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The Sunday Telegraph February 28, 1999

Q: In the TV Guide liftout under Q & A was this letter from M.

I was wondering if Fox Home Entertainment Australia was planning to release the season six premiere episode of The X-Files (The Beginning) on video, and if so, when? Also, when will they be releasing The X-Files movie (Fight The Future) on video for us to buy? I know it will be available to rent on February 17 but apparently we won't be able to buy it then.
M. via e-mail

A: There are no plans to release The Beginning. However, Fox will release the two-part Full Disclosure episodes Two Fathers and One Son, under the title One Son on April 14. The X-Files movie doesn't hit the "sell-through" shelf until September, but Fox intends to release two tapes then: the film as you saw it and a special edition with scenes cut from the original theatrical release.

The Sun-Herald February 28, 1999

In the TV Now liftout under "Off The Air" (quotes of the week) was this:
"Relax, the world is at peace. There's a little trouble in our White House but that'll blow over ... so to speak."
Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) to a group of WWII British naval men, The X-Files

The Daily Telegraph February 25, 1999

Three mentions in the 7 Days section:
In the TV listings for Wednesday, March 3, 1999, The X-Files was selected as "Pick of the Day".

You know, after all these years of X-Filing, it's a wonder series creator Chris Carter hasn't come up with something as simple as a Freaky Friday-style body swap. Well, now he has. Mulder is just not acting himself. He seems more interested in chasing chicks than little green men. So when the FBI big-wigs tell him to give up on his life's work his response is: "You're right sir - won't happen again, sir." But when he pats Scully (Gillian Anderson -- there was a photo) on the bum it's just too much. All this has Scully just a little bit confused and she decides to chase the X-Files herself. Meanwhile, there's some mysterious goings-on in the secret Area 51 military base and there seems to be a spy in the camp. Could this be it? Could Mulder have finally found proof of extraterrestrial (yawn) life? You'll have to tune in to Part 2 next week to find out. Don'tcha hate that?
Angela Saurine, The Daily Telegraph
Rather sarcastic for a "Pick of the Day" if you ask me!

In the Videos section, listing the top 10 videos of the week, The X-Files Movie came it at number ten in it's first week of release. The top ten were:
  1. Snake Eyes
  2. Six Days Seven Nights
  3. What Dreams May Come
  4. Dark City
  5. Wild Things
  6. The Opposite Of Sex
  7. The Object Of My Affection
  8. Sliding Doors
  9. The Big Hit
  10. The X-Files Movie

Thirdly, in The Ratings Report:
... Ten's The X-Files experienced a return to favour in '99 with an average of 372,600 viewers (32nd).

Australian News -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tuesday 23 February 1999 Carter Announces Second X-Files Movie Compiled by Glen Murphy, Sofcom Chris Carter, creator of the TV phenomenon The X-Files, has announced a second X-Files movie is in the works. Carter tell's America's TV Guide, "There will be a second X-Files movie as far as I am concerned. But it won't be on this summer's hiatus. It seems like the actors are very excited to do it. It's just a matter of finding the time, and I think it would either come out in the summer of 2001 or possibly 2002. It would have been great to culminate the series and go right into the next big movie. I think there will be a year, or possibly two years in between." He also states that he hopes The X-Files will end its run next season. "Most likely we will wind it down at the end of year seven. You are going to see the TV series become the movie series."

The Sun-Herald February 21, 1999

TV Now
In the This Week column, The X-Files gets four ****
Speaking of gimmicks, this week's episode of The X-Files delves into a bag of tricks. Set in a time wrinkle in the Bermuda Triangle, it starts with Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) being dragged aboard the luxury liner the Queen Anne during World War II. The passengers and German aggressors bear remarkable likenesses to his 1999 colleagues Agents Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Jeffrey Spender (Chris Owens) and Assistant Director Skinner (Mitch Pileggi). The hook for fans is that Scully and Mulder actually kiss. Of course it's not really Scully but you get the picture...
Rachel Browne
She forgot to mention 1939 counterparts for The Cigarette Smoking Man, AD Kersh and AD Kersh's secretary.

There was also a story in the main part of the paper titled Lisa Simpson voted our top Aussie role model
Some of Australia's most successful women have nominated Lisa Simpson as a leading role model for her generation.

the story goes on to include
Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic, Dana Scully from The X-Files and Clarice Starling from Silence Of The Lambs were the only ones which polled, besides Ms Simpson, who do not have large muscles and skimpy clothing.

The survey appeared in Australian Women's Forum.
Jacqueline McArthur

The Sunday Telegraph February 21, 1999

Each week there are small Did You Know paragrpahs scattered throughout the paper. One of this weeks was:

Did you know that the Cigarette Smoking Man (played by William Davis) on The X-Files does not smoke. He's actually puffing on herbal cigarettes whenever the script calls for him to be seen with a cigarette in his hand.
Yes we did!! A looooong time ago, in fact.

