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Q: What is a SiteRing / WebRing?

A: A SiteRing is a group of websites all linked together in a circle fashion. Think of it as a family of related websites (in this case Sailing/Nautical) brought together and linked by the banner displayed at each site. By following the links on the banner,you can visit all the websites in that WebRing, eventually working your way back to where you started from. Most WebRings each share a common interest or theme.


Q: Why should I consider joining a SiteRing?

A: SiteRings will increase traffic to your website and assist people in searching similar websites. Besides, everyone likes a sense of community.


Q: What does it cost to belong to a SiteRing?

A: This one is Free! The CYS SiteRing is provided by BraveNet and managed by the RingMaster (me) as a free service to the sailing community.


Q: How do I join?

A: First, make sure that you belong to this "family" of websites. Do this by reading the rules for the CYS WebRing. If all is well, submit your website information then copy the graphic and HTML code to paste into your webpage. The directions to do this are on the  "Join" page.


Q: Where should I put the CYS SiteRing logo banner on my website?

A: The most preferred location is on your main page of the website. The webring concept only works if everyone does their part to promote the ring. The more people that see it, use it and join it, the better it works. If you find it absolutely necessary to locate the banner on a different page please include a small text link (on the main page) to the banner location.


Q: Why does the picture (CYS logo graphic) not show up on my web page?

A: You must download the graphic (cys1.jpg) from here (the "Join" page) to your hard drive then upload it to your web server. If you keep your graphics in a seperate directory on your server, then you must change the banner HTML code to reflect the correct path to the directory.


Q: Is it OK to link to the CYS banner graphic on your server instead?

A: Absolutely Not! My server will get mad at me, then I get mad at you..


Q: Ok, I uploaded the graphic to my server and it still will not show up on my page?

A: Double check to see if the graphic was uploaded into a directory other than the "/" root directory specified in the HTML code. Also make sure that the name of the graphic was not changed in any way. The graphic is case sensitive (no caps.)


Q: I use AOL and my banner graphics do not look right?

A: AOL software can compress and change the looks of your graphics images. To correct the problem, do the following:

AOL 3.0 - Go to "Members" on the top nav bar, click "Preferences" click "WWW", click "Web Graphics" and un-check the box, next click "Apply"

AOL 4.0 - Go to "My AOL", click "Preferences", click "WWW", click "Web Graphics" and un-check the box, click "Apply"

Re-start your browser and the problem should be fixed.


Q: I do not like the looks of the CYS Banner graphic, can I change it?

A: No, This is the offical © CYS Banner Graphic. It is also a mapped image and the links will not work right if the size and design is changed. So live with it..


Q:I have more than one sailing website can I use the same CYS Banner on both?

A: Each website must be registered to obtain the specific ID number for that site. You can use the same cut & paste HTML code and graphic file. However, the proper id code number must be inserted into the "site id" locations in the code.


Q: Can I place my CYS Banner on more than one page in the same website?

A: Sure, put it on every page if you like.


Q:Do I also have to join BraveNet?

A: No, in order to access your SiteRing Website Information to make changes in your e-mail or URL address it is only necessary to have the password you selected when you registered your website. Note: Remember Your Password!


Q: I lost my password, what do I do?

A: Try the BraveNet Home Page "Help Center", then click "Lost ID or Password", input the e-mail address you used when registering and they should find it. If not, e-mail the ringmaster with the changes that you want made. I have the ability to edit your SiteRing information or remove your account from the ring.


Q: Can I find out how well the SiteRing is working?

A: Yes, Click on "List All Sites" on the CYS Banner then click on "SiteRing Statistics"


Q: My Website is moving and the URL address is changing, now what?

A: Change your URL information (along with everything else) by clicking onto the "List All Sites" area of the CYS Banner, find your site on the list, then click on "Edit Entry", input your password and make your changes. Click "OK" when finished.


Q: My Website is closing (or being remodeled) how do I cancel the SiteRing?

A: Use the above directions to find the "Edit Entry" link, the last choice on the edit menu will be "Do you want this site active in the ring? (y) (n) This will remove you from the ring but your account remains active and you may re-join the ring. If you want your account permanently deleted, e-mail the RingMaster and I will remove it for you.


Q: The picture on the banner is really cool. Where can I get it?

A: A print of "Nantucket Harbor" a © painting by Kerry Hallam can be purchased from the artist or any of several web art dealers. (See the Sponsor Page)


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