John Dewey High School, "Here's some pictures of a recent reunion of the early 70's Dewey rock group "Unt." The pictures show Ricky Sigberman (now Rick Howard) on Guitar, Alan Glick on bass, and Frank Abrami on drums. These pics were taken a couple of months ago at Frank Abrami's home in St. Petersburg. I live on the other side of Tampa Bay and Rick was in Florida for a visit. This was the first time in 30 years that the group got back together, and also the first time in 30 years that I've seen Frank. It was a great joy hanging out together again. We've all come a long way, but we proved that you can indeed go home again. Sandy Polterack, who was also a member of the band, couldn't attend even though he also lives in Florida, It would have taken a multihour drive in both directions for him to attend, in the middle of a busy schedule. Maybe next time." From Alan D Glick, April 13, 2004.

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