John Dewey High School, Brooklyn, NY

dewey people / 1972-76

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In the early 1970s, John Dewey High School in Brooklyn provided a special, unique experience for so many of us. Many years later, my friend Noah Lewin and I decided to design a small Web site that we named Dewey People. The site was created on 24 June 1999 to help organize and archive the John Dewey High School reunion that was then in progress. Since then, it has grown much larger and has continued to play a crucial role in helping Dewey grads to find each other, exchange information, and organize events.

We invite anyone from that period to join us.

Membersí e-mails are only posted if they send them and request to have them added. You can also request to have a biography of yourself posted or post a message, such as a request for help finding an old friend, without posting your e-mail if you want that to remain private.

Dewey People is a great site and has been a labor of love for all of us involved in it from the beginning. It includes an enormous photo archive, featuring yearbook photos, snapshots from various reunions, and more recent pictures. There are also e-mail addresses from some of our former teachers who would like to hear from you.

You may also wish to participate in our Facebook community page. John Dewey High School 1970s Graduates: Uncensored, or to contact Noah or me (Rob Couteau) on Facebook.

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John Dewey High School, Brooklyn, NY