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Frank Abrami

I) (II) (III)

I want to say hello to any of my old friends that are out here in internet land. I am currently living in St.Petesburg, Florida. I have been married for the last 19 years, and have 4 children. I am a children's pastor and director at a non-profit hospice in Hillsborough County, Florida. Unfortunately, I do not have a personal e-mail address at the moment, but can be contacted at:

Frank Abrami
911 29th street North
St. Petersburg Fl 33713


Barbara Abramowitz



Leah Abrams (74)

    Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Elissa Lynn Alkoff (Elissa Lynn Alkoff Malcohn; 75)

Barring a few notable exceptions from college, graduate school, and life in general, I credit Dewey with giving me my best schooling. I only hope its public education model could have caught on more broadly and been more readily supported.

While at Dewey I was already submitting poetry and short stories, and I'd drafted my first novel (unpublished) before graduation. I've enjoyed some successes since. My novelette "Lazuli" (Asimov's, November 1984) placed me on the final ballot for the 1985 John W. Campbell Award. My short story "Moments of Clarity" (Full Spectrum, Bantam Books, 1988) reached preliminary ballot for the 1989 Nebula Award. From 1986-1988 I edited Star*Line, journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. More recent publications have appeared in We'Moon (Mother Tongue Ink), Encore (prize-winning poems from the contests of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies), and elsewhere.

Covenant, the first volume in my Deviations trilogy, is forthcoming from Koboca Publishing with release projected for late 2007. Koboca is a small press headquartered in the Tampa, Florida, suburb of Wesley Chapel.

I run a communications business by the grace of the Internet and teach creative writing at the Art Center of Citrus County. I've exhibited and sold mixed-media art (at the Massachusetts College of Art and elsewhere) and photography. In 1993 I produced a cassette album of original music. In 1995 I participated in the first Boston-New York AIDS Ride, thrilled to make the three-day, 261-mile journey from my adopted Boston to my native New York and to dance half the night away afterwards. I have been blessed to share my life with my partner, Mary C. Russell, since December 1995. We moved to central Florida in 2003.

More detail is on my website: http://home.earthlink.net/~emalcohn/index.html which you can also reach by doing a web search on "Malcohn's World".


Randi Altman (75)




Gary Anderson (74)

    Yearbook photo



Michael Anger (75)

    Yearbook photo



Rhoni Anger (72)

I wonder if anyone remembers me. I didn't graduate from Dewey, but I spent 3 or so years there (not usually in the classroom) and I loved it. I loved the people I met there and the whole Dewey atmosphere. I was then known as Rhoni Anger. I have since become Mrs. Rhona Friedland or Yoheved (my Hebrew name) Friedland. I've gone through three lifetimes since Dewey, and Dewey was a lifetime in itself.

I'm married and have three wonderful children. We moved out of Brooklyn to Florida (North Miami Beach) in Sept. '94 and I haven't been back to Brooklyn since. Florida has been interesting. It's a disaster regarding the Jewish schools my children are in, but I have a small business involving organic gardening, and life's been good. My husband is a painter/handyman, and we struggle, but we're happy.

Is there going to be a 30 year reunion of the class of '72? That would be a thrill. I would even travel back to Brooklyn for that.

My e-mail is: Yohevedsgarden@cs.com

There are so many people from Dewey I would love to be in touch with again. Maybe one day, with the help of this website, I can again find them.

G-d bless you all.


Mitzi Aronoff (75)

    Yearbook photo     [1970s 2]



Andrea Assael Benjamin (75)

    Yearbook photo     [reunion]     [other photos]



Carla Bach (74)

    Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Warren Bailey (75)

    Yearbook photo



Anthony Barber(75)

    Yearbook photo



Mark Bass



Marcia Beckford (73)



Jeffrey Benjamin (74)

    Yearbook photo     [1970s 2]     [other photos]



Glenn Berger (73)



Naomi Berger (75)

    Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Phillip Bernstein (75)

    Yearbook photo     [1970s]     [reunion]



Paul Binder (75)




Jackie Bird (Jacquie Bird Thomas; 75)

Wishing you all a very happy holiday & a Fantastic New Year. I've got a bit of news to share, I have just redesigned my website & am now creating ecards from my photos & written words. Here's a description: BirdSpeak...Cards & Other Vivid Offerings are Vibrant, unique & ofttimes whimsical photo creations from the heart. Ecards for any occasion including birthday, thank you, encouragement, I'm sorry, dance, yoga, health/wellness, holiday,congratulations. Offerings range from the more traditional to the hip & funky, celebrating life.

Please support BirdSpeak ... Cards & Other Vivid Offerings at www.birdspeak.com



Laura Blum (75)



Ronnie Bochner (75)

    Yearbook photo



Carol Bonney (Carol Bonney Sokolovsky)

It's been quite a ride since Dewey! I met my husband there 26 years ago. Married since 1977, with three bright and spirited kids, Jesse (21), Kate (7) and Matthew (2). After many years in Park Slope, moved last year to the fringe of Windsor Terrace in order to buy a home. Am currently a devoted stay-at-home mom and love it. In the lengthy gap between the kids, I worked with my husband in a retail business on the Upper West Side in which we had a partnership. I have yet to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! I have a half-completed B.A. (Kirkland College & Brooklyn College) and only a half-hearted desire to become a student again after all these years. I suspect when my time frees up, I will become a children's book writer...



