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 Some of my favorite links..


Site Name Description
Wankel Rotary Combustion
engines and Vehicles
The most comprehensive site of rotary information
about Mazda and many other manufacturers
Der Wankelmotor German site - Lots of interesting information about all kinds of rotaries (Mazda and others)
Asmic A great Japanese site.
Lots of pics to look at and a few pages in English. Good links page. Has lots of interesting info, Tech FAQ's
like difference between "early" and "late" 2nd Gen 13B turbos
Felix Miata's Home page
and FAQs page
Has lots of interesting info, FAQ's and "how to's". Mostly text.
re-speedwagon Another great Japanese site, 3 rotor Peripheral port late 60's Mazda Wagon
Good english translation available.
Magnus Berglund's Home page Rotary fan from Sweden Some unusual stuff (eg 20B BMW)
An interesting European perspective on rotaries! Excellent 3D animations
Hurley Engineering Hurley have been making 3 rotor engines since the mid 1980s.
They also have made 4 rotor engines and have design for 6 rotor.
Also sells NSU and Mazda parts. Based in the UK.
The Hitman 575hp 13G 1st generation RX7 / 12A Mazda 1300 Wagon.
Expert on tuning Haltech injection on rotaries (in Sydney, Aus)).
Bay Area RX7 Club ( Nice site - A Group of RX7 Fans in San Francisco
Lots of info including the famous 'Master Vendor List'.
TEAM FC3S Comprehensive page about 2nd gen RX7s inc FAQ
Organised by the TURBOII mailing list
The Peritrochoid Interesting reading about rotary technical tips and
trivia. Has 1st Gen RX7 FAQ
Aussie RX7-SP1/RX7SP2 page Article about the RX7-SP / RX7-SP2 sold in Australia. My favourite site for mainstream car news.
Mazda Japan
Mazda Australia
(Global entry to 34 sites)
Mazda Rotary History site
(Official - English)
Mazda corporate websites.
The Japanese site is by far the most interesting to any rotary enthusiast ( RX7 pages and history pages). Unfortunately they appear to have removed the English pages that were on the Japanese site.
Most sites have news releases about the RX8 etc. Australian site has 'earlier models' page inc RX7SP. Internet forum about RX7s and other rotaries. 12000+ members. Good source of info, pics and videos. Cool new site with some unusual content incl SAE paper about 26B motor (see 4 rotor section below). Horrible page navigation though.
R-Efini (uk) RX7 site with a decent Mazda rotary history section. Some nice, rare photos.
Discovery Channel Doom Buggy Discovery Channel's three wheel drive RX7 based dune buggy. Mazda rotary enthusiast's club, Wellington New Zealand
Check out the "Spy Shots" for some world first pics of the RX8 engine
out of the car. Excellent one page overview of Mazda rotary development Interesting write up on rotary history. Also covers some Chinese rotary
research which I had heard a rumour of but never found out
any information

May 2006    Interesting articles and a Forum    Windows program that shows a rotary in operation. Excellent for understanding rotaries.




















Favorite links Videos Personal sites Vendor sites Misc Site specific

 Several sites on the Internet have some rotary videos and/or sounds. Here are a few I'm aware of.

FD-Kai (New Zealand) Extensive selection of links RX7 videos including some interesting items, including Racing Beat's RX7 crashing at 215mph (344 km/h), 710hp RX7 on Dyno!
RE Speedwagon Videos See the 20B peripheral port powered 'Luce' station wagon drag car from Japan
Scuderia Ciriani RX-7 type RZ, 787B, 6 part TV documentary history of Rotary Development at Mazda (big files)
See for an english script of the 6 part documentary.























Favorite links Videos Personal sites Vendor sites Misc Site specific

 Here's a selection of non-commercial sites.

Aero Rotary Engine Newsletter Cool page, Email discussion list, Archive has lots of nice ideas and tech gadgets for rotaries.
Eric's rotary site
Jeff20B's Rotary Power Pages Lots of cool stuff, ignitions, Hydrogen rotaries, RX5's and Rotary Pickups. UK based club. Some unique content like RX8 photos from Motorshow.
Mazda RX5 central Lots of info about the RX5 (Mid 70s Cosmo)
Old rotor performance RX3, some other goodies. Nice pics of 12AT and 13BT
Rotary History Excellent article about rotary history. Some info about the history of the model airplane rotary, and even some chinese rotaries!
Rotary powered Datsun 510 Name says it all. (Called Datsun 1600 in Australia)
The RXX-7 Homepage
20B powered 2nd generation convertible-cool!
Shane Racing Various race cars - 20B powered 1st and 3rd generation RX7s
Tikuzen ALL in Japanese; Some pictures of his FD RX7
Troy's page ( RX7 fan (3rd gen) Very nice page, some interesting info.
Steve's Home Page
Australian page, Assorted pics of early Mazdas etc. Rotary WebRing founder.





















