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April 2002

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With The X-Files season 9 not airing in Australia until July, and with a growing baby to look after, this site will be updated very infrequently during March, April, May and June.

Thursday, April 25, 2002
The X-Tour -- Scully's Apartment
The X-Tour in Vancouver is running a competition to see the finale at Scully's apartment in Vancouver. There will be 18 winners in total who are drawn every week leading up to the finale starting this weekend. Information about the competition and prize is below. 10% will be going to NF.

ThanX Clare:
Be one of 18 winners for an all-expense paid trip for two to watch the last episode at Agent Scully's Apartment on May 19th.

Aspiring winners have to sign up for membership with The Agent-X Club, a subscription-based club of The X-Tour, which operates sightseeing tours of Vancouver featuring Hollywood TV and movie locations.

Highlights include the apartment used as Agent Scully's on The X-Files, and the building that has hosted over 30 other productions. http://pendrellsuites.com

Each winner will receive an all-inclusive trip for two to Vancouver, including return airfare, a weekend stay at Pendrell Suites, the site of Agent Sculley's apartment, and an X-Tour of Vancouver. Trips to Whistler and beautiful Victoria may also be included.

Winners will also hear about shooting locations of TV series Stargate SG-1 and Dark Angel (another FOX series), and productions such as The Highlander (the TV series), Legends of the Fall (with Brad Pitt)and The 6th Day (starring Arnold Schwarznegger). Agent-X memberships start at $9.99 and are only available online at The X-Tour's website.
Season 4 DVD
Season 4 of The X-Files was officially released on DVD yesterday. Prices range between $155-$185, so shop around.

Scully Marathons
The Sydney Scully Marathon is on Saturday April 27 at the All Seasons Premier Menzies Hotel, 14 Carrington Street, Wynyard, starting at 9am.

The Melbourne Scully Marathon will be held on Saturday May 23 starting at 8:30am at Monash University Clayton Campus, Monash Residential Services Theatre, Normanby Road ,Clayton.
ThanX Tash.

That's A Wrap
There will be an X-Files wrap party this weekend at The X-Files official site.

Fight The Future
Channel 7 decided to cancel their screening of The X-Files movie last weekend. A rescheduled date hasn't been announced.

X-Files Movie II
From Sci-Fi.Com:
'Carter Readies X-Files For Film'

The X-Files creator Chris Carter told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming series finale would provide a good measure of closure to the show's mythology arc, while setting the stage for proposed X-Files movies. "There was a lot of talk about what we needed to put into [the finale], what ground we needed to cover, [and what] answers we needed to answer," Carter said in an interview. "We realize that we can't answer every single thing, because there are too many threads to tie, but some of the bigger answers will take care of the littler questions."

Speaking of the proposed movies--the second of which will likely reach theaters in 2004--Carter said, "The movies are not going to depend on this finale, although there are important things in there. We are always going to be true to the characters, but we really see the movies as taking the best parts of the series--the Mulder [David Duchovny]-Scully [Gillian Anderson] relationship and the X-Files franchise--and doing stand-alone movies that are not dependent on the mythology [and that] are not dependent on the series. They are now their own thing: good, scary stories the way we've been telling them now for nine years, but for the big screen and with a lot of movie stuff in them." The X-Files finale, "The Truth," will air on Fox May 19.

Added Wednesday, April 17, 2002
Just catching up on some old news of the past two weeks.

Dark Places
From Yahoo News:
Former "X-Files" star David Duchovny will portray acclaimed hard-boiled crime novelist James Ellroy in the upcoming adaptation of Ellroy's memoir "My Dark Places."

"Dark Places" details Ellroy's quest to resolve the unsolved murder of his mother in 1958. The book began as a story that first appeared as an article in GQ magazine.

Adapted by Jan Oxenberg, the film will be directed by Robert Greenwald ("Steal This Movie"), who produces, with Francis Ford Coppola sharing executive producer credits.

Shooting is scheduled to start in June in Los Angeles.
ThanX Lucy.

VCR Alert
For those who want to watch it again, The X-Files Movie will air this weekend on channel 7/Prime on Saturday at 9:30pm.

Some missed TV appearances ... The "Dr Nora" episode of Frasier screened last week and featured Gillian Anderson's voice as a 'caller' named "Jenny". [ThanX Angela. Robert Patrick was in the documentary From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic last week and was also seen in Body Shot early in April. The Simpsons episode, "The Springfield Files", featuring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny (as Scully and Mulder) also aired last week. Hope you managed to catch those.

LGM in Melbourne
This letter to the editor from The Herald Sun on 2 April:
Ok, I have held my breath long enough. About 2 years ago, it was resported that channel 7 had brought the rights to the X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen. Every week i scean channel 7 in the guide to see if it is on yet. Nothing! Is seven trying to tell us with all the garbage now on air it can't find a spare hour to show this program?
Peter Thompson, Hawthorn.

Sydney has already telecast the program and melbourne will see it late this year. - ED
ThanX Matthew.

Nothing Important Happened Today
Nothing Important Happened Today, the first two episodes of season 9, will be releasedon video in Australia.The release date is unknown but they received a classification of MA15+ at the censors on April 7.
ThanX Mike.

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