Debby Fenner Bowinski (Debby Fenner Bowinski; 74)

After graduating from Dewey in '74 I spent two years at SUNY Binghamton and two more years at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. In 1981 I relocated to Denver, CO with my now ex-husband and I've been living here ever since. After a few very unfulfilling jobs I enrolled in law school at the University of Denver College of Law and graduated from there and passed the bar exam in 1988. I now have my own small practice with an emphasis in consumer bankruptcy work. And boy am I busy these days! I have two wonderful kids, Brian who is 24 and currently an underemployed college graduate looking for a better job, and Amy who just turned 20 and a sophomore at the University of Redlands in CA. She doesn't really know it, but she would've been a great Dewey student -- she's enrolled in the Johnston Center at the U. of Redlands, which is a living and learning community with an interdisciplinary focus and cross-cultural component where the students get to design their own majors and present them to the faculty for approval. Her own concentration is a fascinating combination of fine arts, creative writing, anthropology and Japanese language and culture. I'm an avid folk dancer, and very active both in Denver and nearby Boulder - I dance recreationally and do quite a bit of teaching for our local groups. I've done some performing with local amateur ensembles, and I try to get to workshops and dance camps as often as I can manage.



Nicole Brilliant (74)

    Yearbook photo



Judy Brodsky (Judy Brodsky Engelberg; 75)


Sitting in my den, surfing the net, I happened on this great website. I live in Dix Hills, LI with my husband of 27 years, Larry (pulmonary, critical care medicine and sleep disorder M.D.). We have three kids who are a lot cooler and funnier than I ever was; oldest son Dan: 22, graduated College on 4 year plan and is living in L.A. working on various shows as a P.A. learning "the business" (presently working on the show "Monk"). Rebecca 18 is a jazz singer and going to jazz conservatory as a performance majori in Sept. and Rachel 16, who seems to be heading to follow in her dad's footsteps.

I practice law and moved my practice to our home six years ago, primarily handling real estate matters, having burned out handling matrimonials, thereby helping people destroy each other. As I read the current bio's of so many graduates, I realize that we really were a unique group who by and large have had a great run since Dewey. I don't think it was the water, it must have been the teachers!!!

Judy Brodsky Engelberg (75)



Robin Bronzaft (Robin Bronzaft Howald; 76)



Karin Brooks (Karin Brooks Pugh, 74)

    Yearbook photo

I have been through many changes since I wrote my first bio for this website. I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. So I got married and had children. I figured since I had them young I would have plenty of time to decide on a career. That is exactly what happened. My kids are now 25, 23 and 20. I decided 4 years ago to go back to school and train as a midwife. It has been one of the most amazing times of my life. Extremely hard and frustrating but all incredibly rewarding. I am almost at the end of this journey and now have to decide where it will lead. I love workiing with teenage moms and really feel that I can make a difference in their lives so I think this is where I am heading. Whoever thought when I was hanging out on the lawn at Dewey that 30+ years later I would be delivering babies. Words cannot explain it. But with a very supportive husband and children I am fulfilling my dream. Who says there isn't life after children.



Arlene Brown (Arlene Brown Immerman; 73)

[other photos]

Now living in Albany, CA, with husband David Brown and daughter Anita, who is now 2 years, 8 months. I investigate medical malpractice claims for a living and David is a computer systems manager. We also are involved in folk music and North American folk dancing and we're active in the local music and dance communities. I attended Connecticut College for 2 years and graduated from Boston College in 1978. I lived in the Boston area for a total of 5 years, then moved back to Brooklyn and got a Master's in Health Services Administration from the New School for Social Research in '82, and I've been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1983. We have a web site at: http://www.starquest.com/people/anita/


Ann-Marie Bucaria (Ann-Marie Bucaria Dake; 72)


Hi Everyone: Happy 50 to many of us! So glad to see this site, and some pictures. I am adding a picture of Gerry Murphy, another member of the class of 72, and myself, on our recent reunion in Florida. We "found" each other last year, after being out of touch for 25+ years.

I am currently living in the San Francisco Bay area, married for 24 years, with two children.

Hope all of you are doing well. Dewey was a special place, and always will be to me.



Joseph Cannizzo (75)

    Yearbook photo



Roberta Cantor (Roberta Cantor-Gold; 73)



Michael Cassa (74)

 [other photos]



Carl Childers (74)

    Yearbook photo



Charlene B. Childers (74)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]     [other photos]     

I attended Pace College (now Pace University) and graduated with a BBA in Marketing, I also took some merchandising courses at Fashion Institute of Technology, both in Manhattan. I spent many years in Retail in Buying and Planning, working for corporations in New York and New Jersey. My marriage took me to New Jersey where I stayed for a number of years living much of that time on the Jersey shore. I switched careers and took a marketing position at Panasonic. A Panasonic job transfer took me to the San Francisco Bay area in 1996. In 1997 my brother Carl (also a Dewey grad, class of '74) and I started an Internet Protocol design, web hosting, web design, web management company. I left Panasonic in 1998 to work on our business full time and to do some marketing and Web related consulting projects. The thing I most remember and love about Dewey is the freedom I experienced, especially coming from a very rigid JRHS.

Charlene B. Childers Web Sites:

Internet Protocol:

Web management, design, hosting, consulting, marketing, PR, and electronic commerce:



Janet Braunstein (Janet Braunstein Clinton; 75)



David Chiavetta (76)


The learning and living experience that I had as a student at John Dewey High School for three years until I graduated in June of 1976 was wonderful. The openness and welcoming spirit that was Dewey made it a special time and place to spend those important years. I graduated from SUNY Binghamton and have continued living in Manhattan until ten years ago when I relocated to Pleasantville, Westchester County, NY with my wife of 18 years, Loretta and my two children Daniel and Diana. I am an Account Manager for IKON Office Solutions in the field of Facilities Management in the competitive marketplace of New York City. I have enjoyed this field for some ten years now. I am still in constant communication with David Rogers, Class of '77 who remains my best friend since we were both about seven years old. I would like to hear from any of my old acquaintances from those years. Look me up, I'm in the book. I am proud whenever I hear of Dewey even though the original ideals that made the place so special may no longer be as evident now. It was a wonderful oasis for learning and I am glad that I was a part of it. It was truly a special time and place. Thank you Rob. P.S. do you have access to my "God Awful" yearbook photo? If it can be inserted, I wouldn't mind.


