Shidogakuin Hosts the 2018 GNEUSKF / Eastern USKF Educational Tour

The Shidogakuin Miami Kendo Club was honored to host the South Florida seminar of the education tour of Masaharu Kakehashi sensei, 8-Dan Hanshi, former Chief Instructor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department together with Shozo Kato-sensei, 8-Dan Kyoshi, Chief Instructor of Shidogakuin.

The Wednesday, April 4th, 2-hour seminar took place at Shula's Athletic Club (15150 Bull Run Road) in Miami Lakes, and we fortunate to have in attendance Shinobu Maeda-sensei, 7-Dan, from the Summerlin Academy Dojo (Bartow) and Alexandre Ebihara-sensei from the Orlando Kendo Kai along with a few of their students.  Additionally, some of our friends from the South Florida Kendo Club attended, and we were especially greatful they had, since they had just hosted a seminar of their own the week before.

The Thursday, April 5th, 3-hour seminar was graciously hosted by our friends at the Tokubukan Kendo Dojo (9851 NW 58th St., Suite #113) in Doral.  This seminar was very well attended, and we would like to express our deepest appreciation for the generosity of Moses Becerra-sensei and his students, as well as for the attendance of Alexandre Ebihara-sensei from the Orlando Kendo Kai and Sungmin Ro-sensei from Tampa Kendo Kai and their students.

This was an exciting opportunity for our club to share in a special training event with our fellow kenshi.  The keiko was spirited, and we were fortunate to have many kenshi from many different Florida clubs join us for this great learning experience.  We have been lucky to host these seminars in recent years, and we hope to doing so again in the future.  Thank you to all involved for your support in this successful event!