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October 2000

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Duchovny Rejects Lucas

It has been revealed by UK movie mag Empire that X Files star David Duchovny refused the offer of a substantial role in Star Wars: Episode III.

Empire quotes the star as saying on a French webchat that he was unable to perform in Star Wars due to scheduling conflicts, despite creator/director George Lucas`s persistent grovelling. "I'm a fan of Star Wars," Duchovny said, "but I'm not sure of having the time to act in it... I've got tons of projects in production after the X-Files series."

That much is true. Duchovny is set to star in a space-themed movie for Ghostbusters and Kindergarten Cop director Ivan Reitman (a genius) opposite the very saucy Julianne Moore, who joins the set after she wraps up Hannibal, the long-awaited sequel to Silence Of The Lambs.

Duchovny also ruled out a return to the small screen, at least until he reaches the point where he is so old and so not in demand that he returns for an X Files Christmas Special. "I think it will be difficult to do another [TV] series since people will always remember my work in The X Files," said Duchovny. "I think it's the best time to turn the page and do something else."

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