Adrienne Cohen (75)

After graduating from Dewey in 1975, I attended Fordham University, College at Lincoln Center, where I earned a BA in Spanish. I then decided to pursue graduate studies, earning an MBA from NYU in 1981. A career in banking led to overseas assignments in Portugal, Spain, and Turkey. I am still in banking, specifically credit analysis. Following my return to the US I met my husband, Stewart. We now live in Riverdale, NY, and have a 5-year-old son, Evan, who attends The Fieldston School. My e-mail address is adrienne.cohen@acedsl.com.



Steve Cohen (75)

[1970s 2]



Erik Cohen (73)



Jeanne Cohn (74)

    Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Vicky Costa (73)




Alex Courtney (74)

    Yearbook photo


Rob Couteau (74)

[1973]     [1993]   [2007]  

After living in Paris from December 1988 to November 2000, I returned to the U.S. and moved to New Paltz, NY, where I paint and write. Visit my web site at: www.tygersofwrath.com



Lou Cretella (73)



Phyllis Cuccia (75)

Yearbook photo    [other photos]

what can i say!?
i went to brooklyn college ... recently started to teach art at a small catholic school here in florida ... i moved to fla 5 yrs ago (today!!!) i'm married for almost 16 yrs (my husband, jerry, is a recently retired ny cop) ... we have a 14 yr old daughter ... 13 yr old son ... and a 5 yr old son! my kids are my life!! i do LOTS of volunteering at their schools! and am on the school board and PTA board ...
i'm just a typical suburban mom ... with the minivan to boot...!! staying happy and healthy are my goals at this point!



Robrt Dayan

Robert Dayan After Dewey went on to Bklyn College where I rec'd my accounting degree- worked for many years in accounting and opened my own businesses over the years. Got married 2 kids and reside in central Jersey and NYC. Still keep in touch with some Dewey'ites.



Steven Datlof (75)

    Yearbook photo



Jill Davis (75)

    Yearbook photo



Denise Del Sorbo (Denise Del Sorbo Paternoster; 74)

 [other photos]



Vincent De Luca (74)



Carol DiLiberto (72)



Paulie Di Trumpet (73)

Worked for NYS supreme Court/ Retired.Senior officer and Judges PO / assistant /also acting clerk of court.Attended KCC for Music and took other related courses at LIU. Musician and teach privately, perform and have written some music.Write short stories and at present working on a book based on interviews with other people, worked on writting original movie scripts. (Most works are works in progress yet). Divorced ...no children.



Michael Drillinger (74)

Yearbook photo

I have come a long way from the cynicism expressed in my yearbox quote. I married a Deweyite - Judy Scheel - Class of '76, and we have two children (wonderful, of course). We live in Westchester, NY. I co-own a business that creates computer systems and software for businesses. I recently completed my MBA and Judy has her PhD. Among other things, she has created and is the director of the Center for Eating Disorder Recovery (sort of self explanatory). We travel extnesively and enjoy all of the arts. Judy and I are currently in training to run the Disney Marathon this January. I still love hiking and camping and my children share this love with me. The challenges of two professional parents maintaining a household, family life, and careers are not new to many of you out there - these challenges are our everyday realities (who's picking up whom and doing the shopping/laundry/study-homework help today?). We are working to afford that lifestyle to which we would like to become accustomed. Nevertheless, we love, we learn, we grow, we support each other in our lives and we try to contribute to the lives and well being of others.


Deborah Dupont (Deborah Dupont-Clarke; 73)


Alice Ellerbeck (Alice Ellerbeck Theilheim; 74)




Stuart Elson (75)

After Dewey I went to SUNY, Buffalo, and ended up hanging around there for about eight years, getting a history degree. I later followed the "trend" of computers to become an analyst. Along the way, I worked with a small software company and lived in Japan and Hong Kong for almost four years. I now manage a risk technology group for a rather large bank. Currently, I live in northern NJ, have a wife and a twleve-year-old daughter, whom I coach in basketball. Can't complain about too much.



Nancy Engel (Nancy Engel Sears; 75)

Yearbook photo



Benita Epton (75)

 [1970s]     Yearbook photo 




Stephen Faber



Michele Falkow (75)

After graduating college, I worked in book publishing, then went to law school and practiced law, then went to library school and became a law librarian. Now I'm on the legal writing faculty at St. John's Law School, and also teach as an adjunct at Fordham Law School. I married Lew Steinberg, a law school classmate, in 1983. And I'm a runner. Did you know that almost half (about 12 miles) of the New York City Marathon is run in Brooklyn? You can also list my email address on the website:



Carrie Feenberg (Carrie Feenberg Mills)

After graduating Dewey, I attended Parsons School of Design. I have worked and freelanced in the fashion business ever since. My desire to focus on my songwriting led me to Nashville, TN where I have been residing since 1993. I gave birth to my son, Garrett, in 1996. I have just released my debut CD, "Looking Through Windows." You can listen to my music and read more by visiting my website.




Louisa Feingold (75)

Yearbook photo



Michele Festa (74)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Robin Fischer (Robin Fischer Wallach; 75)

Yearbook photo



Rachel Fishman (Rachel Fishman Green; 76)


Rachel Fishman Green was a professional modern dancer from 1978-1988, and then went to Boston University School of Law where she got her degree in 1990. She is now in private practice as a divorce mediator, and finds very satisfying the process of helping people to resolve conflicts and anger while they are going through a divorce, and so that they can pull from the best parts of themselves to shape their lives into a new but still satisfying family structure after they have divorced. Rachel married Wendell Green, architect in 1994. They live in Park Slope and have a 3-year-old daughter named Lydia.

