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Episode 7ABX07

Title: Orison

First screened in Australia: 3 May, 2000
First screened in the USA: 9 January, 2000

Credits: Director: Rob Bowman
Writer: Chip Johannessen
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
Scully fears for her life when an ex-stalker, who has a fetish for killing and death, escapes from a maximum-security prison with the aid of a wayward reverend.
Australian Media Review:
Pick of the Night
The X-Files (Ten, 8.30pm)

It as always going to be of concern that once Mulder and Scully pashed, this long running series would lose some of its spark. Thankfully, though, The X-Files remains as watchable as it was before the FBI's finest locked lips. It seems that the formula of totally unbelievable storylines, interspersed with dry one-liners from Mulder and the obligatory evil-man-inexplicably-turns-to-teeth-gnashing-green-monster is what makes this show so successful. In tonight's episode, a prison chaplain helps a mass murderer escape from prison by performing a kind of hypnosis that stops the world. When the murderer returns to his bald old ways of killing women so he can saw off their pinky fingers and eat their tasty digits with his peas and carrots, Mulder and Scully put their feet down. As you would expect. In a kind of sub-plot, Scully is tormented when a song that she hasn't heard since she was a child begins to pipe up everywhere she goes.

James Madden. The Daily Telegraph.
My Rating: 9/10

This episode received quite a battering from many online fans and granted while it's not as good as Irrisistible, it's still IMHO, a fine episode. There are some good special effects - The X-Fils juts about always delivers in that department - and some genuinely scray moments.

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
Nick Chinlund previously appeared as Donnie Pfaster in "Irresistible". He's also appeared in movies such as "Mr Magoo", "Con Air", "Eraser", "Lethal Weapon 3" and TV series such as "Third Rock From The Sun".

Scott Wilson (Orison) has had a lengthy career since the 70's including movies such as "The Great Gatsby", "Exorcist II", "Dead Man Walking" and "Clay Pigeons".

Trivia and Research:
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Nick Chinlund Interview:
Excerpt from a New York Times Special Features article by Ian Spelling.

... interview with Nick Chinlund, who played Donnie Pfaster in "Irresistible" and the upcoming "Orison".

Chinlund: "Donnie has been in prison. He's been incubating all of his disease. It's a heightened five-years-in-wait version of him that you'll see. He's stepped up a notch. Orison is a prison preacher who tries to save Donnie, and so you have a battle there."

"Basically, Donnie and the Devil are released from prison and havoc ensues. There's more religious significance to 'Orison' than 'Irresistible,' and more of the devilish aspect is explored."

"There was one very powerful graveyard scene we did for 'Orison' -- which I can't tell you about -- that was very difficult for me." He's extremely complimentary of Rob Bowman, the ep's director: "Bowman is the most technically adept director I've ever worked with. He really knows what the camera and lighting can do, and he knows his options and what he wants. He got very excited about this episode. It's going to look incredible, especially for a television show. He might be the star of this one."

"If they want me to do Donnie again, if they want to make it a trilogy, I'll probably be all for it."

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