In the TV Guide liftout was a letter in Your Say:
I enjoy The X-Files and would like to thank Channel Ten for this program. My favourite actress is Gillian Anderson. I was wondering if I could get an address for her so I can write to her. Thanks.
KB via e-mail
(You can send your letters to Gillian Anderson c/- 20th Century Fox Television, West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles -Ed.)

The Daily Telegraph February 18, 1999

In 7 Days under Tune Out was this negative review of "Triangle"
Oh gawd. I can't stand these time-travel episodes. I know Chris Carter must be running low on ideas after so many years but when he writes a script which sees Mulder travelling back in time through the Bermuda Triangle, I just had to throw my hands up and beg for mercy.
Kate de Brito

Another show in the Tune Out section was Celebrity Death Match, the one featuring The X-Files vs Men In Black although that spot wasn't mentioned specifically.

The Daily Telegraph February 16, 1999

On Page 13 was this:
Oscar nominee Cate Blanchett joined an international cast of actresses on stage in London for a Valentine's Day performance of a hard-hitting feminist play.

Titanic star Kate Winslett led the cast, which included Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame, in a performance of The Vagina Monologues by American playwright Eve Ensler.

The Valentine's Day show at the Old Vic follows massive success for the production in the US.

"It has taken months to organise this cast but it goes to show that women do not want to just play curtesy adornments in a Hollywood film; they want to do this sort of serious and profound work," producer Chrissie Tiller said.

The Sunday Telegraph February 14, 1999

TV Guide: On Video
Playing God (Roadshow):

It is the week for David Duchovny - but this time he is not X-Filing but playing a doctor who took one pill too many for himself and wound up on the scrap heap. That is, until he helps someone one night in a disco and finds himself befriended by a sophisticated criminal boss (played by Timothy Hutton) who knows just what he wants and how to get it. Good, well-paced thrilelr with Huton and Duchovny playing off each other well.

Paul LePetit

The Daily Telegraph February 8, 1999

Page 13
In true X-Files style, the new Lift comercial starring Hollywood's David Duchovny has a hitherto secret star addition - one Mervyn Hughes.

Our very own big man (aka big moustache, big Merrrvve) features as the blurry image of America's mythical king of the forest Bigfoot.

Even a spokemsan for Coca-Cola Australia was unaware of the cameo when first contacted by Thirteen.

But some serious research revealed the face of Bigfoot as it turns to the camera is, as out TV spies report, the former Australian bowler ... (ah, yes, the truth is out there)

Amy Ewen

For non-Australian readers, Merv Hughes is a former Australian cricket player.

The Sun Herald February 7, 1999

TV Now Back in Business
The bummer summer is almost over with the 1999 ratings season starting today. Rachel Browne catches up with where the returning series and sitcoms are going this year.

includes ...

Drama: The X-Files, Channel 10

The new series picks up where the feature film left off. FBI agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) resolve their feelings for each other after their almost kiss as they struggle to get the X-Files back on track.

The Daily Telegraph February 4, 1999

7 days:Tune In The X-Files, Wednesday, Ten, 8:30pm

They're baaaaack.

"Using a process that restores the moisture of the documents and by reassembling the fragments, I should be able to rstore large amounts of the case load that was destroyed in my office fire. Agent Scully and I should be able to begin working again on the X-Files." Phew! For a while there, after Mulder's office caught fire and all the X-Files were burned, we thought that was the end of it all. And then when Scully was stung by the bee and Mulder nearly but didn't quite kiss her and she got infected by that alein virus and was spirited away and covered in all that jelly in a spaceship buried under tonnes of snow ... ah, but I digress. That was the movie and this is the first ep of the TV series which follows directly on from where the blockbuster left off. And what a thigh-slapper this episode is, although typically you'll have to say "what's going on?" at least twice during it because that's what the X-Files is all about. I'm also beginning to think that creator Chris Carter may be stretching Scully's credibility a wee bit by having her still question the existence of aliens despite her spell inside the alien jelly blob. "What does it take?" despairs Mulder. "For this thing to come up and bite you on the arse." I think so.
Kate de Brito

The Daily Telegraph February 3, 1999

In World news:Buffy The TV Awards Slayer
Los Angeles: The X-Files star David Duchovny and Buffy The Vampire Slayer were the big winners at yesterday's TV Guide Awards in the US.

Readers voted Duchovny favourite actor in a drama for his role as an FBI agent.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer won in seven of the Internet survey categories, including best science fiction fantasy show and sexiest feamle for star Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Other winners included:

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