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Episode 7ABX17

Title: all things

First screened in Australia: 12 July, 2000
First screened in the USA: 9 April, 2000

Credits: Director: Gillian Anderson
Writer: Gillian Anderson
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
A seemingly random series of coincidences ignites a journey of self-discovery for Agent Scully as she re-examines a relationship from her past.
Fox Press release
A hospital chart mix up puts Scully in contact with Daniel Waterston, a man from Scully's past who was part of the reason she left medicine for the FBI. When Scully discovers Daniel's life-threatening illness, she embraces an alternative approach to healing in order to save his life.
Australian Media Review:
One star
The X-Files (Ten, 8.30pm)

This piece of self-indulgence was apparently written by Gillian Anderson, who also plays Agent Scully. We prayed for an alien to abduct Scully and Mulder (David Duchovny) , sparing the misery of watching this to the bitter end, but, alas, it just didn't happen. We can only suggest Anderson sticks to her day job.
Rob Lowing. The Sun-Herald.
My Rating: 6/10

I'm afraid I have to agree with Rob Lowing. I though this was just plain ordinary. After all the hype I'd read about this episode it was a major disappointment where Gillian Anderson just tries too hard to add some spice to Scully's pre X-Files life, ponders the meaning of life and throws in a "did they or didn't they" teaser for the shippers out there.

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
Nicolas Surovy (Daniel) has appeared in numerous TV movies as well as the soap "All My Children". His career stretches back to 1966 and his movie roles include "Bang The Drum Slowly" an early Robert De Niro film.

Stacy Haiduk (Maggie) has starred in a number of short-lived TV shows such as "Seaquest DSV", "Route 66", "Superboy", "The Adventures Of Superboy" and "Kindred: The Embraced". Other roles include "The Round Table", "Gabriela" and "Little City".

For information on Colleen Flynn (Colleen) check the Detour episode.

Where Have I Heard That Name Before?
Carol Banker (Carol) is the X-Files script supervisor. She;s also done that role in movies such as "Dogma", "The Apostle", "Feeling Minnesota" and "Mallrats". The latter was also her only other acting role.

Where Have I Heard That Song Before?
The song featured in this episode is "The Sky Is Broken" by Moby from their album "Play".

Trivia and Research:
Crop circles have been appearing in the fields of England since the middle '70s. The phenomenon has shown, especially since 1990, an astonishing development of form, size and complexity. Despite continuing research, there is no convincing "explanation." The crop is never cut or damaged in any way. The plants, which are swirled down in elaborate flow-patterns, continue to ripen. The individual stalks of the plant are bent, not kinked or broken. The crop circles remain until the farmer harvests the field. For more information on the phenomena, go to There are also a group of artists who have created their own crop circles in England, perpetuating the hoax since the 1970s. Learn the art and science of "circle making" at

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk, and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body. Each of these centers correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. In addition the chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds and body functions.

Psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) had always been fascinated by accidents, or what he termed "meaningful coincidences." He looked for a theoretical concept that would account for such paranormal "chance" phenomena. In 1930, he first used the term synchronicity to describe an "a-casual connection between psychic states and objective events."

Playing on Mulder's television is the 1953 film "Stazione Termini" (also released in the United States as "Indiscretion of an American Wife") starring Montgomery Clift and Jennifer Jones. It is the story of an adulterous wife meeting her lover for one more tryst in Rome's train station.

Gillian Anderson selected specific images to appear on Mulder's bulletin board when Scully peers closely at it. One is a photo of the lipstick-marked tombstone of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This was the supposed site of a rendezvous Mulder had with his ex-girlfriend Phoebe Green, as mentioned in "Fire" (1X11). Steve Alexander, the author of the 1999 Crop Circle Yearbook, provided the crop circle photos and map. There are two paintings on the bulletin board. One is the 1913 "The Truth Unveiled" by Egon Schiele and the other is an unknown Renaissance artist's depiction of a UFO. Also posted are recent articles clipped from Fortean Times, New Scientist, and Astronomy magazines.

Gillian Anderson chose six mobiles and stabiles from the artist Gary Christopherson (GChris) to dress the set of Colleen Azar's house. For a look at his work, go to Gillian gave each member of the crew a gift to commemorate their work on her episode. She commissioned the artist Andrew Campbell to come up with a design for the t-shirts.

Media Story:
Scully's Story:

Gillian Anderson is in charge of this Sunday's "The X-Files''. Anderson, who stars in the Fox drama as FBI agent Dana Scully, wrote and directed the episode in which her character encounters a former lover and questions the path she's chosen in life. "The whole experience from beginning to end surpassed any of my expectations. ... I learned so much,'' said the first-time director. Series co-star David Duchovny has only a limited role in the story, but Anderson says that was a gift, not a slight. "I know for myself how important time is, and time away from work, and it was an opportunity for me to give him that,'' she said.
from Associated Press

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