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XJ Motorcycles.

This site is dedicated to the XJ series of motorcycles produced by The Yamaha Motor Co. of Japan, mostly in the early 1980's.
Please feel welcome here and I hope you find my site helpful.
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OK, a bit about myself, My name is Dave, I am an Electrician by trade living in Timaru on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand.
I am 41 years old and have been riding since I was 15. I have owned 11 motor cycles including 6 Yamaha XJ series bikes that I have done ground up restorations on or have waiting to be done. I have found them to be a very reliable ride with plenty of power to suit my more relaxed style of riding.
My wife Bronnie (who also rides, may the biker gods bless her!) and myself are into the New Zealand motorcycle rally scene, attending as many of the rally's and charity rides that we can.

Created 2-10-2000
What's New;
As of 11-11-2008 I will no longer be updating my pages, life changes have made this a low priority now. I will leave the site up in the hopes that people will still find the information here of use.
6-11-2004 Time to rebuild after a crash...
1-01-2002 I joined the team distributing the XJ CD.
2-04-2001 The XJ mailing list CD Is released! Get your copy here.
13-03-2001 Added TCI Repair page.
3-11-2000 Added wiring diagrams page, a few more pic's and changed things around a bit.
2-11-2000 Started new format and updated all pages with new pages on both our bikes.

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