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Australian 1997 RX7 Brochure

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This is the brochure for the Mazda RX7 sold in Australia until 1998. Despite receiving this brochure from Mazda Australia in August 1997, it appears that was published in May 1995. I suspect that as Mazda only sold 36 RX7s in Australia in 1996 they have stopped producing new brochures for tyre kickers such as myself.
Bear in mind that the final price of a new RX7 was $Aus 90000 and at the time you could buy three new 626s for that sort of money. Even a used 1992 RX7 costs (March 2001) $Aus 35000, which would nearly buy a brand new MX5/Miata or Subaru WRX.
The RX7 sold in Australia was probably about the same as the touring model in the US/Japan.

The brochure

Note: This brochure was scanned for the information of fellow RX7 enthusiasts on the web.
I have no connection with Mazda whatsoever and this is not an official Mazda web page.
There was a 16 page brochure + 2 page specifications leaflet.
I have also scanned in the two page centrefold from the brochure.
I've done the best I can with scanning these in, but remember they are scanned so aren't perfect.
They also look much nicer if your video mode is 1024x768x16.7Million Colours.
The pictures are 640x416 and 1024x665 because there was no way to make them 640x480 and 1024x768 without adding an additional border (which I wanted to avoid)

RX7 brochure Page 1 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 1 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 2 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 2 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 3 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 3 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 4 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 4 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 5 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 5 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 6 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 6 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 7 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 7 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 8 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 8 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 9 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 9 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 10 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 10 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 11 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 11 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 12 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 12 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 13 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 13 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 14 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 14 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 15 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 15 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 16 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Brochure Page 16 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 leaflet P1 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 leaflet Page 1 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 leaflet P2 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 leaflet Page 2 (640x416)(1024x665)
RX7 brochure Page 17 (640x416 , 1024x665)
RX7 Centrefold (640x416)(1024x665)

More Information

I got my brochure from Mazda Australia by requesting one on their web page.
As this model has been discontinued they probably do not have any brochures left.

Further reading and acknowledgements:
* No recommended further reading specific to this topic.

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* RX7-SP (Mazda Australia's modified RX7 sold in 1995)

Other relevant sites on the Internet (Please go via the LINKS page):
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