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Episode 7ABX11

Title: Closure

First screened in Australia: 31 May, 2000
First screened in the USA: 13 February, 2000

Credits: Director: Kim Manners
Writers: Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
In this gripping continuation a detective questions Ed Truelove, alias the Santa Claus serial killer, about the many bodies of children unearthed in the woods. Truelove claims there are no more bodies. He also claims not to have killed Amber Lynn LaPierre. Forensic tests on the twenty-four corpses confirm that neither Amber nor Mulder's sister is among the victims. With the help of a police psychic, Mulder searches for the missing girl and for his sister.
My Rating: 8/10
Some touching scenes and good special effects but it's kind of disappointing that Mulder's quest to find Samantha is over and that she's not alive.

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
Anthony Heald (real name Philip Anthony Mair Heald) is a Tony award winning actor who has appeared in many big-name movies such as "8MM", "Deep Rising", "A Time To Kill", "Kiss Of Death", "The Client", "Pelican Brief", "Silence Of The Lambs", "Outrageous Fortune" and "Silkwood". His voice is also well-known, having narrated many Star Wars books-on-tape.

Mimi Paley (Samantha Mulder) is the star of a TV series alled "Alley Cats Strike".

Trivia and Research:
The song played throughout the episode in the scenes with the children is "My Weakness" by Moby.

Agent Lewis Schoniger is named after the next door neighbors of Chris Carter's grandparents.

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