Rachel Fishman Green, Esq.
Legal Mediation Services
82 Garfield Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 965-9236



Dorian Floryanzia (73)



Robert Flynn (75)



Ellen Frank (75)



Frank (74)

Kenny Friedman (75)

[1970s 2 3]     [reunion]



David Bunji Fromartz (74)

Webpage: http://www.fromartzlaw.com/



Ilene Garber (74)



Harry "Hesh" Gasnick



Bonnie Geffner (Bonnie Geffner Shipper; 75)




Randy Glantz

[other photos]



Alan Glick

(I) (II) (III)



Lori Gold (74)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]     [other photos]



Holli Goldberg (Holli Goldberg Levi)



Steve Goldberg (72)



Janice Golden (Janice Golden Freeman)



Lezlie Goldman (Lezlie Goldman Schreiber; 74)



Steve Goldstein ()



Michael Gorin (75)



Cindy Green (Cindy Green Scher)

My name is Cindy (maiden name -Green) Scher and I was in the very first graduating class from John Dewey. A few of us graduated within the first three years. I just came across your web site today and was so excited that I decided to write to you immediately. I have never been contacted by the alumni association and so I was not aware of the reunion. I would have attended as most die heart John Dewey students would never want to miss a party! I am residing in South Florida for the past 30 years. I am married for 32 years and have two sons, Adam, 28 and Ryan 25.!! Adam is an attorney and Ryan is attending University of Miami Law School. I am a realtor for 20 years in Florida and my husband is a dentist.

Please let me know how I can be part of your web site so that other classmates can contact me. Kindly also keep me informed of any upcoming events. Thank you and I appreciate all your efforts.

PS: I graduated from Brooklyn College. I would love to hear from my classmates!

Frank Greenberg (74)

Yearbook photo



Janet Greenfield (75)

Yearbook photo


Mary Grillos (75)

Yearbook photo



Mark Grossman (75)

Yearbook photo



Arthur Gurevitch (74)

Yearbook photo    [reunion photo]


Barbara Gutman (Barbara Gutman Zito; 75)



Ann Heller



Ira Hershkowitz (73)



Jean Hurkin (Jean Hurkin-Torres; 75)

Yearbook photo    [1970s]     [reunion photo]



Fracaswell Hyman (75)

Yearbook photo



Dana Israel (Dana Israel Schnek; 74)

Yearbook photo     [reunion photo]

When I graduated from Dewey, I went on to Fordham University and earned a B.A. with a double-major: Applied Mathematics and Psychology. During my senior year, I completed 18 credits in education with the intention of going back to Dewey and teaching mathematics. I had contacted Peter Krauss back in '78 (then the chairman of the math dept.) and was called back that August. Problem was, I had taken a job during the summer doing some computer programming for AT&T Bell Labs and in the end, elected not to leave. I completed my masters degree in Computer Science and am a Software Engineer for Lucent Technologies in Murray Hill, N.J. (I went with Lucent as part of the spin-off from AT&T.) I have worked on a variety of products, including working on the UNIX Operation System as well as doing VOIP (phone calls over the internet.) I met my husband Bruce back in '76 and we were married in '79. We have two children: Carolyn 15, going into her sophmore year at Staten Island Technical H.S. and Robert 13, entering the 8th grade. I loved Dewey and miss the school and many friends and teachers I had there. I eagerly look forward to the Class of '74/75 reunion next year.



Richard Joel (75)

Yearbook photo



Nancy Kaminash (75)

Yearbook photo     [1970s]



Sonia Kane (74)

Yearbook photo     [1970s 2]     [reunion]



Debra Kass (Debra Kass Orenstein; 75)

Yearbook photo



Laura Kaye

Yearbook photo



Margo Kessler (75)

Yearbook photo



Robin Kestlinger (Robin Kestlinger Vazquez; 74)



Ron Kichura (74)



Steve Kietz (75)



Sheila Kirschenbaum (75)



Susie Klenetsky (73)

[reunion photo]

I was at John Dewey High School the year it opened in 1969. I made good use of the independent study periods and finished high school a half year early. I was given employment leads and landed a job as a legal secretary after my first interview. I worked for a full year, then went on to work for Citibank for 10 years. Then went on to work as a secretary for one of Mayor Koch's Deputy Mayors. Now that my children are ready for J.H.S., I'm back in the workforce again.



Marty Korngut (74)

Yearbook photo     [2003]     



Barbara Kramer (72)




Harold Kramer (75)

Yearbook photo



Alan Krieger (75)

Yearbook photo



Ralph LaBarbera, Jr. (76)

After graduating Dewey, I went to Kingsborough and later received my BS in Economic and Finance from Baruch College. After the big Wall Street lay-off of 1982, I went on to start a new career in the Fashion Industry. I am currently the Import Director of a major woman's footwear company in Manhattan.I have been married the past 24 years to a wondeful woman who is a 5th grade teacher at OLG school, in Brooklyn. I have a daughter (16) and a son (19), who was recently accepted to the school of engineering at CCNY. Left my wonderful Brooklyn home (which will always be in my heart - but I still bowl there) in 1985 and moved to the Staten Island. At times I miss ISGA and the MODS.



Sara Lampert (Sara Lampert Hoover; 75)

[other photos]

I am currently living on the prairie of central Illinois ... on the faculty of the theatre department U of I at Urbana-Champaign. In the past few years I have been developing a professional directing career - taking that final step away from dance. My husband Bruce and I have an eight-year old daugther named Montana. Yes, we have a little house on the prairie with cat and garden. I set out to dance and did touring throughout the US, producing my own work and collaborating on numerous projects in New York and elsewhere. I spent nearly two years in Italy -- teaching and choreographing. Returned to the US, met my husband and made the transition away from performing -- getting my post-graduate certification in Laban Movement Analysis. I have been lucky to have lots of variation and adventure in my work and life, following opportunities as they have come up and I hope to continue to do so. Hokey as it sounds - the best is yet to come ...


