known worldwide as Mulder and Scully's FBI boss Walter Skinner still managed an X-Files moment in hours of arriving Down Under.

"I go outside my room and there's these five firemen out there in the hallway," Pileggi said yesterday as he prepared for Sunday's gala Fox Studios opening.

Not quite the same as an alien adbuction, but enough to cause a double take for the man not easily bewildered on-screen.

The culprit it seems was a slice of burning toast left in his room which set off the hotel's smoke alarms and caused a quick response from the local fire brigade.

"I was saying "it's just toast" but they were so quick." he said. "I was terrified to make toast again."

Pileggi is in Sydney playing a key role in the Fox Studios Backlot tour.

Fox Mulder's "I Want To Believe" office is open to the public at the site and Pileggi has recorded a behind-the-scenes look at creating the hit series which will play alongside on a TV monitor.

He said yesterday the detail of the sets on The X-Files was part of creating the show's unique atmosphere which ahs captivated millions of viewers.

"It very much becomes part of the the whole animal," he said.

Sunday night's opening features 4000 guests - including a host of international stars - and will be broadcast to 55 countries.

by Will Temple

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