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Visit to Hurley Engineering (Under construction)

In August 2001 I visited Hurley Engineering in the UK. Here is a sample of the photos I took and will be uploading soon.
The only real special parts used are the eccentric shafts which I was asked not to photograph. I have got a picture of a few other bits and pieces but here is a sample:

3 rotor engine based on 12A parts

This engine has been in production - with several hundred made - since the mid 1980s. I have a magazine article about this I will include.

Mockup 6 rotor engine (not a running engine)

This engine is a proposed engine. I was told they can make it for the right amount of money.
They do however make a 4 rotor engine, one was being built when I was there. I think they have only made a dozen or so of these engines. Unfortunately they did not have one I could photograph.


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