Richard LaMura (74)

Yearbook photo     [other photos]



Emily Landa (Emily Landa Jeffries; 73)



Arthur D. Lander (75)

Yearbook photo     [other photos]

After Dewey, I went to Yale (where Erwin Martinez [Dewey '75] was my roommate for two years). Then on to University of California San Francisco for an M.D. and Ph.D. awarded in 1985. Then back to NYC for postdoctoral training at Columbia Medical Center for two years. Then to Cambridge Massachusetts in 1987 as an Assistant and, later, Associate Professor at MIT. Finally, in 1995 I moved to Orange County California, as a Professor in the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology at the University of California, Irvine. I live in Laguna Beach, one of the nicest places on earth, with my wife, Anne Calof, whom I met in graduate school, and who's also a U.C. Irvine professor. I enjoy being a scientist quite a lot, and although I still play piano, I don't write songs as much as I used to. However, in my old age (!) I am coming to the conclusion that doing Science and making Art are not really very different from one another. So who knows where the future will lead. I don't have a personal web site, but I have a professional one at http://lander-office.bio.uci.edu/landerfacts.html in case anyone is interested.



Robert Laub (75)



Michelle Laudani (Michelle Laudani LaMura; 76)


Billy Leiberman



Ellen Leibowitz (75)

Yearbook photo    [reunion photo]



Ruth Leibowitz (74)

Yearbook photo

Greetings! I'm living in Kansas City, KS with two cats, a turtle, and a muffler man. I returned to graduate school a few years ago and will soon be completing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. My main area is health psychology, and within that broad framework I'm interested in how people cope with physical challenges such as chronic illness and trauma, and the interrelationships between biological/illness phenomena and a person's quality of life and narrative constructions. But I've done so many other interesting things as part of my training here (couples mediation, neuropsychological assessment, teaching) that I still find myself unsure of what I want to do when I grow up. I've recently had a number of my poems published and continue to write. Also I've continued to be passionately interested in natural history and am considering going to live and work at a wolf sanctuary prior to my internship (which I'm hoping will be in the Boston area -- I don't particularly love the midwest). By the way, even though the state of Kansas does not believe in evolution, I have only to walk a few blocks from my home to reach Missouri. I have fond memories of Dewey and those of you I came to know in those days.




Josh Levinson (75)

[1970s]     [reunion]



Noah Lewin (75)

Yearbook photo     [other photos]

The only thing that affected me more than going to Dewey was growing up with my family. Dewey was a place that guided my artistic, creative temperament, encouraged me to continue to FEEL and to OBSERVE life around me. Even going to film school at SUNY Purchase did not compare to taking animated film-making with Ed Morgano. After Purchase, I bounced around New York City for a while. I became seriously involved in photography, and in fact, met my wonderful wife, Michele, at the Park West Camera Club at the West Side YMCA. She continues to do photography to this day, and is much better at it than I am. I, meanwhile, finally decided to get a profession and got my MS from The Bank Street College of Education. I have been teaching film-making to teenagers with learning disabilities at a NYC public school in Brooklyn since 1988. The teachers I had at Dewey influence my work tremendously. I am also the proud dad of Jonah, age 8, and Esther, age 3. They are MOST important, as all our children are.



Ken Lewis (74)

I still reside in the NYC area working in The Architectural Sales Industry. I assist NY City's leading architects, and designers in establishing lighting design, controls and energy management for commercial office towers, malls, museums etc. I have been incredibly lucky from a work perspective. I truly love what I do for a living.

I have one daughter age 11 who is the light of my life. It has been many years since I have thought about life during our days at Dewey. I tend to look forward as a person rather than glancing backwards. I view it all as the best is yet to come. Would enjoy hearing from any and all from the class of 1974.



Karen Lewit (74)

Yearbook photo



Joan Lilly




Donna Lipton (Donna Lipton Nissman; 75)



Lori Loebelsohn


Dave Mallach (75)



Bob Mantin (74)

Yearbook photo     2003



Larry Marion (74)

Yearbook photo


Poster Pad Concert Posters & Music Memorabilia



Leonard Marino (75)




Erwin Martinez (75)

Yearbook photo



Carla Massey (76)

[reunion]     [reunion]




Joe Massey (75)




Joshua Massey (74)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]

(Dewey '74; Princeton '78)
76 Town Farm Road
Ipswich, MA 01938 (northeast of Boston)



Ann Matthews (75)

Yearbook photo     [1970s]     [other photos]



Joel Maxman (74)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Leonard Mazzarisi (75)

Yearbook photo



Mary McGuire (75)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Elinor Merberg (75)

Yearbook photo     [1970s]



David Merdinger (74)

Yearbook photo



Diane (Dandy) Michener (75)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Ken Mirkin

My yearbook quote said that I would be "either first viola in the Philharmonic or first on the unemployment line." I never did make it to first viola, but I have been in the New York Philharmonic since 1981. It has kept me off the unemployment line anyway. I'll always be thankful for the opportunities and support I received in the Dewey Music Department, especially from my dear late teacher, Elmer Jerome. I can be reached at: kmirk@hotmail.com



Judy Mitko (Judy Mitko Pettruccio; 75)

Yearbook photo    [reunion photo]



Caryn Montague



Van Morros (74)



Booker Murray (75)

Yearbook photo



Louis Nespoli (75)

[other photos]     



Amy Neustein (74)

Yearbook photo



Donna Nissman (75)

Yearbook photo



Louis Nolemi



Ann Nottes (75)

Yearbook photo



Debbie Nowinski (75)



Cynthia Oliver (74)



Annelise Orleck (75)

Yearbook photo



Lisa Ostrom



Rochelle Paskin (75)

Yearbook photo      [1970s 2]

Since 1975 I have: Graduated from Dewey; graduated Fashion Institute of Technology 1977, worked briefly in the Fashion Industry, moved to California, joined the Navy, saw the world, married the man of my dreams, saw some more of the world, gave birth to a genius son 1989, graduated college (University of Maryland - Misawa Japan campus 1991), currently working for a government contractor as a Project Analyst and living in beautiful San Diego, CA. It was great seeing everyone in 2000, and hope to return to NYC in a couple of years. John Dewey High School saved me from the negative influences that accompany "living" in Public Housing and showed me there is a way out of poverty: EDUCATION! I take this opportunity to thank my friends for their support: you know who you are!



