The following routes are often frequented by yours truly - try one.

A5 From : Llangollen to Betsy-Coed

More twists and kinks than a recoiled cargo net. It follows a meandering river for much of the way and doesn't tend to cut corners - for a great day out follow it all the way through Llanberis between the mountains of Snowdon and the Glyders. Caution through the Llanberis pass though - beautiful as the cliffs are, beware of sheep and folk with rucksacks and blisters.

B4501 From : Denbigh to  Cerrigydrudion

For the best mix of biking roads, incredible scenery and  laughs you really can't beat this. If your making the trip aim for Betws-y-Coed town centre and stop off at Dill's Diner to meet a like-minded crowd. This road is not the fastest, but is almost guaranteed to be quiet even on bank holiday weekends and Sundays. It cuts across Denbigh Moor, past the Clocaenog forest and comes out on the A5 (which is amazing from start to finish). The B4501 has some great bends, some very scary drops with sharp corners appearing from nowhere and, for the most part, excellent visibility. When you reach the A5, turn right towards Betws-y-Coed for a few miles until you see the left turn to Ysbyty Ifan. This is a lane for about 3-4 miles which goes through a small village then goes for 13 miles over more Moor's. You will find half a dozen points to get airborne on this road - it is spot on. You will come out near Trawsfynydd - if you go straight through and up the hill past the Slate Mine you will go over the Crimea Pass - another heart stopper. This road brings you nicely into Betws-y-Coed, and you can head out in any direction for a good blast. 

The Cat & fiddle 

The Cat & fiddle is the best! Tight hairpins for knee-down action (although it slows you down), short straights where you can wring your bikes neck, fast double apex bends all interlinked to give you a serious buzz when you get it right. The best time to do your laps are on the long summer nights when the traffic is light. Due to too much press & fatalities the road is dogged by police & traffic at weekends. But if this is the only time you can come up, watch out for a unmarked green BMW car along with unmarked BMW bikes as well as a plane to spoil your fun. If you do get bored or you've just scared your self silly there are more top runs not far away such as A5004 Buxton to Whaley Bridge (watch out for some tight ones), and A535 Chelford to Holmes Chapel (very fast) to name just a few. 

Various From :  Stockport

This is a nice hour ride on a big sports bike (may take considerably longer on anything else) First jump on M60 clockwise from Stockport town centre (by the Pyramid). Jump off at next exit A34, follow this new dual carriage way (lots of nice flip flop roundabouts to get you in the mood). At the last roundabout Head left for Congleton (Still A34), follow this until just before Congleton (fast and twisty). Then follow Macclesfield signs A536 (not so great surface and one or two corners which may catch you out - you have been warned!) As you enter Macclesfield, exit on the Sylk road for Leek A523(ignore the Cat & Fiddle, too much police) .This road is amazing and well worth the long journey (watch out for two cameras in a small 30mph village!) When you get to Leek, follow the signs for Buxton A54 (Also an amazing roller coaster of a road, no cameras, No problems!) From Buxton take the old road A5004 Long Hill into Whalley Bridge and follow the traffic clogged A6 back to Stockport. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this section - you know who you are.

Some Sunday shots....................................................

HORSESHOE.jpg (88424 bytes) Dramatic SHOT.Outside the Ponderosa Cafe - Horseshoe Pass.

At a roundabout by you! rgv2.jpg (45739 bytes)Steve getting excited!At a roundabout near you!

df1.jpg (61852 bytes) Having fun at Anglesey Racing Circuit.

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