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The first in the series, Jill I was very popular shareware.  I remember the day I first got Jill.  It was a long time ago, when I had my second computer. (it crashed years ago, may it rest in peace lol.)  I guess the year was around '96 or so.  My parents and I were in Goose Creek, in a nice little shopping center.  My father and I were in a bookstore, and my mother was in the shop next door, which was a package center.  On a rack in that store were various shareware titles, among them Jill.  When my mother returned to the bookstore where we were, she presented me with a colorful envelope on which a green suited woman was swinging on a vine.  Inside was a 3.5 floppy with the game that I have adored for years.  That day was a critical point in my life.  I had become a little more like who I am today.  Jill of the Jungle has been incredibly influential on my life, developing my passion for not only dos games, but a fascination with the time and places in which they originated, and the methods of their creations. 


This is a screenshot from Jill I.  There is no real plot to the first game; it mainly is more of an introduction for the player to the world of Jill, and a demonstration of the stunning graphics and musical sound track.  Jill is a pleasant alternative to modern games, because of its 2d graphics.  3d is all the rage these days, but I can't stand 3d because it gives me motion sickness.  Another reason why I love dos games with such passion is that most are 2d, rather than 3d, but very few games these days worth playing are 2d anymore.
Be sure to download Jill I and take an adventure into computer history! 

Jill of the Jungle


Jill Goes Underground is the second in the Jill series.  I actually did not get this game until a year ago.  Years ago, I wanted to order it, but when I heard that it cost $15, I was in despair.  15 bucks is a lot of money to an 11 year old!  As time went on, I still wanted the game, but I could never spare the money to purchase it.  Eventually, Jill became obsolete, and I figured that I was doomed to never owning Jill II.  I already had Jill I and III, but I was lacking the second title. Then, I found it on the internet, and at last I obtained my complete trilogy.  I played it all the way through the afternoon I got it and oh it was so good! :oD


Check out the gorgeous graphics in this scene from "level 0" lol.  The unique thing about Jill II is that every time you complete a level, you immediately start the next level, which is different from Jill I and III.  Notice the annoying little bunnies you have to deal with in this level, they are very hard to kill.  They don't exist in any other level in Jill II, or at all in Jill I and III, so enjoy them! lol  Another unique "monster" like creature is the tiny bouncing green ball in the final levels.  Only in Jill II!  ;o)

Jill Goes Underground


Alas, Jill Saves the Prince, the last in the series.  Epic Megagames made a huge mistake by not continuing the Jill series beyond III, because it was extremely popular.  I remember the day I got Jill III.  It was a dark, stormy afternoon.  My mother and I were in Walmart, where they were cleaning out the last of their 3.5 disk software to make way for the CDs- ending a great age of computers in the process.  All of the titles were on sale for maybe $5 a disk.  We bought quite a few programs that day, one of which Jill III.  My good mother, who knew my love of Jill, happened to spot the game and presented it to me, as she did with Jill I.  I was thrilled beyond words to get another game of my beloved Jill.  After we left Walmart,  I was filled with eager wonder, imagining what adventures were in store for me as soon as I got home.  My mother had a dentist appointment that day, so I was kept a few hours yet away from my 2nd computer.  There I sat in the quiet waiting room, which was suprisingly dimly lit with soft lamps.  Out the window the black skies released a torrent of rain and explosive thunder.  I looked at the box, and marveled at my glorious fourtune to have encountered one of my loves.  When I got home to finally play it, I was overjoyed.  The game was better than I could have ever expected.  


Ah the delightful little demons that pop up occasionally throughout the series.  There are quite a few in Jill II and Jill III, but to be honest, I don't believe there are any in Jill I! (maybe my memory is failing, but I don't think there are!)  Anyway, a tip- You can't kill a demon with a knife; you need the spinning blade.  If you keep hitting them with the blade, they will eventually die.  You don't get any points for it, but at least they are out of your beautiful blonde hair! lol 
Jill III is an awesome game.  If you'll notice, the stereotypical roles of helpless princess being rescued by the bold and daring prince are quite reversed-- instead it is the brave warrior woman saving the wimpy (but still handsome!) prince from certain death! lol  Talk about a feminist agenda! lmao  Regardless, this is definitely a breathtaking game with marvelous musical soundtrack and graphics, and very well designed levels!  An excellent (albeit untimely) ending to a remarkable trilogy!