Joe Pettruccio (74)




Ricky Pinto (73)


Sandy Poltorack



Steven Posner (75)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]

I graduated Dewey in 1975, then graduted Brooklyn College in 1980. (5 year plan.) My wife Sylvie was born in Paris. We met in Israel, in December 1982, and were married less than 9 months later. We have 2 children, Michael and Laurie. I am a clerk in NY Supreme Court, and my goal is to retire before age 60.



Keith Powell (74)

Yearbook photo     [1970s]     [reunion]



Kevin Powell (74)

Yearbook photo



Glen Poyer-Hunte (73)

[1973]     [2000]



Deirdre Quinn (75)

Yearbook photo     [1970s]     [other photos 2]



Joseph Recupero (75)

Yearbook photo



Johnny Reinhard (74)

Yearbook photo     

After Dewey I went to the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, NC for a B.M. (and where I was allowed to create 4 DISKs to graduate a year early), then to Manhattan School of Music for a M.M., and Post-Graduate work at Columbia University in Ethnomusicology and Music Theory. I started the American Festival of Microtonal Music in 1981. My experience at Dewey set me in the direction of bassoon soloist and I have since become a composer. Often I think of myself having 7 distinct professions, equal to about the number of classes I could fit into a day at Dewey. Been married and now single again. Teaching at C.W. Post, Long Island University (music composition and theory) and New York University (bassoon). Most of all Dewey gave me confidence in myself. I am very grateful for the experience as it provided the flexible form that I needed for life. Salute!

American Festival of Microtonal Music



Fred Riccardi (72)

[other photos]

Married 21 years with 2 kids, 13 (son) and 15 (daughter) - live in New City, Rockland County, NY - work in NYC.



Abbi Robbins (Abbie Robbins Zirin; 74)

Yearbook photo



Kyle Roberts (Kyle Roberts Grinnage; 75)

You're invited to visit me at https://members.tripod.com/dewey_people/BeautiPage.com/Kyle


Irene Rofheart



Ira Rosen (75)

Yearbook photo



Jean 'Buzz' Rosenthal (74)




Carol Rosenthal (Carol Rosenthal Missry; 76)



Sheila Rothenberg (74)

Yearbook photo

After John Dewey I had a hard time successfully completing any college programs because I believed in the John Dewey philosophy and couldn't find a college that I could afford, would accept me, and that I wanted to go to that was "progressive." I graduated (BA) 2 years ago from Empire State College which was a terrific experience. I've spent most of my adult life in the food industry, had a greasy spoon, waitressed, cooked, catered, but am now working in education for a non profit org. that teaches conflict resolution. I have found my soul mate, Manny, and we have two children, Max (almost 12) and Ruby (6). I have great friends and extended family and feel lucky and blessed. I still very much believe in the teachings and philosophy of education of John Dewey and work, in some of my spare time, in the area of school reform. I completed a novella (unpublished) and many stories and poems (all unpublished) I live in Manhattan and I love New York.



Dave Rudbarg



Michael Rydelnik (74)


Steven Samnick (75)

Yearbook photo



Rana Sampson (75)

Yearbook photo

Rana Sampson is the founder of Community Policing Associates, a consulting company providing technical assistance and training in implementing community and problem-oriented policing. As part of that work, Rana also provides technical assistance to police and communities on such specific public safety problems as drug dealing, shoplifting, false alarms, apartment complex and other rental property crime, domestic violence, college-related crime, sexual assaults, group home crime, prostitution, and theft from vehicles. Rana is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences on the subject of community and problem-oriented policing. Rana is the former Director of Public Safety at the University of San Diego, a private institution providing degree programs to more than 7,000 students. During her tenure, the Public Safety Department focused on alcohol-related crime (including binge drinking) hate crimes and sexual assaults. Selected as a National Institute of Justice fellow from 1994-1996, Rana compiled case studies of high quality crime control efforts from around the country and Canada which is to be published this Fall. As a White House Fellow 1992-1993, Rana worked in the White House Domestic Policy Council on crime policy, policing issues and the President’s national service initiative. From 1990-1992, Rana coordinated and delivered the community and problem-oriented policing training and technical assistance for the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), a national police think tank. In addition, she was the editor of Problem-Solving Quarterly, a publication showcasing innovative examples of problem-solving from around the country. Prior to her work at PERF, Ms Sampson practiced law in New York City and prior to that she was a New York City police officer (patrol officer, undercover narcotics officer, and patrol sergeant) where she was awarded several commendations of merit and the National Improvement of Justice award. Rana received her law degree from Harvard and her B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University.



Deborah Sandoval (Deborah Sandoval Thurlow; 74)

All my activities and bio can be found at http://www2.cybernex.net/sandee



Robert M. Sapolsky (74)

Yearbook photo     [1970s]     [other photos]

After Dewey, I went to Harvard and studied neurobiology and primate behavior. After finishing there, I went to Africa for a year, getting a project started with wild baboons, studying stress-related diseases in them. I then got a PhD in neurobiology from Rockefeller, and am now a professor of neuroscience at Stanford. My wife, Lisa (a neuropsychologist) and I live in San Francisco. We have a two-year-old son, Benjamin, and a newborn daughter, Rachel. I continue to oscillate between lab work and field work in Africa, studying stress and neurological diseases.


