Campaign #1- Mission #4: Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Returning from your victorious battle against the Imperial fleet you soon drop out of hyperspace where your fleet is stationed at. Orbiting the planet you pick up distress signals and coded messages between two distinct groups: the Empire and the New Republic. A battle was afoot! While the bulk of our resources had been sent to destroy the Imperial force the Empire lauched an assault under cover of their decoy fleet. The New Republic defences were quickly overrun in the early stages of the conflict as one Dreadnaught, one Carrack class Light Cruiser, and two EF76 Nebulon B Escort Frigates assaulted you shipyard (which sustained heavy damage in the ensuing battle). You small force consists of your Strike Cruiser Warspite, the Quasar Fire Carrier-Cruiser Hive which has three of its X-Wing fighter squadrons. The Warspite has only one of its original two E-Wing squadrons. The remainder of your force that you had commanded during the previous battle was dispersed in an effort to protect your long territorial line with the Empire.

Note: The New Republic forces currently defending the shipyard are one B-Wing squadron, one Corona Line Frigate- the Oblivious, two DP20 Corellian Gunships- the Riff and the Raff, and three A-Wing squadrons. These forces you may command. The Empire has brought with it one TIE Defender squadron, four TIE Interceptor squadrons and one squadron of TIE Bombers equipped with hyperdrives.

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