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Fast Fours Magazine (Australia)

Originally known as Fast Fours and Rotaries, this magazine has a reputation of being one of the better magazines for small cars in Australia. It features many interesting cars (about 30% are rotary powered). Emphasis is on high tech performance (EFI, Turbos, 4WD). Occasionally some good technical articles, although the focus seems to have shifted over the years.
Rotary cars featured in the past include a 20B RX2, 13B turbo "clubman", 20B RX7 etc

When I started this site in 1996 I used to carry extensive details of how to subscribe and obtain back issues, as the magazine did not have a website, however they started one in mid 2000 at
Includes a link to an associated site for subscriptions and contact details for back issues.

As a guide at March 2001 the cost was $Aus 60 for a 1 year/12 issue subscription.
This is about $US 35; overseas rates cost more, due to postage. The exact cost depends on where you live, but as a guide the rate for airmail delivery to the USA is around $US 50. Apparently Racing Beat import them to the USA - see their website.

Back issues can be purchased by credit card - I do not have a current price, in 1996 the cost was $Aus 6 (plus postage), so it would probably be about $Aus 10 per issue.

There are many interesting issues, far too many to list here. Some from 1996/1997 I think you might like.
(Most recommended reading - Volume 8 Number 8 and Volume 9 Number 7):
*Volume 8 Number 8: Pictured above; RX7-SP, Early RX7 with 20B
*Volume 9 Number 1: 20B Ford Cortina, RX01 article, Early 1300 13B turbo wagon
*Volume 9 Number 2: Cosmo L10B (First rotary Mazda), Luce R130 (13A front wheel drive)
*Volume 9 Number 7: Australia's Fastest rotaries (RX3 20B & Maztech RX3 13B), 13B Turbo Toyota Corolla
*Volume 9 Number 8: RX2 20B, 13B Turbo 1300 sedan
*Volume 10 Number 2 (March 1997): 'Worlds fastest rotaries' issue
*Volume 10 Number 3 (April 1997) - 20B Clubman

ZOOM Magazine (Australia)

This magazine started in April 1996, by Julian Edgar who used to write many technical articles for Fast Fours and Rotaries, however he has since left the magazine and started a web based magazine - see below.
It features some interesting cars (around 20% are rotary powered). Emphasis is on high tech performance (EFI, Turbos, 4WD). This magazine has very good, "hands on" technical articles, however a bit more technical detail (like the US "turbo" magazine) would make it nearly perfect.
Despite an extensive web search (March 2001) I could find no official Zoom page.

Subscription/Back issue Details:

(1996 rates)
Australia $Aus 30 per year (6 issues).
Overseas $Aus 42 via surface mail and $Aus 69 via air mail
View subscription form (From December 1996 issue)

Zoom Magazine Contact Details
Phone Fax Postal WWW & email
+612 9979 5644 +612 9979 6503 Zoom Magazine,
P.O. Box 139
NSW 2097
Not Found

There is another magazine published by 'Express Publications' along with Zoom.
It was originally called "Hot fours and wild rotaries" but changed to "Hot fours and performance cars" in the early 90s
This magazine was released shortly after FF&R (about 1988). Similar content to FF&R; I only ever bought about half a dozen issues.

Autospeed Magazine (Web-based)

Julian Edgar who wrote for both Fast Fours and Zoom magazine now runs a web-based magazine at the content is very similar to the style of Zoom.
If you like the technical oriented style of my site you'll love Autospeed.
Quite a few articles about rotary powered cars and modifications, but not much about rotary history et al.
While Autospeed is mostly a "pay" site, it is significantly cheaper than a normal paper magazine subscription, plus regardless of how long you subscribe for you can get all of the past articles. lists free technical articles

MOTOR Magazine (Australia)

(480x640 768x1024)
This is a long established Australian magazine. Catering largely to the new car market, with a heavy emphasis on interesting cars (RX7, RX01 have been featured before. Lots of BMW M3, Subaru WRX. Porsche articles etc). The RX7 and other rotary powered cars get a mention once or twice a year.
Motor's website contains a sample of the stories done in the magazine since early 2000, and may be an interesting read for those outside of Australia (you can see some of our locally made cars).
Includes a link to an associated site for subscriptions and contact details for back issues.

Here are a few issues you may be interested in:
*January 1993: An article about the standard RX7
*June 1995:
An article about the RX7-SP
*July 1997: Mazda's 3rd generation RX7 wins $Aus 70-100k "Bang for Buck Shootout" (1 page about RX7)
*November 1997:
A 16 page advertisement about the RX7 (Featured elsewhere on my site)

Wheels Magazine (Australia)

Actually published by the same company as Motor Magazine, Wheels has been around since 1953. Similar content and focus as Motor Magazine. For example, the March 2001 issue had the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO7, Audi RS4, Ford Mustang - Which at the time had recently been released by Ford Australia after undertaking an extensive local modification program with Tickford).  
Includes a link to an associated site for subscriptions and contact details for back issues.