Susan Savodnick (Susan Savodnick Epstein;74)




Garry.Scharf (74)

Hello to all my friends and classmates. It's been a long time since we were all at 50 Avenue X. I'm living in the Kansas City area. I work in cardiology performing tests on the heart. I'm the proud father of a (now) nine-year-old son: Ethan. Divorced (soon after 9/11). I'm enjoying becoming reacquainted with my classmates. How about another reunion in 2005?



Joy Schneer (74)

Yearbook photo     [other photos]



Mark Segall (74)

Yearbook photo     [1970s]



Spencer Seidman (74)

Yearbook photo     [other photos]


Digital-arts page: Evoked Potentials



Thomas Sessa (72)

Married 25 years this past November. I have four sons, ages 23, 21, 20, and 15. I attended Dewey from from 1969 to 1972.



Ellen Setton (Ellen Setton Cohen; 74)

Yearbook photo



Brian.Shmaefsky (74)


I truly enjoyed the liberal and mind-opening education at Dewey. It made what I am today. Below is the PR bio I have on file.

Dr. Brian Shmaefsky is currently a professor of biology at Kingwood College, in Houston, TX and coordinates the college's service learning program. He is also the president of Shmaefsky Consulting which provides technical science writing, technology transfer advising, technical editorial work, and safety training consulting. He has done many presentations on environmental safety and consults on environmental policy and scientific public education. He also serves on international organizations and governing boards with these missions Plus, Dr. Shmaefsky has many publications on science education some appearing in the American Biology Teacher, the Journal of College Science Teaching, and teaching for success. Dr. Shmaefsky recently authored three books on human disease and is currently working on two books on biotechnology. He graduated from John Dewey HS in New York and did his undergraduate studies in biology at Brooklyn in New York. Dr. Shmaefsky completed his masters and doctoral studies at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. His research emphasis is in environmental physiology. Dr. Shmaefsky is also very active volunteering on environmental awareness and policy committees in Texas. He has two children Kathleen 13 and Timothy 15 (as of 2004) and lives in Kingwood with his dog Dusty, two hamsters, a Beta fish, and a pond full of critters.


John David Shulman (73)

John Shulman (“Yaacov David Shulmanâ) is a writer and translator. I recently translated a Hasidic text called "Experiencing the Divine: A Practical Jewish Primer." I live in Baltimore with my wife, three-year-old girl, and a one-year-old boy. And also a cat, with whom I have a complex relationship. When you're in town, drop by and say hello!



Linda Siegel (Linda Siegel Gibson; 73)


Ricky Sigberman (Rick Howard)

(I) (II) (III)



Barbara Silver (Barbara Silver Eisenstein; 75)

Yearbook photo



Gary Silverman (74)

Yearbook photo



Richard Sinert (75)

Yearbook photo



Victor Skolnik (74)

Yearbook photo



Nancy Smahl (Nancy Smahl-Syrop)

Since 1989, I have been living in Chappaqua, NY, with my husband and three sons, who are 18, 16 and 13 years old. Before that, we lived in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. We have been married for 20 years. I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and my husband is a dentist in NYC. After Dewey, I was a photo major at Syracuse University, and then got my Masters in Occupational Therapy, at NYU. I am currently reminded of Dewey when I observe my two oldest sons and their friends and see how they interact and dress ...l ong hair and all. I have such fond memories of Dewey ... frisbee on the lawn, mostly nice teachers, and great friends ... Sal’s Luncheonette, smoking cigarettes that I didn't even enjoy and graduating early because of the DISK's (I wonder if they still have them).



Sara Smahl




Willie Sokolov (74)




Randy Sokolovsky



Ellen Sperling (74)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Leah Sperry (Sperry Wilder; 75)

Yearbook photo     [1970s]     [other photos]




Lynn Spevack (75)

Yearbook photo     [1970s]     [other photos]


Phyllis Spiegel (74)

I graduated in 1974. I live near Schenectady in a town called Niskayuna. I'm not much in touch with John Dewey friends, except for Pam Schwartz '74 (now Pam Ahrens), Lance Barnett '74, and through an occasion email with Janet Braunstein '75. I also once bumped into Mr. Silverstein (Marien bio) at the oral surgeon in Saratoga years ago. He was living in Cambridge, NY. I often refer to my fond memories and survival of high school due to the great faculty and students at Dewey and the creative,openness of the school. I'm married to my husband Frank (originally from the Bronx) for almost 30 years now. Frank's a social worker and works with students who are identified as emotionally disturbed. I am the Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services at Chatham Central School District. We have two daughters: Jackie, who is 18 and attends Hudson Valley Communnity College majoring in Human Services, and Melissa, who is 16, a spohomore and into art.


Diane Stein (74)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Joel Stein (74)

Yearbook photo     [reunion]



Lowell Stewart (74)

]Lowell Stewart and son Zach 2001]     2003



Camille Stimolo (Camille Stimolo-Randello)

Yearbook photo



Mara Sturtz (Mara Sturtz Jacobowitz; 74)

Yearbook photo


Hunter College Graduate 1978. Loved Dewey. Loved learning. Greatest regret is that my three children, circa 1982, 1984, and 1988, didn’t have the Dewey experience of learning. With all the state mandates and with the cut- throat college admissions process the way it is today, it’s a pity that Dewey’s utopian education model hasn’t thrived.

Miss Bonnie and Mitch. Seems like yesterday that they disappeared.

On a brighter note. Always tell people I moved from one side of Kennedy Airport to the other. Brooklyn to the Five towns of Long Island. Happily married, three well adjusted kids in the ‘burbs. Now that’s an accomplishment!!! Civic activist from day one. Look around community and feel my Dewey education helped foster my ideas and goals for my family and community.

