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The Sunday Telegraph, November 29, 1998

In Critic's Choice, TV editor Michael Idato named his top 10 programs of 1998. They were:

  1. Sea Change
  2. The Panel
  3. Blue Heelers
  4. Two Fat Ladies
  5. Murder Call
  6. A Difficult Woman
  7. Ally McBeal
  8. The Simpsons
  9. The X-Files
  10. Jerry Springer
His summary of The X-Files said:
Dark as TV can be, but very smooth and sexy. The TV equivalent of watching horror movies and eating a Caramello at the same time.

NW November 23, 1998

It's easy being pregnant

Having a baby's just a walk in the park, says X-Fles star David Duchovny, whose wife Tea Leoni is four months pregnant. But there is the stress of choosing a name.

When it comes to having a baby, sexy X-Filer David Duchovny claims the most difficult and challenging part is naming the newborn.

"I wanna called it Macovey Duchovny," David laughs. "But Tea won't give me that. So, our next dog will be Macovey."

As all of America tuned in to find out how The X-Files would return to the small screen after its big-screen debut, the handsome actor spoke for the first time about the imminent arrival of his first child with wife and The Naked Truth star Tea Leoni who is now four months pregnant.

When it comes to the child's sex, David, 38, says that's something he's keeping under wraps, preferring to keep the gender a secret until its arrival.

"I wanna be surprised," David says seriously. "I wanna be' Okay, there's the head, but I'm looking for the midsection!'"

When asked how the pregnancy is coming along, David is adamant it's a walk in the park- well, maybe for him! But Tea is also holding up well- she's not suffering morning sickness or discomfort in the early stages of the pregnancy. "It's not as hard as I thought it would be, being pregnant, I don't know why people complain," jokes David.

Since The X-Files began filming in 1993 David has been living in Canada, but not long after he married Tea, he insisted producers relocate the show to LA.

"This is my home and this is where my wife is and this is where my career is," says David. "It was time to come back to all those things, and it will be a lot easier for Tea to have my child now that I'm in the same zip code."

Recently, David has received an even greater amount of press attention than normal, winning the title of "Most Over-educated for the Job of Movie Star," (as reported in the November 9 issue of NW) and, in a particularly saucy Playboy interview, he confesses to enjoying pornography and says he stole as a child.

He is typically bemused by all the media attention.

"I like it that they called it 'Job' of a movie star," he laughs. "Like when you're filling out an application form, it's my occupation."

In next season's The X-Files opener it appears that Scully and Mulder will definitely not be reassigned to the X-Files but the pair discover that the alien monsters, who grow in humans as a result of the virus that Scully carried in the movie, have managed to remain behind on earth.

Scully has also discovered that the alien DNA she was able to sample is present in the DNA of all humans, leading them to believe that all humans might actually be of alien descent.

Viewers may notice a change in the look of the show in the new series, since filming has switched from gloomy Vancouver to sunny, smoggy LA. It won't please all fans.

But one thing fans can definitely look forward to is David's directional debut. He is credited as both writer and director of an episode and he's very excited about this. "I've had a few ideas for episodes that we've done, but I've never written one," he enthuses.

Another benefit of living in LA is that David is now free to pursue his extracurricular activities as well as extraterrestrial visitors- he will shoot his first comedy opposite Jerry Maguire actress Bonnie Hunt in an as-yet-untitled project. Maybe he can call that Macovey and spare both his child and his next dog the embarrassment!

By Kevin Dickson
Transcribed by Lucy.

The Sun-Herald Sunday, November 22, 1998

In The Diary section was this non-story titled Claws in Velvet Paws
Could a catfight be brewing between Australia's big-screen girl-of-the-moment Cate Blanchett and The X-Files' Gillian Anderson?

Anderson admitted she was desperate for Blanchett's role in Oscar and Lucinda, despite not being offered the part.

However, in this month's Movieline she said that Blanchett did justice to the role, although she was overlooked for the Best Actress gong at the Australian Film Institute awards last weekend.

"She has weight to her and she's wonderfully subtle," Anderson gushed. "She's a damn good actress."

The Sunday Telegraph, November 22, 1998

The liftout TV Guide magazine featured a Gillian Anderson story titled Fate Files which was word-for-word the same as a story that appeared in the Daily Telegraph on November 10. See below.

The Daily Telegraph, November 12, 1998

Well, it's not strictly X-Files news but it's obviously inspired by the show!

In the sports results, a 3-year-old horse named Trust No One won race 3 - The Roger Hawke Maiden - at the Hawksbury (near Sydney) races held the previous day at the great odds of 25-1.

The Daily Telegraph, November 10, 1998

In the Entertainment section was this story:
Strongly Hook On Fate

The X-Files television and movie star Gillian Anderson is a firm believer in fate

"My whole belief system is that our paths are drawn for us," Anderson says in the December issue of Movieline magazine.

"I believe in reincarnation. I believe we're here to learn and grow ... we choose how we come into this life based on what it is we have to learn. Some people have harder lessons than others."

Anderson is much more open in real life than her TV character, sceptical FBI agent Dana Scully, especially regarding her inner life.

"I've been in pscyhotherapy steadily since I was 14," Anderson says, acknowledging scrippling bouts of depression, even during work on The X-Files.

Building on her TV success, Anderson is making a splash on the big screen.

Besides The X-Files Movie, she's played an alcoholic biker chick in The Mighty, a working-class girl in Chicago Cab and a bitter theatre director in the coming film, Dancing With Architecture.

The Sunday Telegraph, November 8, 1998

The liftout TV Guide magazine featured an X-Files cover story titled The Truth Is In Here which was promoted as follows:
The X-Files is one of Australia's most popular shows - perhaps because it always leaves fans wanting more. Go behind the scenes in yout TV Guide.
Click here to go the Collectibles page for further information and to see the cover

The Sunday Telegraph, November 1, 1998

In a letter-to-the-editor in the TV Guide liftout magazine:
Channel 10 could seriously lift its ratings by re-running X-Files episodes - not just for those of us who have been watching since it first aired here in '94, but for those who have become fans since watching the movie. Let's see re-runs of classic episodes like Memento Mori, Colony/End Game, Small Potatoes, The Erlenmeyer Flask and the Anasazi trilogy. The maybe Ten would get a larger audience.
D.P., via e-mail

(Channel 10 did repeat episodes of The X-Files when the current series wound up in the middle of this year. They were taken off air because of low ratings - Ed.)
and there was also this story in the Express Entertainment section:
X-rated Files
David Duchovny confesses he shares a reel-life interest with X-Files character Fox Mulder - a fondness for X-rated films.

"I think porn is fine," he says in a Playboy interview. "I like to watch people (have sex)."

Duchovny said he took in a lot of dirty movies in the '80s and even gives a list of his fave porno-film stars.

The actor notes that his routine involved renting three movies at once, the doing "reconnaissance work" by fast-forwarding through the tapes and marking his fave scenes.

Then he'd go back and concentrate on those scenes.

He recalls once finding himslef waatching - and enjoying - a scene featuring a man and "thinking, oh my God, I'm questioning my sexuality because that wasn't half-bad."
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