Stephens County

Rutledge, William		Nov 16, 1845		Jun 17, 1906
Barnes, Mary J.			Jul 31, 1848		Dec 30, 1918
(wife of W. )("a loving wife and sister dear has gone to rest")
(These 2 graves are enclosed by an ornamental fence)

Lying outside the fence on the west side

Weaver, Mattie L.			Nov 29, 1874		Aug 24, 1890
(wife of J. W.)

Tomblinson, J. W.			Aug 17, 1820		Jun 6, 1893
Tomblinson, Mary Y.			Dec 31, 1835		Sep 12, 1912
(both stones broken)

Editor's Notes: James Wilson Weaver, Chickasaw by marriage, Roll # 456, age 43 (1902)
obtained patent #20968 Oct 21, 1904 in what is now Stephens County Oklahoma.

Mary Y. Tomblinson, Chickasaw by marriage Roll #498, age 67
(in 1902) obtained patent # 17285 Nov 12, 1904
in what is now Stephens County Oklahoma.

The Rutledge/Barnes/Colbert connection eludes me.
My "best" guess is that Mary J. Barnes, nee Rutledge, was the
mother of Burton A. Barnes who married Mary Eliza Colbert Chickasaw Roll #3691
who patented in Stephens County Oklahoma.

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