Avid reader, again thanks to Dewey. Biggest regret at Dewey is that I didn’t take a class in Shakespeare. I’m still trying to catch up!!!!



Ray Suarez (74)

Yearbook photo     [1970s]



Catherine Sypa (Catherine Sypa-Angelopoulos; '75)

Yearbook photo     


My name is Catherine Sypa-Angelopoulos. I graduated from Dewey in 1975. I currently teach Special Ed (Math and English)at Francis Lewis High School in Queens, where I reside with my two children and my husband. I have been in contact with several John Dewey alumini from '75. I would love to hear more information from some of our teachers!! My e-mail address is KASTORI@aol.com





Alic Ellerbeck Theilheim

Jacquelyn Thomas (Jacquie Thomas-Bird;75)

Carol Trager



Robert J. Trotta (74)


Left Dewey, went to NYU and graduated in 1978 with BA (Chem Major; German Minor) and got two US patents (from which nothing of significance came). Went to NYU School of Medicine, graduated with MS (1981), PhD (1983) and MD (1984) and published some papers in free radical cellular pathology (THESIS). To maintain sanity, played with NYU Concert Band and Orchestra and numerous chamber groups during this period (yes, Herman G. & Marty L., you would have be proud). Fell madly in love and got married to a wonderful gal ( a nurse no less!). Moved into a modest 1 BD apartment in midtown Manhattan (remember the roaring 80's) and we loved the city life!!! Stayed at NYU / Bellevue for next six years to complete residencies (translation: slavery) in Surgical and Clinical Pathology and got a 2 year grant from ACS and completed post-doctoral fellowship in Oncogene-related research. Published five more papers on said subject. Had baby number one (a beautiful little boy [Bobby]). Still playing with Doctors Orchestra of NY.

Took a staff position at Staten Island University Hospital (for one year and PRIOR to those irritating radio adds!!!). Two hour commute each way (however the beer on the ferry ride coming home was a godsend) plus the twelve hour work day finally did my fledging amateur music career in. Moved to Eatons Neck in Northport, LI and joined medical staff at Huntington Hospital. Had baby number 2, a beautiful little girl [Laura Ann]. Stayed three years and was "invited" to become Director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in Patchogue. I remain there to this day. My job is almost as stressful as waiting for a cue from "Mr. Gersten" at a Sights & Sounds concert (ahhh.....memories).

I have very very fond memories of Dewey and my wonderful classmates and teachers. Those were heady times indeed. To cope with the lack of music performance activities (which I sorely miss -- but hell -- this is Long Island, not Brooklyn!!!) and vent my creative energies, I have several hobbies, including musical composition (those computer orchestrators are incredible -- who needs musicians!), electronics and games for local school charity functions, building esoteric loudspeaker designs (yes -- I build my own drivers -- anyone can buy them!) and high fidelity listening (which, by the way, I was woefully ignorant of until Louis Nolemi [you know -- the then little guy with the wavy brown hair who played the bassoon. He is a large humanoid today] turned me on to it. I am presently somewhat more corpuscular than during my high school years (photographic proof attached--me and my kids last year doin'the surburban thing; and a photo of my greatest creations -- my little darlings!). So drop me line sometime -- Email is preferred:




Grace Valentia (75)

Yearbook photo



Carla Valentino (Carla Valentino Schiffmann, 75)



Michael Vignapiano (75)

After graduating in '75 I attended Johnson & Wales College and recieved my degree in Culinary Arts. I guess all that those Cooking classes that I took ( to fend off the munchies!) paid off. I have been cooking and teaching cooking ever since. I am presently at the New York Restaurant School in Manhattan and very much enjoy teaching. I feel that the teachers at Dewey made an impression on me to want to help others in the way they helped me. I still live in Brooklyn, have been married for twenty years and have three children; Michael (18), James (16) and Loretta (12). I consider the time I spent at Dewey as a great experience and look forward to hearing from many of you.


David Vogel (76)


Gregory Warren (73)


Fred Wasserman (74)

Yearbook photo



Jacqueline F. Webb (75)

Yearbook photo     [reunion photo]

After Dewey I went to Cornell (with 8 other Dewey folks) and studied Biology, and then to Boston University (where I bumped into Shiela Kirschenbaum '75 who was also doing her Ph.D.) where I studied in Woods Hole and got my Ph.D. in Biology, with an emphasis in Marine Biology and Fish Biology. I then moved to La Jolla (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) and then back to Ithaca (Cornell Vet School) for post-doctoral training. I taught for a semester at Illinois Wesleyan University (at the edge of a corn field, really!) and then spent a year at the University of Washington marine lab in Friday Harbor, WA. Then I FINALLY moved to Philadelphia where I accepted a faculty position at Villanova University about 6 years ago (there is also a Dewey grad on the Philosophy faculty!). I teach Marine Biology, Sensory Biology and Biology of Fishes and do research on the evolution and development of the mechanosensory lateral line system in fishes. Dewey is absolutely responsible for the development of my career in marine biology research, for my approaches to teaching and education, and for my love of music! We were SO lucky to have been in such a creative and progressive environment, with such wonderful and talented teachers AND classmates. Dewey holds many fond memories for me.



Harry Weinberg (75)

[other photos]



Lester Weiss


Sharon Weiss Hochman (76)

After graduating Dewey, I became an RN. I am currently working in the school system. Married w/ children. Daughter 19 and a son 15.Left my wonderful Brooklyn (which will always be in my heart) in 1994 and moved to the burbs of New Jersey. I'm still an old "Deadhead" at heart!


Edye Weissler (73)



Randy Wilson (75)


Vickie Winkelman (Vickie Winkelman Schreiber; 74)



R.Charles Wolfson (74)




Joel Zamen (76)

Claire Zander (73)



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