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crane crane
Prepare a 6 inch square of paper
ic1 ic2
Step 1: Fold the paper in half diagonally. Step 2: Fold again in half diagonally.
ic3 ic4
Step 3: Fold out from inside to form a square. Step 4: Turn over.
ic5 ic6
Step 5: Repeat Step 4. Step 6: Fold left, right & top corners to the center line.
ic7 ic8
Step 7: It should look like this. Step 8: Pull the bottom corner up & fold down again.
ic9 ic10
Step 9: Turn over & repeat Step 6,7 & 8. Step 10: You get the crane base now.
ic11 ic12
Step 11: Valley fold on the dotted lines using top layer only. Step 12: Turn over.
ic13 ic14
Step 13: Repeat Step 11. Step 14: Reverse fold at dotted lines to form the head.
ic15 ic16
Step 15: Bring up the head part. Step 16: Bring up at this point & press down, repeat the same to the tail.
ic17 ic18
Step 17: Reverse the head. Step 18: Pull the wings apart.
ic19 Step 19: The Crane is complete.

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