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Woman's Day, March 22, 1999

David Duchovny and Drew Carey found they had a lot in common when they recently struck up a friendship. And it turns out what they had most in common was an interest in porn videos. David thought he had a lot until he saw Drew's collection -- it filled an entire room. (originally published in the National Enquirer in the USA)

The Sun-Herald March 21, 1999

Sunday Life! Global Gossip
Skeptical Inquirer
No matter what odd phenomenon you want to explain, Skeptical Inquirer always boils it down to: a) correclation does not equal causation, or b) the regression effect. The latter - when an extreme value for one variable is matched by a less extreme value for another, imperfectly correlated variable - is used to explain the "curse" on David Duchovny and Ben Affleck. It's just statistically more likely that their hot periods will be followed by cool ones, than that they will stay on top forever. You could also call this the Duh! effect.

sofcom March 15, 1999

The Top 10 Videos of the past week in Australia were:
  1. Lethal Weapon 4
  2. Snake Eyes
  3. The Opposite Of Sex
  4. Sliding Doors
  5. Head On
  6. The Parent Trap
  7. Wag The Dog
  8. Wild Things
  9. X Files The Movie
  10. The Last Days Of Disco
Compiled by Sandra Kehne

The Age (Melbourne) March 12, 1999

Notice of news story posted on the TAXPA Message Board by spookygal.

A story concerning a triple murder in Finland linked to The X-Files appeared in the Entertainment Guide of The Age (Melbourne) newspaper. (Strange place to have a murder story?) I haven't seen The Age transcript but the story would have been taken from the Reuters Press release below:

Police Probe X-Files Link To Triple Murder
Helsinki, Finland (Reuters) - Finnish police said Friday they had found a link between the popular U.S. television series "The X-Files" and a triple murder in a Helsinki shooting club. Inspector Kari Tolvanen told Reuters officers watched a dozen episodes of "The X-Files" and other series while probing the crime, in which a 30-year-old woman stands accused of shooting dead three fellow members of the club two weeks ago."We are looking at certain television series because of what we found in a search of the suspect's home and because of what she has said and how she has behaved," Tolvanen said. The woman, who was identified by witnesses but has refused to explain her actions, was apprehended while trying to board a plane at Helsinki airport hours after the shooting. The bizarre crime took place during a weekend when a marathon of 12 episodes of "The X-Files," a crime series dealing with paranormal phenomena, were shown on Finnish television. Finnish newspapers drew attention to one episode in which inhabitants of a small town went on a shooting spree after being hypnotized via electronic devices such as cash dispensers and microwave ovens.

The episode in question is "Blood".

The Sydney Morning Herald March 12, 1999

The Tribal Mind
Meanwhile, the nation was united in its lack of interest in the X-Files. The show which regularly rated in the top 20 two years ago now sits at No 66 (which raises questions about Bob Carr's wisdom in using the X-Files as the model for his campaign commercials).

Australia's current focus on nostalgia apparently means we have no eyes left for the future. Or perhaps we just got sick of a conspiracy that kept getting more complicated without any sign of an explanation. Or perhaps the problem is simply that the X-Files has a Wednesday timeslot that pits it against Blue Heelers, to which Australians have an unshakable addiction (nostalgia combined with a craving for rural simplicity).

While the TV series languishes, The X Files Movie is one of Australia's most rented movies, suggesting that many lapsed viewers are doing a quick catch-up on the episodes they've missed. The film does provide some new detail (a bunch of humans, called the Elders, are helping a bunch of aliens take over the earth via a virus spread by bees).

But if you want the really, truly, not-kidding-this-time Full Story, you need to wait only until this Friday, when yet another X-Files video enters the stores, under the title One Son. It contains two episodes just shown in the United States in which the Elders' experiments with creating alien-human hybrids are revealed and the whole conspiracy is (allegedly) smashed.