Favorite links Videos Personal sites Vendor sites Misc Site specific

 Here is a selection of commercial rotary related sites.

Checkpoint Motors California USA, Workshop services and parts. Lead USA distributor of Wolf3D EFI systems Have a good supply of NEW 1970s engine parts "Brand new,in the box, side seals and springs, corner seals and springs, apex seals and springs, water control orings etc. All is for 70's motors, RX-2, Early 13b and more."
K2 racing development Assorted performance parts. Inc 20B RX7.
KKM Japanese company with lots of goodies - drag racing Cosmo, 20B parts and more
Well known rotary parts seller located in Los Angeles, USA
Peter Farrell Supercars Highly respected 3rd generation RX7 tuning shop in the USA.
Racing Beat LA, USA Rotary parts supplier. Their Rotary Technical Manual/Catalogues are good reading.
Rotary Reliability and Racing LA, USA. Good quality workshop. See my "USA Trip" page for more info.
SAE has a website with a few rotary related articles on it. Search for Wankel. Lots of other car tech goodies too.
Star Auto Japanese company that exports cars to overseas clients (Page is in English)
Stitt Industries convert a well known kit helicopter to Mazda rotary power. Appear to have borrowed some of my graphics.
Veselovsky Rotary-Piston Engine A Russian variant of the conventional wankel rotary. Oval piston, triangular housing.
Moller International New manufacturer of Wankel rotary engines. Parent of 'Freedom motors' - Lots of interesting stuff to look at.
Novabus A Canadian bus maker of a Hybrid electric bus with Wankel rotary engine running on Natural Gas. Unfortunately no pictures
UAV engines UK manufacturer of small aeroplane rotary engines, who took over work done by Norton. David Morris Rotary Historian. Freelance Rotary Journalist and importer of JC/HB Cosmos & FD RX7 (Sydney, Australia) Great list of Japanese car specifications commonly imported to Aus/NZ/UK






















Favorite links Videos

Personal sites

Vendor sites Misc Site specific

 Here's some miscellaneous interesting (non-rotary) links

Autopedia A general car consumer site.
Blueovalnews Ford related hot news site - Uncannily accurate. Some Mazda stories (as Ford owns Mazda)
Electromotive (Virginia, USA) Make EFI computers & ignitions systems. Sell GM Weatherpack connectors.
GMinsidenew Inside news from GM. Similar to Blueovalnews (above)
Haltech (Sydney, Australia) Make good quality, reasonably priced EFI computers. See also the 'Hitman'
MoTeC (Melbourne, Australia) Make Good quality, expensive EFI computers. Interesting site
Powerchip (Melbourne, Australia) Sell EFI chips for a wide range of vehicles
Racelogic UK manufacturer of traction control systems and other interesting items
Simple Digital Systems Budget Conscious EFI systems
Tech Edge Australian Wideband UEGO Lambda Air Fuel ratio equipment and other misc tech info
Turbodyne Make a turbo lag minimiser using an electric motor
Turbo Volvo World (aus) Some nice work with these engine conversions
Velocity California Racing Club Japanese car enthusiast's club page. Lots of groovy stuff (example - 700hp Datsun 510!)
Victory Siren A cold war era V8 powered air raid siren. 138dB @ 100 feet!
DIY_EFI; EFI332 and GM_ECM site Web page of DIY_EFI internet mailing list, a mailing list that discusses Electronic Engine Management. EFI332 was an offshoot that was working on an EFI computer project. GM_ECM discusses the algorithms, code, and data used by various GM systems
Dunswart Speedway South African speedway. A couple of Rotary powered speedway cars (
Process associates Convert MANY different measurements, Eg PSI-KPa-kg/cm2-Bar-Atmospheres etc.
The JB car pages VERY GOOD site all about the Nissan Skyline GTR (6 cylinder twin turbo 4WD)
Another Home made jet engine This guy looks like he knows what he is doing
Allison Jet Engines
An interesting site all about jet turbine engine Collection of Grid Girls from Japan (Clean, no smut)























Favorite links Videos

Personal sites

Vendor sites Misc Site specific

 Links in this section are specific to pages on this site (By clicking on 'LINKS' in the 'More Information' section).
 Most pages will be covered by the common links above, however some pages have some more detailed information available.

