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Tired of Playing Games...
... OR tired of people playing games with you? Well, we've got some good news and some bad news :-). There are some "Games People Should Play".

Click here to review our most recent WWW addition to see what games we should play and why.

Unequally Yoked???
Most, if not all single Christians, have heard the phrase "don't be unequally yoked". Do you know what being "unequally yoked with an unbeliever" REALLY means. We offer you a new "challenge" in the form of an old Scenario article, "The Truth About Unequal Yokes".

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Spiritual Immaturity Has Its Price
Singles Ministry. Some think it's a gimmick or fad. Others think it's a meat market. In truth, if done correctly, results in spiritual maturity. Those who partake are the benefactors. Those who do not mature (or those who partake of improper singles ministry) will be subject to a downward spiral they can ill afford to experience.

Click here to review The Danger of Spiritual Destitution, a reprint from Scenario Magazine.

A Challenge for Singles
First Corinthians 7:32-34 says that unmarried Christians should care for the Lord, how they may please Him. Unfortunately, most single Christians seem to only truly care for one thing...getting married.

Click here to review the first of a six-part series -- The Challenge of Maximizing Singleness. This article is a preview of our upcoming "Marriage Prep"

Singles, Are You Ready to BE Married?
Many single Christians are ready to BE married, but not many are ready FOR marriage. In light of this, we present an article from our Scenario Magazine archives "The Challenge of Marriage".

Click here to review and see if you're UP FOR THE CHALLENGE! (Macromedia Flash player required to view this specially prepared article. Beatnik player required to hear background music).

I Want A Husband...
...is the cry of many a single Christian woman. Are you really ready for the challenge and responsibility of marriage? Better yet, how does God feel about your "marriage potential".

Click here to read "Only the Prudent Are Presented" from our Scenario archives.

Consider the Paradox...
What are your thoughts on singleness? Do you consider singleness to be a blessing? Do you know what being "single" really means? Are you satisfied in your singleness?

Click here to review "The Paradox of Singleness" -- an article from our Scenario Magazine archives.

Who Wouldn't Want a Gold Mine?
Hey, singles Christians! How many of you are interested in being in a relationship? How many are interested in being in a FRUITFUL and HEALTHY relationship?

Click here to review "A Gold Mine to a Godly Relationship and/or Marriage", another article from our Singles Ministry archives.

Been Singled Out???
Ever noticed the stigma place upon single Christians -- that if you're not married, something is wrong with you??? If so, God has a word of comfort for you.

Click here to read "Singled Out" a new addition to our Singles Ministry collection of articles.