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Introduction / Chris' Series 5 RX7 (FC3S)


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Chris' Series 5 RX7 (FC3S)

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Chris is from Melbourne Australia. His RX7 is one of the last of the 2nd Generation/FC3S/Series 5 RX7s, which would make it a 91 model (?)
A mutual freind who was a Mazda technician said that the only time he ever saw one of these in such good condition was when they were new.
Here's what Chris said:

Hello fellow rotary nut,
My name is Chris and I am a friend of Marc. He directed me to your web page, which I find to be outstanding. I enjoyed reading the wierd ideas section, as I was fortunate enough to ride behind the peripheral port secondary powered RX-2 you make reference to. To say it was fast would be an understatement. After this life changing experience I purchased an RX-2 of my own, and had Marc build an extend port 12A to suit. That was more than five years ago, and to this day the motor revs on, albeit in a friend's RX-2.

Several Mazdas later I am now the proud owner of an immaculate series 5 RX-7 turbo. I bought it from the original owner about a month ago (June 2002) with 60,000 kms on it. Aside from fitting 17" rims the car is standard; however, I have a high-flowed turbo awaiting fittment (whenever Mark finishes the series 6 in your web page he'll get around to it), and of course will fit a 3" mandrel bent exhaust from the turbo back. This car is perfect inside and out, and I was wondering if you would consider featuring it in your web page. After the turbo upgrade I wish to play with after-market injection, water spray on the intercooler, more boost etc. As Marc has access to a dyno I thought it would make for a great ongoing feature car that looks as good as it goes, with updated horsepower figures after each modification. I would be more than happy to show you the car or email you some pics if you are interested. Mark has driven the car and will no doubt vouch for its smikness. Hope I'm not being too forward or cheeky, thankyou for your time.
P.S. It's red so it goes faster!


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