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April 1999

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New Weekly, April 19, 1999

Pick Of The Week
A strength of The X-Files is that it doesn't talk down to its audience, and tonigh's special episode is the first in a keep-your-fingers-on-the-pulse, two-part-rattler. The Cigarette Smoking Man (exquisitely played by William B Davis) features predominately, as the conspiracy theory that lifts the lid on The X-Files-a 50 year-old secret that has been kept under wraps from men like Fox Mulder by the Cigarette Smoking Man-comes to light. A beauty.

The Sun-Herald TV Now liftout April 18, 1999

This Week on TV
The first of a two-part episode is supposed to reveal all the secrets regular viewers are dying to know. As usual, it ends up raising more questions than it answers. Simultaneously tantalising and frustrating.
Rachel Browne

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