David Dale

The Daily Telegraph March 11, 1999

7 Days
The Top 10 Videos of the past week were:
  1. Lethal Weapon 4
  2. Snake Eyes
  3. 6 Days, 7 Nights
  4. The X-Files Movie (5 last week)
  5. What Dreams May Come
  6. Dark City
  7. Opposite Of Sex
  8. Wild Things
  9. The Object of My Affection
  10. Kundun
This was The X-Files video's third week of release.

Woman's Day, March 8, 1999

Tots Of Tinseltown
A town where grown-ups behave like kids must be a great place to raise children!

It seems the tiny tots of Tinseltown are thriving under the warm glow of the limelight.

... snip ...
Piper, four-year-old daughter of Gillian Anderson and ex-spouse Clyde Klotz, has learnt to make herself at home in an X-Files location trailer with hard-working Gillian.

"Piper is the most important influence in my life," Gillian admits. "My fantasy is to live where I choose with my daughter and to do one or two feature films a year."

Public Women, Private Thoughts
Gillian Anderson on ...
Men: "A lot of them are threatened by a woman making more money than them over the long haul. That seems to castrate them in some way."

Herself: "I am a woman in her early 30s who's been hurt a few times and is having difficulty allowing a possible attraction to develop."

Love: "I still believe in it. Just."

Politics: "It's worth remembering that everything is finally politics."

Women, sex and power: "i was somewhat promiscuous in my college days. It wasn't fun. It was a way of getting attention for myself because I didn't really feel attractive. But since I started playing Scully, who's distant and remote, I've had a greater sense of self-discipline and self-assurance. I'm a lot tougher than I've ever been."

Children: "A woman has nine months to prepare herself for a child. A man doesn't have this ... and it definitely does separate you."

The Daily Telegraph March 4, 1999

7 Days
The Top 10 Videos of the past week were:
  1. Snake Eyes
  2. 6 Days 7 Nights
  3. Dark City
  4. What Dreams May Come
  5. The X-Files Movie (10 last week)
  6. Wild Things
  7. Sliding Doors
  8. Object Of My Affection
  9. The Big Hit
  10. Opposite Of Sex
This was The X-Files video's second week of release.

The Daily Telegraph March 3, 1999

Page 13
X-Files star David Duchovny has added his seal of approval to Foxtel's latest pay-TV venture, materialising live from LA (albeit via satellite) for the launch of their satellite service.

The spooky sex symbol was surprise guest at the A-list Pyrmont premiere on Monday night and proved a popular long-distance attendee.
Amy Ewen

The X-Files was also the Pick Of The Night in the TV listings. The text is identical to that which appeared on February 25.

Sydney Morning Herald March 3, 1999

Typed by Medellia

Lachlan Murdoch's speech could have been a tad more fascinating instead of relying heavily on clunky use of the "I want my Foxtel" slogan. But this was a night of slick presentation and classy entertainment... all that the broadcaster [Foxtel] would hope for. And if you're launching a satellite, you have to give the audience a live satellite cross. So it was that host Mike Hammond spoke to David Duchovny via satellite from Los Angeles to help with the celebrations. But why was the conversation so slick? Where was the usual delay? Why didn't the X-Files star hear and react to the laugh of one of his remarks gained?

See, I don't miss much. The interview had been recorded by the ultra-professional Hammond in Los Angeles and, on launch night, he was simply filling holes in the tape. It was a beautiful lie. A classy conceit.

It was the magic of television. Love it.
Tony Squires

Sain Issue 9, March, 1999

In the Books section:
Resist Or Serve The Official Guide To The X-Files Vol 4
by Andy Meisler (Harper Collins) $27.95
This takes you behind the scenes of the fifth season. This book has a detailed story line of each of the 20 episodes (which included "Unusual Suspects", "Emily", All Souls" and "Patient X"), interviews with Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson and others, the low down on special effects etc. The fifth season saw the cast getting tired, and episodes often shot simultaneously as actors were involved in other projects and not available. But the story lines were getting more intense, and flashbacks gave viewers a better idea of what made Mulder and Scully tick.

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