Links relevant to NSU Page

(These links are particular to this page only. See top of this page for more other general links).
Gerhard Geiling's NSU page Gerhard owns a Wankel spider (page is in German)
Gerhard Geiling's NSU Book
Gerhard has written a book about NSU cars & engines (Book in in German)
NSU Motor NSU rotary page in mix of French, German and English. Inc Felix Wankel's 4 rotor Mercedes.
Wankel Rockets Rotary page with a little about the Ro80 and Spyder
Wankel rotary combustion engines and vehicles
Good page with NSU section

A collection of info from Russian sites

Information is this section is a mere collection of facts, figures and pictures from various Russian sites. Please note that I do not read, write, speak or understand any Russian. All interpretation of this info is based on matching things from various web sites and using a few cues on the data tables as to what the columns actually mean.

SovAvto webring (bottom of page) has lots of links to russian and eastern european vehicles.
AutoVaz main page*/  Archive link of VAZ Rotary page ( archive link) Page about the VAZ/LADA rotaries Page about general VAZ car models

If you want to be able to read Cyrillic then it would make it a whole lot easier if you use windows 95 and Internet Explorer 4 or above. In view.. fonts... Set the font to 'Cyrillic (windows)' and in View.. Internet options.. Languages.. set the language to "Russian [ru]". You can also cut and paste the Russian text if you want to try and search for more info. (I have successfully done this).
There is a range of products called 'Socrat' that do Russian <--> English translations, which I used to read the russian pages.

Curtiss-Wright pictures and ( Broken) Excellent English page about Russian/Chinese cars. A handful of rotaries too. is the home page of the Bronto modifications company (Monster Lada Niva - the 'Bronto 1922 Marsh Niva')

Links relevant to 4 rotor Engines Page

(These links are particular to this page only. See top of this page for more other general links). Yashiro Iron Works YR26B 4 rotor engine. Aftermarket components to make a 13B into 26B.
See Hurley above as they also make 3 and 4 rotor engines from stock mazda Components. Granny's speed shop 2x13B engine. Lots of other interesting conversions at this site. (Repeated link from above). Mercedes 4 rotor, 350hp in 1970!. SAE paper about 26B racing engine ( Broken)(NOT 4 rotor - a paper about the new generation 13B engine with side port exhaust - to be used in the RX8) (claim to be) building a 4 rotor powered FD RX7.
Barbie 4 rotor BMW drag car (Google search) A BMW 3 series with a "1400hp" 4 rotor turbo engine.

Links relevant to JC cosmo page

(These links are particular to this page only. See top of this page for more other general links). Excellent Japanese Cosmo page (Translate to English) ( Broken) Modified JC cosmos are rare - here's one - Mecha Godzira 600hp 20B powered JC cosmo Page from Norway with a JC cosmo. Some Euro cars with 20B conversions too. Good writeup about the JC cosmo. Excellent site with other reading. Has a JC Cosmo

Links relevant to John Deere Engines Page

(These links are particular to this page only. See top of this page for more other general links).
David G kindly provided me with the scanned images from the John Deere Military Applications brochure. ( Broken?) The current owners of the SCORE technology, puchased from John Deere. 

Links relevant to Bullet Roadster (Rotary MX5/Miata) page


Links relevant to My USA trip page

(These links are particular to this page only. See top of this page for more other general links). Rod Millen Motorsports. Used to make RX7 based rally cars. Now mostly Toyota.

Links relevant to Cosmo Sports page

(These links are particular to this page only. See top of this page for more other general links). Keith Tanner's page - Check out the Groovy Cosmo brochure! Mazda Sangyo - Subsiduary of Mazda. Appear to do engineering for them. Made the Cosmo 21 car.

Links relevant to 12A Turbo Engine page

(These links are particular to this page only. See top of this page for more other general links). The HitMan's 12A turbo setup page, great tech tips about getting this motor running with Haltech injection computers. Also has info about setting up other engines. Good site. ( Broken) Mazda history site - RX7 turbo brochure. 12A turbo (265hp) powered micro cars (800kg) from the mid 1980s. (Try this link)

Links relevant to 20B into FC3S 2nd Gen RX7 Page

(These links are particular to this page only. See top of this page for more other general links). Extensive information about this swap

Links relevant to Wierd Ideas page

(These links are particular to this page only. See top of this page for more other general links). 
Links relevant to Peripheral Port Secondaries: 700hp peripheral port turbo 13B, engine pics.
Links relevant to 30 LED air fuel meter, IC datasheets:
National Semiconductor Website - LM3914 data sheet The LM1964 is now obsolete, try:
National Semiconductor Website - LM9040 data sheet (Dual sensor inputs)
National Semiconductor Website - LM9044 data sheet (Single sensor input)
National Semiconductor Website - LMC6492 may be another alternative
Further reading on exhaust gas O2 sensors: a hybrid "piston" engine that works a little like a rotary. Looks complicated!

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