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A page about Wankel Rotary engines and the cars they are fitted to
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Street 700 hp 13B RX7

Drag 650hp 13B Corolla
Mazda's smallest rotary cars
See the fastest rotary cars in the world
World's fastest rotaries
Mazda's first production turbo rotary
Mazda 12A turbo
Mazda's first reliable 3 rotor engine
Mazda 13G (3 rotor)
The world's only 3 rotor production engine
Mazda 20B (3 rotor)
Large capacity 2 rotor prototypes - 15A / 21A
Mazda 15A/21A
4 rotor racing and experimental engines
4 rotor Mazda engines
Mazda Australia's 1997 RX7 brochure
1997 RX7 Brochure
An electronic rev limiter design
Rev Limiter Circuit

Hurley Engineering
John Deere rotary engines
John Deere Engines
Rotarys from Russia! - See also SovAvto
LADA rotaries
NSU - The first rotary engine maker
NSU page
Mazda Australia's RX7 advertising campaign
Mazda Aust RX7 advert
Visit Racing Beat, Rod Millen and more
My 1994 USA trip
Some weird rotary engines from around the world
Unusual rotary engines
An magazine article about rotary aeroplanes
Aerospace America
The bullet roadster - A 13B or 20B powered MX5 (Miata)
13B/20B turbo Miata
Pics and info on fitting a 20B engine to an 86-91 RX7
2nd gen 20B conversion
Pics and info on fitting a 13B into a Subaru
13B Subaru conversion

The Cosmo Sport - grandfather to the RX7
Cosmo Sport/110s

Mazda Australia's RX7-SP
Mazda's RX7SP
Mazda's 20B powered Eunos Cosmo
Eunos JC Cosmo (20B)

SovAvto webring - all about Russian cars
SovAvto webring
(Russian cars&rotaries)


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