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The Old Jackson ("Old Scott Cemetery") as some call it, is about 2 miles East , 1 mile North and 3/4 mile West of Velma, Oklahoma in Stephens County. This area was called "Old Pickens County, Indian Territory" or Lands. There are about 60 graves in this cemetery and the last marked grave date is 1927. 28 of these graves have or had Concrete clabs about 3 ft. by 6 fr. and were fence at one time. All stones were broken but one in 1927 and one stone missing base is there. Three of us worked all day and repaired all of the stones we could repair. Some needed 2 or 3 steps so did not finish. One huge stone we could not move as it was too big. Cattle and horses have broken the stones. I know who some are but have no idea of who the others are and appears that there is no way of getting the owner of the land to do anything as we offered to help pay for a fence.

"This was copied word for word from the Stephen County Genealogy Society records."

Norton, Sarah I.                     9-28-1895     No Date
d/o S.M. & T.H. Norton
Infant Son                          10-29-1894     11-26-1894
Norton, William B.                   9-23-1897      7-10-1899  
s/o S.M. & T.H. Norton
Infant Son                           8-15-1892       8-?-1892

One Huge Stone
Norton, William L                   12-17-1868      12-?-1899
Norton, S. J.                            1877       3-15-1902

Kenny, Ellen                          9-25-1844     3-18-1891

Old field Stone
Scott, J.B.                           1-22-1868    12-24-1891
parents ? Bros & Sis in Velma Cemetery

Moonery, Walter B.                    1-11-1894     10-9-1903

Mooney, Boone s/o Jamess B. Mooney       no dates    no dates
B. for Boone or Butler

Mooney, Lawrence B.                   2-7-1896       8-16-1897
Hart, Mary Jane (Couey)               9-8-1861        1-6-1908
(A daughter of the above said Mary Jane's parents are next to her grave)

Rue, infant Son                       12-7-1891      12-7-1891
s/o Mr.& Mrs. W. B. Rue

Scott - Husband of G.A. Cornelius      1-2-1859      2-22-1890
(only one Scott buried in this grave with marked stone.)

Cornelius, Willie O.  8-28-1889  9-29-1889
Jackson, F.S.  ca. 1860 age 29  8-2-1889

McClanahan, Ida L.  2-2-1870  10-17-1888
w/o W.P. McClanahan

Mooney, J. M.  11-5-1877  12-16-1900
born Burke Co. N.C., (N.C. Mooney)
Husband of Ula (Steggal)

Hill, T. J.  no date  8-?-1927
(this is the latest date on any marked stone)

Mooney, Florene S.  2-13-1901  4-9-1914
Mooney, James B.    6-21-1876  10-10-1908
s/o "B" for Butler David B. Mooney
J.B. born in Burke Co., N.C.

Mooney, David B.  3-6-1836  8-15-1891
h/o Sarah Elizabeth (Queen) Mooney buried in Velma Cemetery
N.C. Civil War Veteran

Couey, Louise Napoleon (Mooney)  7-12-1874  9-29-1889
born in Burke Co., N.C. wife of S.F. Couey

"These were just on the concrete slabs--no dates--no information"

Brown, Hiram T.  9-22-1846  11-18-1888
(could have been in Civil War)
This in the Velma Cemetery.
No one seems to know just who these people were.
Two Small White Stones
One has Grandma, Wife of james Crowhorn, died 8-26-1914 aged 90 years.
The other has James Crowhorn aged 103.
In Tussey Cemetery
Pocohotas, England    8-25-1882  4-16-1942
Irvin H.              10-15-1879  1959

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