Stephen's County

Stephen's County has two cemeteries that are named "Oak Grove Cemetery". One is located 4 miles west of highway 81 and Refinery Road. The second one is located on the northwest edge of Lake Humphrey. For the purposes of this book we will call the one located south of Duncan, and 4 miles west of Highway 81 and Refinery Road as OAK GROVE CEMETERY #1. we will call the one located on the northwest edge of Lake Humphrey OAK GROVE CEMETERY #2.


Located 4 miles west of old highway 81 on Refinery Road.
Canvassed by Raymond Towell & Bill Dillon on May 9, 1996

Last name       First name      Birth   Death
Suggs   F.L.    12-13-1872      5-9-1909
Suggs   baby    1900    3-8-1900
Bell    Unice M. d/o Mr & Mrs. Tom      6-20-1911       12-18-1914
Dare    Earnest Paul    5-16-1896       3-8-1991
Fisher  Josie w/o T. J. 11-9-1872       1-19-1914
Fisher  N. B.   3-17-1840       11-13-1925
Fisher  Willie M.       9-17-1846       1-11-1919
Fisher  Lorena d/o J.F. & M.A.  5-31-1896       1-11-1919
Fisher  Willie Hoyt s/o W. & O.L.       9-11-1919       9-11-1919
Fennell Marion s/o H.J. & L.V.  6-20-1892       4-7-1907
Fennell Archie s/o H.J. & L.V.  1-31-1903       2-22-1907
Blackburn       James A.        1853    1919
Blackburn       John    1848    1907
Standridge      Norm    10-3-1972       1-28-1907
Bennett James M. f/o Rollin J.          
Baughn  Mildred W.      6-?-1825        9-?-1907
Eaks    Robert H. Jr, s/o Robert H & Ottie      11-30-1918      
Eaks    Charles W.      10-9-1912       2-6-1914
Eaks    Carl    7-3-1916        9-?-1916
Unmarked Grave                  
no stone, just a base                   
***there are several more graves in this cemetery, but the markers no longer exist.***


Wall Township, Stephens County, Oklahoma
Canvassed by: Elizabeth Winfield, March 5, 1991

Last name       First name      Birth   Death           
Newton  Gracie C. d/o J.H. & O.O.       12-1-1909       2-18-1910               
one unmarked grave      Rock stone at the head                          
Roper   Sarah B.        1848    1936            
Marker no inscription                                   
Roper   d/o B.A. & S.B. 1-5-1891        3-4-1907                
Marker  5x12x12" M. L. B. Bunch of broken stones stacked up.                            
Detrick George W. C.    9-18-1832       8-22-1891               
Murphy  D. M.   1843    2-15-1907               
Marker  D. M.M. at the foot of next stone                               
Murphy  Tillman 1878    5-?-1911                
Wheelock        Charles h/o A. E.       12-12-1849      2-4-1885                
Wright  Archie, Son of T.A. & S. A.     8-9-1902        2-21-1919               
Miller  J.S.C. "father" 2-21-1875       2-28-1919               
Williams        Pauline, d/o M.L. & Ada Williams        12-30-1913      7-24-1917               
Miller  to north of Williams stone above                                
Bell    Alta V. d/o A.K. & M.M. 3-6-1912        2-15-1914               
Davenport       Sudie Bell "sister"     1-15-1912       3-4-1915                
Davenport       Clara Ellen "baby sister"       5-12-1914       11-20-1915              
Davenport       Lillie May "mother"     7-23-1889       2-8-1916                
Davenport       Charley Franklin "father"       2-22-1877       8-19-1941               
This is a large stone with mother and father inscribed on it with the additional
 information given above                                        
Beard   Dellar, w/o F. M.       2-11-1847       3-11-1912               
Small stone to the north, top broken, foot stone F.M.B.                                 
Green   Betty Mae       5-26-1919       5-27-1919               
Morgan  Malissie E. w/o H.H.    10-13-1848      9-9-1914                
Marker   no inscription                                 
Marker  Unable to read                          
These Stones Enclosed in a Storm Fence in the Center of the Oak Grove Cemetery                                  
Short   Hayden Handel   4-5-1917        1-26-1920               
Short   inf s/o J. C. & Effie   6-30-1913       6-30-1913               
Short   Doneta d/o Conrad & Effie       3-10-1904       6-19-1904               
Danils  J. M.   1848    1917            
Marker no inscription                                   
Percival        Zachary Taylor  1-14-1849       10-30-1926              
Percival        Kate "mother" footstone K.P.    3-3-1856        2-13-1917               
Mitchell        Lelar w/o R. A. 9-4-1885        9-27-1906               
Percival        Madison s/o Taylor & Kate       3-6-1898        6-18-1898               
Marker no inscription                                   
Marker  B. P.                           
Marker no inscription                                   
Percival        Loremer, "footstone L.P."       11-19-1914      5-31-1916               
age 1 yr 6 mo, 11 days                                  
Percival        Russell M. s/o Claud & Clara    11-23-1913      1-27-1914               
Metal Marker    unable to read

The Oak Grove 
also called  "Short or Percival Cemetery"
is the one on the NW corner of Humphrey Lake.  
(The one that you say below is #2)  

By: Bill & Lynda Becker 
The Beckers were graces enough to give us a little part of  the History of the wonderful cemetery


I do have corrections.  "Doneta, daughter of Conrad and Effie Short, b March 10, 1904 and d June 19 1904." Her name was DONITA, and his name was CONARD. 

People write what they see on the Tombstone and then get home and figure 
they have turned the letters around or their spell checker says it's wrong. 
Really though, his name was CONARD and her name was DONITA and it says that on the stone.  

One of the markers that couldn't be read was Jerry Conard Short (again, not 
Conrad but Conard) b abt 1950 d 1950 infant son of Joe and Rachelle Short. 
Also, if interested and you want to add it to the list, the ashes of the 
below were scattered over the fenced part of the cemetery. 

1.  Joe L. Short (b 29 Aug 1919 d 3 Apr 1996) and Rachelle Francias Gould 
Short ( b 28 Oct 1918 d 13 Dec 1985) were scattered on 10 Jul 1996 

2.  Joan Sue Short McComas (b 6 Jan 1923 d 1 Oct 1996) were scattered on 4 Oct 1996 

3.  Marilynn Verdaire Short Steele Burke (b 28 May 1928 d 1997 d 1997) were scattered in 1997 

4.  Trent McComas (b abt 1943 d 1997) were scattered in 1997 

This cemetery is owned by the family of Taylor and Kate Bourland Percival. 
Most of us are getting older and not many still live in the area.  

The fence was put up by the Short family. 
(Effie Jane Percival, dau of Kate and Taylor, married John Conard Short, and their children are the ones that put up the fence around their loved ones.)  

The family has now put up a large marker that has the names of those that  had no markers.

The land was part of the original allotment "given" to Effie Jane Percival Short, Chickasaw Indian, after the Dawes Rolls were done. 

I am the daughter of Joe and Rachelle Short, grand daughter of John and 
Effie Short and ggrand daughter of Taylor and Kate. 

I can remember when my Grandmother, Effie Jane, refused to let the powers that be, remove the graves when the lake was built.  

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