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The Devil's Playground: Connecticut

Connecticut's geographic landscape is pockmarked with place names bearing the Devil's name or home. The map below displays 31 of 32 such locations. These names were given because legends told that the Devil actually visited these places, or they looked like places he would feel comfortable. (Phillips, P 125: 1992)

How did these names arise in the state? From a historical perspective this leads to the state's founding Puritans. The hard-working no-nonsense Puritans believed the Devil was always about. Certain places, they felt, should be named justly to avoid settlers from entering. (Phillips, P125: 1992)

An interesting legend, that just may be true, is the Devil's footprint of Montville. Behind the Mohegan church of Montville is rock that has cloven foot imprint. Devil's footprint of Branford also had a similar marking, this rock is no longer around due to a highway construction project. Devil's rock in Portland is said to have the same marking. Returning to Montville, the story says this rock was used for a launching pad by the Devil to jump to Long Island. A rock in Montauk, Long Island with the imprint, just across the sound from Montville, has been found for the Devil's return trip. (Donohue & Peterson, P 12: 1974)


Rivers and Streams
Political Boundaries
D.D. Devil's Den (Plainfield, Weston, Monroe, Franklin, Sterling)
D.B. Devil's Backbone (Bethlehem, Plymouth, Bristol, Cheshire)
D.F. Devil's Footprint (Montville, Branford)
D.R. Devil's Rock (Old Saybrook, Portland)
D.K. Devil's Kitchen (Burlington, Thomaston)
D.H. Devil's Hopyard (East Haddam)
D.M. Devil's Meditation (Middlebury and Watertown)
D.Is. Devil's Island (Quinebaug River above Danielson)
D.Gp. Devil's Gap (Brookfield)
D.G. Devil's Gorge (Weston)
D.J. Devil's Jump (Derby)
D.Pl. Devil's Plunge (Morris)
D.P. Devil's Pulpit (Hamden)
D.M. Devil's Mouth (Redding)
D.W. Devil's Wharf (Deep River)
-- Devil's Dripping Pan (Branch Brook )
-- Devil's Belt (CT's L.I. Sound Shoreline)
S.K. Satan's Kingdoms (New Hartford, Bethany)
S.R. Satan's Ridge (New Hartford)
H.H. Hell Hole (Simsbury)
H.Hol. Hell's Hollow Brook (Plainfield)

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Phillips, Legendary Connecticut - Traditional Tales from the Nutmeg State 1992

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