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John Deere Rotary Engines

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In the late 1980s the John Deere company made a series of industrial wankel rotary engines of varying sizes. My understanding is that John Deere purchased Curtiss-Wright's rotary engine program, did some development of their own, then sold the rights to RPI (Rotary Power International).
This is a military applications brochure. It seems that this was very much at the planning phase, because there's not many photos.

Military rotary engines applications brochure

John Deere Rotary Engines Page 1 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 1
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 2 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 2
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 3 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 3
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 4 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 4
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 5 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 5
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 6 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 6
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 7 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 7
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 8 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 8
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 9 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 9
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 10 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 10
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 11 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 11
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 12 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 12
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 13 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 13
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 14 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 14
John Deere Rotary Engines Page 15 (375x480 , 850x1086)
Page 15 (375x480)(850x1086)

More Information

I first heard a rumour of these engines in about 1990. This is the first (and only) information I've ever seen about these engines.
I contacted John Deere's engine division via their web page in Jan 1997 asking about their rotary engines and got this reply:
John Deere sold the rights to the Curtis Wright rotary engine several years ago. The name of the company who purchased the business is Rotary Technology International (RTI). Unfortunately we have no sales brochures as we were never involved with the rotary engine. RTI's phone number is (201) 470-7018 and hopefully they can help you.
I think this might have been a typo and they meant to say Rotary Power International, as RPI have a website talking about SCORE engines.

Further reading and acknowledgements:
* Special thanks to fellow rotary enthusiast David G for kindly providing me with the scanned images from the brochure

Other relevant reading at Craig's Rotary Page (Please go via the INDEX page):
* No particular recommendations - other than the usual rotary engine pages.

Other relevant sites on the Internet (Please go via the LINKS page):
* David G's page, who provided me with the scanned brochure. Last time I checked there was no info about these engines on his page.
* Rotary Power International have a website now.

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