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September 1998

Village, September 21, 1998
Chris Carter to Stay at Fox

chris carterForget about the truth. For Chris Carter, the stock portfolio is out there. The X-Files creator and executive producer has just inked an exclusive multimillion-dollar, multiyear development and production deal with 20th Century Fox, report the Hollywood trades.

The pact, which reportedly will last about five years, is worth between $25 million and $30 million, making Carter one of the highest paid writer-producers in Hollywood. Both the studio and Carter were keeping mum on details.

But Carter will work hard for the money. Under terms of the deal, he'll stay on as exec producer of The X-Files for at least two more seasons (stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are signed through the 1999-2000 season), and Millenium for at least one more.

In addition, Carter has a first-look agreement with Fox's motion picture division, and will develop new television series through his Ten Thirteen production company. Daily Variety reports that the first show, scheduled to debut on Fox in the fall of 1999, will likely be the comic-book-based sci-fi drama Harsh Realm. Carter says he believes he'll write the project, with X-Files helmer Dan Sackheim to direct.

Fox reportedly wanted Carter to develop a second new series for next fall, but he tells Variety that's "wishful thinking." "There are other things I want to do," he explains. "But it's really about the workload and not forsaking the shows that are already dear to me."

The movie component of Carter's deal means that the X-Files film franchise will continue. Duchovny and Anderson have reportedly signed on for a sequel to this summer's Carter-penned Fight the Future, which has taken in about $150 million at the worldwide box office. The second installment is due out in 2000.

"Chris has created a true brand name that enlivens every sector of this company," Peter Chernin, chairman and CEO of Fox group and president and COO of News Corp. "From the small screen and silver screen to home video, retail shelves, and beyond, The X-Files is a cultural phenomenon that we have proudly and successfully exploited throughout the global marketplace." The paranormal series, which is entering its sixth season, remains the highest-rated show on Fox.

Adds Carter to Variety, "I feel terrific. It's nice to have a home."
Village, September 17, 1998

The Sequel Is Out There
For those who spent the better part of their summer vacations sitting in a darkened theater munching on popcorn and attempting to discern whether any of Scully's privates were visible when Mulder rescued her from the deep freeze, don't make big plans for the winter of 2000.

The New York Daily News' Mitchell Fink reports that there's definitely a sequel to The X-Files: Fight the Future in the works. Chris Carter, exec producer and creator of the Fox paranormal series, tells the paper that the second installment of the now big-screen franchise will go into production next winter with release planned for the following winter.

"I realize it's a Herculean task to do it in that time frame," Carter tells the paper. "But we're going to try." It's unclear whether Rob Bowman will once again helm the big-screen X-Files, although here's hoping that Carter opts to avoid that black oil-alien colonization theme this time out.

The release in 2000 will reportedly come just after the series wraps its seventh and believed to be final season with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The famously prickly co-stars have reportedly already agreed to star in the sequel, but there's no word on how much they'll receive to don their trench coats and designer duds for Part II. Each received an estimated $4 million for Fight the Future, which has so far taken in a respectable but not blockbuster $83.4 at the US box office. Still, Fox believes it has a profit-generating franchise on its hands.

Both Duchovny and Anderson have expressed their dissatisfaction with the grind of a daily TV show, even one that has brought them fame and fortune. And while they are only signed through the 1999-2000 season, take heart, for puppet master Carter has said of The X-Files: "It is conceivable that it could be done without both of them."

And for X-philes who simply can't wait until next year for the new season of The X-Files to begin, we have good news. On Oct. 13, a date in-the-know fans out there will appreciate (it's Carter's birthday; the name of his production company, Ten Thirteen; and the last four digits of Scully's cell phone number), Fight the Future hits video store shelves.

But this isn't just any release: Twentieth Century Fox promises the pic will contain new, never-before-seen footage and "will answer one of the long-standing questions of The X-Files." In addition, the tape, which will retail for $US22.98 (a wide-screen version is available for a few dollars more), will feature exclusive interviews with Carter and Anderson.

And just in time for Christmas, Fox will release a special collector's gift set Nov. 2. For a mere $US79.98, you can watch Mulder and Scully track conspiracies in a wide-screen format of the flick; peruse a numbered copy of the script (printed on nonreproducible red paper, just like on the set!), and flip through five individual frames from the film.

But wait, there's more. You'll also receive 8 by 10 reprints of the three theatrical posters that are "suitable for framing" and an "all-new," "behind the scenes" video titled The Making of The X-Files, with an accompanying book.
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