They have featured several rotary related articles in the past. They have a search engine to list all articles since the magazine started.

Turbo Magazine (USA)

Turbo is a magazine with a high tech influence. Lots of good articles and interesting cars. They feature a fast rotaries reasonably regularly.
They are on the web, so I'm not going into details here. See

Japanese car magazines

There are several Japanese car magazines which occasionally carry rotary content, such as Car Graphic, J's Tipo, Option, Option 2 etc.

Kinokuniya Bookstore, a large Japanese bookshop has over 20 branches outside Japan and carries several titles.
I was emailed me in about 1998 stating an annual subscription to Option or Option 2 is US$131.70.
They can also get the HyperREV series of 'tuning books' which are very interesting.

There is also a Japanese video shop in Honolulu, Hawaii that I visited in 1994 which carried a broad range of interesting Japanese car videos. I will update this page if I can find the details.

Kinokuniya Bookshop Contact Details
Phone Fax Postal WWW & email
+1 212 765 7766 +1 212 541 9335 10 West 49th Street
New York
NY 10020
+612 9953 8855 +612 9904 1944 20 Young Street
Neutral Bay
NSW 2089
Also in USA (San Francisco, San Jose, Sgattle, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Portland,
New York, New Jersey);
Singapore, Indonesia (Jakarta), Malaysia (KL), Thailand (Bangkok), Taiwan (Taipei)
For full list

Assorted Rotary Books

RX7 by Jack K Yamaguchi (1st & 2nd Edition):

These are probably the best books on rotaries I have ever seen!
Many of the photos in these books are from the Mazda archives, and many magazine articles have been written using this book as the source of the information and pictures. They are beautifully presented hardcover books and are worth trying to find. They have not been printed for many years, they occasionally are for sale in the Auction areas of Amazon and other sites.
There are two editions of this book:

First edition: Published in 1985, it has lots of information about the development of the 2nd Generation RX7 (FC3S), plus all of the preceding rotary powered Mazda cars.
My copy of the book has nothing about anything after the FC3S, However, it has many (but not all) rare/experimental engines up until 1985.
One notable omission is missing a table of all engines produced by Mazda and a few of the early 80s multi rotor engines (13G 3 rotor/13J 4 rotor).
If you are interested about older/rare engines and cars this is the better book of the two.

Second edition: Published in 1992, it has lots of information about the development of the 3rd Generation RX7 (FD3S), the 13B-REW engine that powers it (and it's development from the 2nd Generation RX7 13B Turbo II engine).
It includes a section on various LeMan's racing cars and their engines (13G 3 rotor, 13J 4 rotor, R26B 4 rotor engine).
This book does not cover as much material as the first edition, it's really an addition to the first book rather than a replacement. Nevertheless a worthy title.
ISBN 4-947659-01-7

21st century performance by Julian Edgar

Julian Edgar wrote the technical tips for Fast Fours and Rotaries magazine, has also written for Silicon Chip (Australian Electronics Magazine), started Zoom Magazine and now runs (see above)
Although I have not bought this book I have read a few pages and it looks interesting with lots of tips about intercoolers, water sprays and other DIY car gadgets.
Mostly not rotary related.

Other Miscellaneous Books
Title/Author/Publisher ISBN Description
Mazda RX-7 1993 Service Highlights Mazda Part #
This manual used to train Mazda mechanics about the 3rd gen
and includes details of how the turbos work etc. A good book

Rotary Book sellers

Beven D Young -
Automotive, Motorcycle books and Software (has several interesting rotary books)
Accepts Visa & M/C
Phone FAX Postal WWW & email
+618 8298 5548 +618 8376 0296 68 Somers Street,
Nth Brighton,
SA 5048,

Site has some good links to Australian parts suppliers and tuning shops.

SAE papers about rotary engines

SAE Technical Paper Series-Cost is $US 10 each.
See the to order
Title/Author(s) Paper number Description
Mazda 4-Rotor Rotary Engine for
the LeMan's 24 Hour Endurance race

by Ritsuharu Shimizu, Tomoo Tadokoro,
Toru Nakanishi and Junichi Funamoto
Available on line for free - see links (4 rotor engine section)
#920309 Technical description of
R26B 4 rotor engine used
in 1991 LeMan's winner.
"Sequential twin turbocharged rotary
engine of the latest RX-7"
S. Tashima et al
#941030 Technical description of
the 13B-REW engine
The Characteristics of Fuel Consumption
And Exhaust Emissions of the Side
Exhaust Port Rotary Engine
by Ritsuharu Shimizu, Haruo Okimoto,
Seijo Tashima, and Suguru Fuse
Available on line for free - see links
#950454 1995 paper about
Mazda's 13B-MSPRE
Material Technology Development Applied to Rotary Engines at Mazda.
Takumi Muroki and Jun Miyate
#860560 Technical details about apex
seal materials etc.

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