Jill Saves the Prince


The astonishingly crudely-drawn figure in the above image is supossed to be the beautiful and magnificient Jill of the Jungle.  This is a "page" in Epic Megagames' online catalogue that came with  Jill I, apparently advertising the Jill series.     

All of the Jill games have a fantastic musical soundtrack.  You can download the below file to get an idea of it; these are just midi "remixes" of the original songs from Jill I. 

Music from Jill I



Yes!  A stunning find, this rare Aussie release of Jill yields an awesome box cover graphic for your viewing pleasure!  Sadly, the box was mildly damaged, but with a bit of clever editing on my part, the image looks closer to how it must have originally.  Beautiful artwork!

This page has been created with the intentions of furthering the world's knowledge of Jill of the Jungle.  Jill is a dos computer game from the early 90's, with beautiful 256 color graphics, an awesome musical score and sound effects, and an exciting plot and interface.  This game was way ahead of most software of the day in which it was created, with highly advanced features we often take forgranted today.  I can think of no other game I have loved as long and as dearly as I have Jill of the Jungle.  There are downloads of Jill I-III here, and you can even download the musical score for Jill I!  You also can use all of my images as you wish. (not that me not giving you permission could stop you anyway lol)  Take a look back in time to the golden era of computer software, of which Jill epitomises.


This beautiful drawing of our heroine Jill is on the cover a hint booklet that came with the Trilogy disk set.  A very uncommon picture I would think.  Since I love it when people allow their artwork etc. to be used by others free of charge/obligation, I will repeat the favor to any who desire to use my stuff :o) 


A rather silly interpretation of the warrior woman.  This is one of three similar box covers, one for each title.  Personally I think Jill would be insulted if she saw herself portrayed in such a manner lol.


This is the box cover for Jill III.  Im sure there are probably different covers in existence for the games (and if there are I would love to get my hands on them!)  Anyway I think she looks silly with her exaggerated curves etc. lol 


This is the back cover for Jill III.  If you'll notice, there is a crease sort of down the middle.  Unfourtunately I was foolish and folded the box sometime back to conserve space, and now it is virtually ruined.  Oh well.


This is the menu for Jill II.


This is just after you leave the Mushroom forest in Jill II.  Look at the slug!  It is one of my favourite monsters!  Oh they are so cute with their little white bellies and funny googly eyes! hehe


Jill and some monsters.


The "overhead jungle map" of Jill III.  I personally did not like it much.


Jill running away from a crab in Jill III.


This is a replica of the first Jill game I got years ago.  I lost the original... so I bought a replacement on Ebay :o)  Cool graphics, yes?

One of the musical scores from Jill I.

Coming soon!
A manual and walkthrough for Jill I-III!!
I have almost completed it, and will post it for download shortly! :o)


The Jill table from Epic Megagames Pinball!!

One thing I should mention is that the pics on here are not the greatest quality, because they had to be shrunk down and converted to jpg/gif.  If you find that these pictures are not suitable for your purposes, please email me, because I have much better versions of the pics, and believe me, they look much nicer as bitmaps lol. 
I guess I ought to include a few links on here to some other good Jill sites.
Leave it to the Germans for a top notch website!  A very impressive screenshot and amusing knife animation awaits you at http://www.lexigame.de/de/jill.htm
And of course, I must include Moby games, from which I got a couple of the screen shots on my page--


Jill says:  That's all the updates for now!  So what are you looking at?!
Later I'll put some more links on here, and some more graphics too.  Maybe I'll make a zip file for download of all the pics I used on here :o)